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How do you succeed in business? I mean real, long-term success?

It comes down to a word I’ve been obsessing about – value. Actually, two words…

Transformational value.

If you’re in the wisdom business, you’re changing your customers’ lives by taking away their pain or helping them experience more pleasure… maybe both. That’s transformational value.

How you create and communicate that value is the key to growing a successful business… and that’s what this video is all about.

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3 Replies to “Transformational Value – The Key to Long-Term Business Success”

  1. Ray Blanchard


    Fantastic, Jeff!

    I always believed exactly what you said about communicating Transfromational Value and asking your evangelists to speak to others about it. But I have not always been able to actually do it consistently.
    Definitely not been able to do it virtually. I am hanging on your every word, and look forward to learning more. Thanks for your generosity!

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