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I just got back from an amazing 3-week wilderness trip – completely off-the-grid, no Internet, no cell service (not even any electricity). And now, as I go through “re-entry” into the normal world I find myself about to host a live conference for 1,000 people. How did that even happen?

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43 Replies to “Unplugged for 19 Days”

  1. I agree Jeff. So happy you got to unplug. There is a few islands in the Seychelles that have no internet and cell service, I’m thinking that will be fun! I have built that lifestyle as you speak of, touring Europe with my family for 6 months now and will be back hime in December. I would have never been able to do that without the mindset you have taught over the years. Keep rockin’

    • Hi Jeff
      I so loved this weeks blog. It was straight from the depths of your heart and I loved all the feelings about being on the Colorado river. Being in nature is so deeply inspiring. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Thank you Jeff for inspiring us and showing us that it is possible to be successful and still be able to find the time to take 3 weeks to unplug and enjoy life. I agree there is something about being out in the wilderness that puts things into perspective.

    Go get them this week.

  3. Hello Jeff!
    All of us create the real scenarios in all kind of forms and formats according to our limits, aspirations, opportunities, and values.
    Any person could be an inspiration for others in several ways but what we are talking about here is in a positive way.
    Sometimes we lived a long inspired life but not fulfilled and when opportunities came it seems to be late.
    You had your opportunities at the right time and you grab it with passion. Your initial efforts became joy, happiness, and fulfillment.
    But fulfillment is different for each person and you found yours and you maintain it on a daily basis because you never walk back.
    Live in contact with nature is wonderful and conciliate this with your work is everything you can be, do and have.
    Thanks for your video and motivation.

  4. Being intentional, and transcending the mainstream mind-set is what it is all about. Nature is so restoring.
    Great video Jeff.

  5. Then how did you mail me the last 3 weeks with your constant stream of emails?

  6. Thank you for sharing this and being so inspirational. I’m building a team right now but am still too much IN the business rather than being able to work ON the business. It’s hard to let go of stuff but I would love to be able to disconnect like you do.

  7. 20 years ago it was ordinary vacation, now it’s something almost unbelievable 😀

  8. Hello Jeff! What you say relates a lot to me. I live in “Las Pampas” of Argentina, between the huge extensions of plain prairies and cows, literally, lots of cows. My dream is to build my work from here, coaching people from everywhere in the world, helping them to achieve the transformation They want to achieve. Why? It’s because my transformation has to do with this life change I got through many years ago when I realized that the life I was having wasn’t the one that I wanted to live, without being able to vibrate every day with joy and intensity. Things that I found becoming a beekeeper and then an Online entrepreneur. We have some things in common, I love outdoors and certainly I must accept that the internet came to my life and I went through struggle not getting caught by addiction to it. Which I am doing lots of efforts to getting out of there for. That’s one of the things I think I can teach to my clients. But really want to remark that I understand you and what you say about your three weeks experience without phones nor internet. You do give a great living example and role model to us to follow up.

  9. Hi Jeff,
    Between your last two videos what I see is the importance of maintaining balance. Not always easy, but important to plan into the schedule. Thanks for the reminders of the importance balance.
    Toward that end, I’m looking forward to soaking in PLF next weekend in Dallas.
    See ya,
    From one of the 966

  10. Joey Osborne


    Awesome lesson Jeff. Obviously unscripted and from the heart. This is when you’re at your best. To answer your question…this IS a “big” lesson. Maybe your biggest ever. My takeaway is… “how” to think is so much more important than “what” to think. I’m inspired by the fact that after all your years of major success you’re still in a state of awe-filled-gratitude with each milestone. The universe has a way of making sure, more times than not, good things come to good people. That’s “how” you got your 1000 and “how” you’ll get 5000 when you’re ready. 🙂 Cheers, Joey Osborne

  11. “What’s your dream life, and what are you going to do to get there?” Perfect! It’s what I’m working on right now. Your Sunday videos are such a great way to start the week, they always give me food for thought. Happy for you, Jeff, that you were able to have that unplugged time with people who are important to you. Have a great week, everyone!

  12. Amazing Jeff. Since I came across you and joined PLF I’ve been obsessively designing and putting in the work towards building a life which brings me the Four Freedoms (learnt from you). I know I will get there. Because I get this sense of incredible energy and motivation from watching your weekly video updates. Please keep them coming. You’re one of a kind and the world needs you.

  13. Hi Jeff. I was truly inspired by this video. I’m so happy you got to unplug. That’s amazing. I’m inspired to live the life I want to live. “What’s your dream life and what are you going to do to get there?” That’s truly inspiring. I’m going to build the kind of business that will give me the lifestyle I want.

  14. Sweet message, Jeff, thank you. And especially thanks for not saying “anyone can do it.” That was a nice clarification. Yes, a lot of people can. Certainly more than who think they can. But not everyone. Anyway, looking forward to seeing you in Dallas.

  15. i love nature too. NOtice those trees/ shrubs near you…that are dead?

    THis planet has ten years if the spraying in the sky DOES NOT stop! No one will be able to enjoy the outdoors if it does not stop NOW and if people with MONEY do not help and make a difference! We are all humans on planet, and must raise awareness to the truth of the spraying.

