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I recently shared a simple perspective shift that helps take the fear out of asking for the sale. 

But even when you understand that selling is your ultimate service, there’s one more thing that could stop you from pushing the launch button:

Your vision.

Don’t get me wrong, having a clear picture of where you’re headed is a powerful motivator. 

Some folks overdo it, though. They spend so much time thinking, planning, and visualizing wild and crazy success on the other side of their launch, that they start to feel nervous. And then they think:

“What if this doesn’t work? What if nobody buys?”

But there are lots of awesome rewards waiting for you on the other side of your launch besides sales…

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7 Replies to “Is Your Vision Holding You Back?”

  1. Nancy Fields


    So true. Thank you for articulating the fear of ‘what’s on the other side,’ and the importance of getting off the side lines and into the game. Perfect time to hear this.

  2. Yup, I’m guilty of living in the land of possibility too. Time to move forward. Thanks.

  3. Bonnie Brindle


    Hi Jeff. Thank you so much for this! I’ll bookmark it so I can hear it any time I feel myself slip into the abyss! I will “waste” just a few more minutes making a list of the things that are holding me back (some you mentioned and others unique to me). I need a concrete account of my roadblocks. Then, when I get off track, I can identify which hole I went down and pull myself right out. Time to pick up the ball again and carry it forward! Gratitude…

  4. Need to press rewind: did I hear that we pus the pause button by going back on our offer to add more to iit under a false sense of making it something more or other than it is now.!

  5. Soooo where Im at in my head so thank you for that nudge to “get in the game” and get out of my head and keep going!

  6. I never tire of hearing that first launch story.

    It got me trying a seed launch a couple of years ago By watching this, I’m back in the PLF workplace today….to even have a chance of being in the game.

    I’m a paid up PLF-er, though for a couple of weeks have felt resistance – big time – in the face of the incoming modules and alongside daily life, a great client, a talk I promised to do, a 3 day longed for break, etc etc etc.

    All of it needed doing, however from here on in, I need to commit to something




    That’s the way I do anything that works.

    Thanks for these reminders. Always.

    I will get there. I can’t and won’t let those nay saying voices prevail.

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