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Can you build an 8-figure business by following a $20 book? Tiffany did. Here’s the book she used (and the revised edition that’s even better).

Claim FOUR free bonuses – including video training and exclusive access to an “Ask me Anything” call with me – when you pick up the latest edition of Launch, in any format.

Find out more here:

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6 Replies to “I’ve Just Had a Delivery… and I’m Opening it on Video”

  1. I enjoyed sharing your exciting moment of receiving the copy of your new paperback version of Launch in the mail. So cool! Hoping to really make something of what’s in the book, and of Product Launch Formula.

  2. Many congratulations!!!
    What a great guidance and opportunity of business.
    Very nice experience and explanation.
    With best Regards.

  3. Awesome! While I was waiting for Module 1 of PLF to be released I have been listening to it on Audible… just may have to pick up a paperback copy this week to jot my notes in. I’ve gained such clarity from your teaching already, thank you!!

  4. Jeff, congratulations on the paper back release.
    You do transform lives. And I cannot thank you enough.

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