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Here’s a weird tripod hack I used recently… it’s probably not something you want to try, but pay attention to the lesson behind that hack – it will help you get a lot more done in your business.

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It’s not about your camera or tripod… it’s about getting the video done and released. (Click to tweet.)

If you’re struggling to get content done, then this video is for you. (Click to tweet.)

It’s not about the obstacles; it’s about just getting it done. (Click to tweet.)

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40 Replies to “How My Weird Tripod Hack Can Help You Build Momentum…”

    • I totally agree! And to think that I have heard him say something like this before. And to hear it again makes me think “Why am I not just taking the advice”? Because it makes perfect since.

  1. Great message Jeff, it’s all about quality content and taking action even if it’s imperfect action.

  2. Yes, I have shot video from my Logitech desktop webcam – the results can be impressive, $90 piece of gear. I agree it is whatever you can use to get the content made! Reaching the right people with that content is the most important part.

  3. I spent 15 years working on my beliefs and my personas, which were created by my beliefs. I explored different religions and the metaphysical world. Ii knew from day one when I would be done.
    I would be done when I could find one, just one idea that was contrary to my teachings. I also knew from day one that I would teach what I was learning.
    The ideas and philosophies I had never heard of before was so far “out there”, that it frightened me. (fear of judgement)
    I was done when the teachings were so far over my head, and, I was tired. I was done with learning. I was ready to teach!
    I built my website, have 2000 on my list. Know power point, Camtasia, write blogs, started book, and have not learned to engage my audience. At 72, I really want to do a video and you inspire me.

  4. Thanks, Jeff. This applies to all aspects of our business – just take one step, and then another and get it done. Your encouragement to take imperfect action helped us actually launch our first product, and we are so grateful!

  5. Ahhh… true words of wisdom. The hardest part of a new journey is the first step! Get it done, just do it, Make it happen, just start, something is better than nothing etc… you get the idea. I needed this inspiration this morning. I’ve had a mental block on shooting my next set of videos and you just kicked the door down to forward progression. thanks Jeff.

  6. Jeff, I really enjoy your information. It’s always loaded with content, and lacking the hard sales pitch. Thank You!

  7. Laura Kozma


    I love your camera contraption. It looks like a boy robot who has decided to dress up like a girl robot, so that he can be in the robot reboot of “Bosom Buddies.” In any case, the lesson here is valuable. Not only should we just get it done, but feel free to use hacks if necessary (no, not “break into the IRS’ database” hacks, but “duct tape and velcro” hacks). Some planning is good, but you can overdo it. At some point, thinking and doing on the fly will be necessary.

  8. Mr. Walker,

    You hit the nail on the head. Frankly, this message couldn’t have come at a better time.

  9. Thank you Jeff for giving us the courage to just go out there and deliver the message. In the end that is the real value being shared, “the message”.

    It has tanken me quite a while to realize this and let go of perfection, let go of the resistance of believing that no one will believe in me or care for my message.



  10. That’s funny! I love that OCD pop socket! And that awesome super duty gorilla pod rigged tripod! It looks like the pop socket might suction up against glass or smooth surface? Does it? Thank you for your encouragement by the way. I’m so excited about Launch Con next week! Can’t wait! See you there!

  11. Jeff, This is awesome. Just get going. I was procrastinating for my seed launch of two of my online products. But thanks to this video I now learned the J-program and paradigm. How Jeff Walker does it.

    I’m not going to procrastinate any more. I’m shooting and uploading. Last week I produced a story about my morning routine. A 1.5 minute shrt film. I did it in one day. 2.5 hours. I had to do it in one day and published. And now I want to do this every day. I will produce a short film every day from a beach on my island within a day. Before noon the films will be up on all my sociial media. That is my challenge for october…… I will report on my birthday 20th of october. Starting tomorrow Jeff. Wish me good luck.

  12. Jeff, here another comment regarding the seed launch. I’m reading your book Launch and also that is peocrastination from my part. I did not finish the book. I will finish that book today and start delivering my seed launch for my online bootcamp on the Creation Circle; how to create your dream life and dream business for beginners tomorrow. No excuses. The seedlauch will be done by 15 october.

  13. I will do the seed by 15 october 2016

    How much is the price of a seed launch? 597 dollars for group coaching or 997 dollars? Or 297 dollars? What is the best price for a seed launch

  14. Thanks Jeff. This is great wisdom. When I watched the video and you said it is not about the camera, it is not about the tripod – that it is about shooting. It is about getting it done. Just get started, shoot your first video. In fact, I am motivated by your advice to get started immediately. I love the OCD device and the stuff that break the wind noise . Your words are inspiring and motivational and once again, thank you sir.

  15. Sally Carlson


    Thanks, Jeff. I’m lovin” your videos. Watched all the 30 day challenge videos and then signed up for LaunchCon in LA this week. Am a super newbie so don’t have a website yet, but I will very soon. Your book and videos have put me on a new path and I am sooooo excited!

  16. Just shoot that video! Great advice — just get over yourself, your nerves, your desire for perfection, and do it!

  17. Jeff:
    My challenge is getting in front of the camera, and seeing myself on the screen. I feel old, zoom in on every wrinkle and age spot…when the camera comes out, I feel like running out of the room like my hair’s on fire! I know it’s sad but true. I just have to get over it and know I need to be “available” in order for my work to really get “out” in the public.
    Thanks, Jeff.
    On another note, I hate the thought of someone of your caliber supporting Walmart…ugh! They’re a hideous company to buy from, it encourages their horrific employee practices.(non-livable wages, to name one issue.) Just saying!…

  18. from Kristen Carter
    Hey Jeff, Awesome, low key video with great content as usual. Love the idea of just grab a phone and make a video! Why wait?
    Can’t wait for LaunchCon!

  19. The next action is the most important step and making things simple allows us to move forward faster. Thanks for the behind the scenes look.

  20. Great point, it’s all about momentum vs perfectionism.

    Nice camera, I know that Canon 70D/80D is a top choice for successful Youtubers.
    Gorilla pods are great, I use them for mics & led lights — I saw your led light in an earlier video you’d done, they’re excellent since not hot light like softboxes. led ring lights are good too. I like your gear eps a lot, thanks. good point though re not getting hung up waiting for top gear to shoot.


  21. Thank you Jeff, I purchased Ryan Levesque’s Ask Formula and I got started later than I thought and then I stopped. I believe I was frozen with fear of success and fear of failure. I highly respect Ryan as well as you and I know both of your Systems work 100%. I did not realize the time, the focus, fear, excitement, Perfection and on and on. I realized that I need to change everything. and focus and take a lot of ACTION. I need to remember that fear is false evidence appearing real and just do it. I’m going to go back to the very beginning and start over, tomorrow (it is 11:45 p.m. right now). I love your videos and I always learn a lesson or two that I need to hear at that moment. Thank you so much.

  22. I’ll add my echo to the chorus of other comments. Just what I needed. So many obstacles we can come up with instead of just diving in and doing it. Thank you!

  23. Hi Jeff,
    I have been watching your videos for more than a year already and I wonder. Are you able to shoot them without script and teleprompter just on the go, out of your head? Or are so proficient that I cannot tell the difference?

  24. I didn’t hear anything about a tripod. Did I miss something? — I’m just starting. See you at PLF Live in Phoenix next weekend. 🙂

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