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11 Replies to “Emptying Out my “Secret Headquarters””

  1. Ryan Levander


    I’m excited for you Jeff and the IA Team! Can’t wait to tune in!! 🌮🐿🚀

  2. Hi Jeff,
    I have read your book and rereading it again before we do your weekend PLF class.
    I am a training director in hair colour and worked with the big boys. I am pretty good with my products to offer and I know that I will need a website update, although
    I have two big products and when they sell they sell but not to make a living …One did sell out on QVC. My Question: When you have ideas and knowhow in your craft where do you find the right Web Person that can layout what you are teaching and talking about. I myself do not even begin to understand the inside of a website or how to set up the whole thing and set up a list (inside) I can give written info and photos but the rest. I just don’t know how to work the program of the web. I do what I am great in but not the inside to set it up. I can write the blog etc. Please don’t delete this it has been with me from the first reading of you LAUNCH many years ago. I give my work to a web person (they say) and when a mailing is sent out nothing comes back …even hate mail :), something is not working. We love you and what you do.
    I am in your up coming training. Thank you to you and your team.

    • Hi Tracy, thanks for your honest email and I help businesses with their websites online and I would be happy to look at yours and give you some free advice and help if you want it. I am a student of PLF and watch the Sept launch every year because it gives more insight into the amazing work and new ideas. I hear your frustration at the ‘tech’ side of cracking this work and it can be a stumbling block for many people when it needn’t be. Message if you want to contact. Thanks.

  3. Exiting times, Jeff.
    Wish you well.
    You’re excitement is infectious!


  4. Sid Frasier


    We all need to empty our “secret headquarters” periodically in order to reinvent ourselves!

  5. I was just thinking it’s coming to that time again!

    I’m so very curious to hear your take on this crazy year & all the pivoting going on.

  6. Sabrina Harrison


    Jeff and the IA team, you guys are rockstars 😉 Go get em this week!

    Changed my life 2 years ago…don’t wait folks!

  7. Very much looking forward to my first Launch Masterclass, which I will be watching from Dublin, Ireland!
    As we are 5 hours ahead of Eastern time in the US, this means the event is starting at 9 pm my time, so I’d love to know how late a night I’m going to have!
    How long does the Masterclass go on for?

  8. I really like to consume the content that Jeck delivers to us, more and more my vision in digital marketing is becoming more refined, congratulations for the quality content that we always receive!

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