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It was a straightforward question from an acquaintance over dinner… 

Someone asked me what to price their new ebook book at. And it got me thinking about what really sets a business up for long-term success.

It certainly isn’t just a single offer at a given price. A one-time launch, no matter how successful, doesn’t make a business.

Sure, you need to start by creating your first offer and getting it out to the world. 

But to sustain a relationship with your audience and engage with them for the long term, you need to develop a value chain. 

Think about moving your prospects and followers from your ebook to a next step… and then through a progression of offers through which you deliver more and more value.

Sound intimidating? It’s not. Here’s how to get started…

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5 Replies to “Building Out Your Value Chain (Here’s How)”

  1. Deirdre Fay


    Interesting to hear your thoughts of converting a huge Instagram list. Thanks for this Jeff.

  2. Donovan Dreyer


    The value-chain turbo-booster is the enrollment conversation. Conversations create clients. Leaping from free to $997 puts a bit too much pressure on the enrollment call and it opens up this 60-90 minutes of your life to too many prospects. The 2 figure offer gets you a buyer, so they move beyond the freebie and coaching call seeker. They may now be a buye in the 4 figure range, so the enrollment call is the key to this answering this questions. This 3 step to your signature program just might optimize the value chain- extra “links” aren’t crucial. Get your free link, two figure link, enrollment link and this a business does make. The nice thing is you can get going without spending time on the extra links. You can add those–if necessary–later.

  3. Jeff, It’s a blast from the past. We (our Founder N. W.) was one of the alumni of either the first or second PLF in 2007. In fact, we still have the hard copy of the CD / DVD of that PLF. At any rate, we’d like to see if we could reconnect & (if we may) possibly arrange a LIVE discussion at a mutually convenient time to explore how we could come aboard your upcoming New PLF Launch (Nov 5 – 12) to relaunch (Re-Release) our Founder’s current International Bestselling book (at the front end) & Coaching Courses (at the back end). We’d be much obliged if you’d kindly advise (via a reply to the email provided above) as soon as convenient. Our sincerest gratitude much in advance for your kind generosity to assist! Our Founder will very much look forward to (& will be ecstatic & delighted to finally have the privilege of) reconnecting after all these years!
    -Sherri Moore, Executive Assistant to Noel W.

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