    • Ummm… the trees are not dead.

      It’s autumn here in Colorado, and those trees with the brown leaves are scrub oak. They’re deciduous – they drop their leaves this time of year.

  16. Thank you for posting this, Jeff. I am in the throes of launching my first ever online class. It’s been a marathon of adding this work that amounts to a full time job, along with running a successful consulting business (more than full time) and being a parent and a wife… and it’s been a long haul. I’ve been at it over 18 months, and I’m starting to be more exhausted than energized. But when I listen to your message, I remember that right now I am building so that I can have more freedom and flexibility, and so that I can create the space (and financial means) to take my family on a trip for 3 weeks without concern. This is just what I needed to hear today.

  17. Jeff, you always inspire me to do better. This was just what I needed today. I think I know what kind of lifestyle I want, but I never really write it out in detail, and the steps I know I must take in order to make it happen. You’re my Sunday morning “fix” for improving my life, and to get my new week off to a good start. Thanks for all you do for so many of us.

  18. Hi JEFFREY, It’s SABRINA . you always inspire me to go around the world to do better. Words cannot express how thankful I am for all of your help. Keep up the good work May God Bless You. Thank you so much!

  19. Jeff,
    With your transparency, you’ve given me a reminder of the power of “moments” (however long) because in the short duration of the video, I received a great infusion of peace and focus. And with that, I recognize by your example my power to create the lifestyle that I choose for myself by continuing to build my business.
    Many thanks Sir,

  20. I totally get it. I just returned from a elk hunting trip in northwestern Colorado with 7 of my children. I’ll be on the plane for Tennessee tomorrow for a Tribe event, too. The two worlds relate more than anyone realizes!

  21. Lovely break. Getting unplugged would be great. Jiel and I circled Poland this spring. Love Poland. Stayed in some really neat places. Met family and friends. We had a wonderful time. Floating down river in a houseboat would be really unplugged for me. Now to persuade Jiel and decide where to go. Canada or?? Our world is full of possibilities.

  22. Ironic that this arrived as I’m taking my first serious break (okay—five days, but for me, that’s serious) in several years. I’m hiking in Zion National Park. Up on the Watchtower trail this morning, I was thinking about this day of hiking, reading, meditating, and writing, and how I wish this WERE my life right now. And yet, I love my 20-year old business, and it’s “right work.” I wouldn’t give it up. The question is one of balance (something I’m learning many, many years into my working life): of making enough money from the business to allow me to fund the things that are meaningful to me but not currently available on a regular basis—and, perhaps, finding better ways to integrate my many skill sets and interests…So your video hit home. Thanks!

  23. Thanks for sharing.
    Big lesson for me. Clarify what is my dream life and figure out how to get it. Powerful.

  24. I joined your community about a year ago – bought PLF, and applied a lot of your thinking to my business. Particularly around treating your tribe with a lot of respect, and assuming they will be with you for years… And not, for instance, giving a bunch of stuff away that you once charged a lot for, etc. Loved that. While I got a lot out of PLF, I am not opening a lot of the emails these days. But THIS ONE happened to intrigue me and I’m so stoked I did open it. I am a kayaker and have run the Grand a couple of times and used to kayak all over the world. My business, in addition to raising small kids, is pretty all consuming — and I forget sometimes how much space I used to have in my life. I am a yogi/meditator and I generally feel like that little glimpse of spaciousness is nurturing enough that I stay settled. But this was a great reminder to remember that I can build my business so I get some time away. Eye on the prize, again, now. Thank you.

  25. Thanks so much for another inspiring video! You are an awesome example of how it is possible to love life and be successful in business. Can’t wait for LaunchCon!

  26. I’ve been watching you for years Jeff. this is the first comment I’ve left. Just to say thank you for being there and doing what you do. Steve and I will see you this week end in Texas. Really looking forward to meeting you for the first time. C.L.

  27. We all live in this tension of desiring the simplicity of being “unplugged” and yet knowing that being tethered via media tools is what drives many of our dreams and goals. It’s so good to think about all this. Thanks for the encouragement!

  28. Beth Schumaker


    Hi Jeff ,
    I am not even doing anything online – and your videos are still inspiring! That is saying something! People listen when someone speaks from the heart, and that you do. And of course everyone gets the message that they are ready to hear anyway so no worries about always having a message. Cheers!


    • @Beth: you nailed it… “everyone gets the message they are ready to hear” … it’s so true, and once I started publishing it took me a long time to realize it.

  29. Jeff, you are the best!!! You inspire me so much, I wish I can build a life life yours soon. Hugs from a PLF student from Chile, South America ♡

  30. Thanks for being such great evidence that living true to yourself is actually possible.

  31. Hi Jeff! Love the video and message. I just finished your book Launch and am very inspired by what you have created. I am a speech language pathologist and a board certified analyst. I also have 3 little ones – so life/ work balance is vital! I have created a therapy product to help those with autism and will be using the lessons learned in your book to reach a greater distributor base. Thanks a bunch 🙂

  32. Did you visualize this life 20 yaers ago?

    Or current result driven by situation?

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