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About a week ago I started the pre-sales for my new book… I had a huge goal, and I exceeded it in just a few days. Here's the lessons I learned and what's next:

And if you want to get a FREE copy of my book during the pre-sale (limited quantity, limited time, all I ask is you pay the very reasonable shipping and handling), then go here:

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36 Replies to “Outrageous Goals (and Exceeding Them)”

  1. Congratulations Jeff, well done! Yes world helps always putting right people on your path.
    best wishes,

  2. Mairo Vergara


    You inspire me so much man! I’m doing Erico’s PLF course here in Brazil, but one day I’ll do the “original PLF and meet you at the live event 🙂 I can’t wait to receive your book! Best Regards!

  3. I’m one of those that discovered you from someone else’s email promotion. I’ve already learned from your 3 PLF videos, have the book on order, & can’t wait to learn more so that one day I can buy a place out there in the Rockies as well : )

  4. I’m Érico Student, he made a huge diference in my bussines, and I know it’s from you. So thanks Jeff, you are great, I hope meet you in your next event.

  5. Jeff:
    I am so thrilled for you! You walk-the-talk, you exude the proof,
    You are our mentor and our teacher. We can’t lose, and be clue-less,
    with your real influence and leadership. I am so fortunate and to have met you
    in October at PLF when your wife danced on stage and Canon Wing helped
    me discover my name! We are all coming out and blossoming. Your success
    is ours . Someday, I want to make you proud when I share my success story with
    you. That will be the ultimate testimony of who you are – a treasured guardian angel
    inspiring us to fly high!

    Wishing you continued successes
    And all the best and aloooha!
    Annette Pang
    The Relationship Coach for Elders and their Families

  6. Really looking forward to receiving your book, Jeff. I’m very close to finishing my own. The content is finished and it’s been proof read. Now gotta work on formatting and covers.

    Keep up the awesome sauce.


  7. Hey Jeff,

    I’ve been a big fan for years and have learned TONS from you through products and otherwise. I’ve finally got my blog going and I would love to promote your book (I already ordered mine). It’s not much, but it’s the least I can do.

    How do I get started? Please let me know!


  8. Great job, Jeff! I just learned of you and the book “Launch” from Michael Hyatt’s website. Can’t wait to get the book and put it to work.

  9. Carlos Caiafa


    It is great to have all this knowleodge in a book. I am from Brazil and I live at Rio de Janeiro. I am a sales professional and coach and I’ll be in the next class of Formula Launch in Sao Paulo, with Erik Rocha. In order to keep track of you, Jeff Walker, I am dedicating myself to improve my English. Thank you !

  10. Great news And well done. I look forward to reading it. You are an inspiration and a great communicator.

  11. Lieber Jeff,
    am liebsten würde ich auf deutsch schreiben, damit klar wird, dass du der ganzen Welt etwas gibst!!!

    But I’m not sure, if you understand my language. It’s fantastic to learn from a master – THE master… You inspire me so much!
    Thanx from Germany.

  12. Just wanted to say goodness attracts more goodness to it. Enjoy your success.
    You have earned it.

  13. Jean Marie Walker


    Hey little brother,
    I want to tell you how proud I am of the work you do in helping people make their dreams come true! I am looking forward to reading your book and telling others about it. You are an inspiration to many, including your own extended family.

  14. Greetings Jeff!

    You’re definitely making us proud with the work your doing. Thank you for the free book offer. Launch, no doubt is apropos for the state of who we all are and can be 🙂

    I am currently launching my wellness business, Epic Health Now!. And recently published a book called: Breaking Up With Gluten – Ways To Clean Out Your Gut & Save Your Butt!
    I would love to talk about partnership & how we can continue to disrupt the status quo with regards to Health & Wealth.

    Chat soon…

    Highest regards,

    Roxanne McDonald

  15. Wow! Your videos are amazing! I see motivation through your eyes Jeff and I want to be exhausted just like you in the future! That really makes me keep trying on with my online business! Thank you for your video!

  16. Shared your video. Best wishes for an “Awesome” Launch! See ‘Ya at PLF 5.

  17. CONGRATS Jeff. You are an inspiration who empowers people to follow their dreams and their own Simple Truths. To anyone who says “I can’t”, this will make you say “I CAN!”
    It’s time…

  18. Awesome that your book is finished and on the way. Can’t wait to read it. Thanks for continuing to inspire with all the lessons you share.

  19. Anthony Prestopine


    I’m just starting my own launch. And its because of the confidence you are helping me regain. I personally want to say thank you and God bless.

  20. Thanx for your years of dedication and persistance in helping make millionares out of those who would heed the call. See you when you come home to Ibiza.

  21. I am a long time Dan Kennedy student. If you follow D.K. you need to get Jeff’s book & follow him, especially if you are new to online marketing. I say this because Jeff’s methods are congruent with the methods of the big guys in the info biz.

  22. Hi, Jeff. Thanks to your PLF online video training, online Q&A sessions, and awesome teaching at the PLF Live! event this year, we will be launching a new ebook in the next three weeks and our first major information product a few weeks later! We’re looking forward to getting a copy of your new book, and we’re certainly telling everyone we know to grab a copy as well. Best wishes for a highly successful book launch!

  23. Hey Jeff, I heard about your work and your book from Brendon Burchard. I haveordered your book on Amazon…really looking forward to reading it! Congratulations!!

    Is there a way I can buy your “Instant Guru Formula” video training course as a stand-alone purchase?….I don’t yet have the dough to buy PLF.



  24. Hey Jeff,
    Looking forward to getting my copy in the mail. Super inspiring video.. Thanks Jeff.
    Talk soon,
    Anoosh Kashefi

  25. Jeff-
    I just saw that you hit the NY Times Best Seller list. After reading your book, listening to several podcasts where you were featured and watching your videos, it’s like you’re a friend and I smiled when I saw your success…congrats! Celebrating with you!

  26. Congratulations Jeff, well-deserved and I look forward to learning more from you in your book Launch.

  27. Well,,,, done Jeff!!! New York Times #1 YEA!!
    What a BOOK & what a LAUNCH!!
    I received LAUNCH in the mail on Friday and finished it today, Sunday afternoon. I have never read any book where I felt I needed to highlight an important point on almost every page!!! This was the only marketing book that I have ever read where I felt so comfortable with the authors style. I can tell you truly desire to help & support your future partners/customers…
    I had been holding back on launching my project due to the lack of confidence in the “OLD” pay-for-it-up-front form of advertising. I “now” have the confidence to launch my project asap!!!
    I have also been volunteering for a Non-Profit organization called I was glad to learn PLF is designed to work for non-profits. I feel this is the “Leading Edge” marketing method necessary to launch their world project “Doing Less with More.”
    The information that you related about your “Platinum Group Strategy” could not have come at a more opportune time, for all of us!!! You are truly blessed to have a strong wife standing with you & you both deserve the best. Thanks, so much, for getting me out-of-a-rut and focused on a marketing method that is proven to work. Sincerely, Steve Hargis, President – AgGrow Water 2 Foods.

  28. Hello Jeff,
    I have just starting reading your book, up to page 66 so far.
    Great stuff, thanks for your efforts and thanks to John Gallagher for spreading the word too.
    I just watched your video: How to create a product that wont sell.
    I used to fix aircraft for the Queen back in my past. What was your comparison, building your plane as you learn to fly, (at 5 minutes in), blimey scary thoughts in my head, I think building a rail road as you move ahead, would fit better I think;)

    Anyway I will carry on with reading your book, watching your videos and then become one of your great students.
    Cheers Dale in Japan.

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