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Ok, I have something really cool for you this week.

I talk a lot in my videos about the impact that we as entrepreneurs can have in the world – but this week instead of telling you, I thought I would SHOW you.

Here’s why you are awesome:

NOTE: the video of my Kenya was shot and created by Dan Usher, who is about to do a “Rickshaw Run” through India to raise money for World Teacher Aid and other non-profits.

Please leave a comment below and share your reaction…

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134 Replies to “You Are Awesome.”

  1. So awesome seeing and hearing you embrace the concept “the more we make = the more we give back.”
    There is no shame in success, when it’s part of a purpose filled life.
    Blessings are even better when they’re shared.

    • Hello Jeff , and family!
      Thank you thank you thank you !!!
      I am searching for words that would say how I feel, after watching this video.
      One thing I can say for sure is that I am so very happy that Jeff Walker and his
      family are on this planet, displaying what true success looks like.
      Thanks again Jeff & to all who made this happen.

  2. Hi Jeff
    Truly amazing ! Your passion touches my heart
    I believe we are given signs everyday and when we tune into them we reach our highest self, an endless stream of energy with which we can fulfill our dreams . Your video is proof of this
    It is my dream to give people,particularly children,the tools to envelop trust within themselves ,reach their highest self and live a passionate meaningful life with the use of yoga and meditation . Namaste x

  3. Great video with a fabulous message for business. Making money can mean making a difference. Working in the healthcare field, my aim is to help rid the world of leprosy and support those suffering long term with the effects of the disease. This video has given me a bit of a kick to get really clear on what I want to do to help and build it into my business. .
    Thanks Jeff for more inspiration.
    J x

  4. This is just…amazing. fascinating. energizing. thank you for doing this! I’m proud of being a part of the plf-community!

  5. I can’t thank you and the PLF family for showing the world what a few bucks and lots of support can do for so many,
    BRAVO to all of you !!!

  6. Awe inspiring, for sure, just imagining the possibilities for those kids and families in Kenya, and seeing the beautiful community there that is so graciously receiving the blessing of our love and willingness to give. I was there in 2014, how great now to see what has happened with that offering!

  7. Amazing story, Jeff! Thank you for sharing!

    My wife and I helped build a Bible College in Zambia. It’s very rewarding to help others less fortunate.

    God bless you, buddy, as I know He will!

  8. Absolutely awesome!!!!! What an extraordinary gift of education and hope you have helped give these children and their families! I’m going to look into this more to see if there are ways that my community can help and support the ongoing running of programs like this and also physical education and health programs…

    And btw… I’m finally coming to Colorado to teach next summer! After meeting you in San Diego many years ago I wondered how long it would take me to get there, and now, in my 5th usa teaching tour I finally get to come and try out the rock climbing and kayaking you spoke so fondly of 😉 I guess you were right when you told me I was onto something with the ballet niche…

  9. Thank you Jeff. For all that you do. For inspiring others to be awesome. I needed to see this today. And maybe it will help others understand why I do what I do. Why I charge what I charge. I’m not liming my pockets. I’m helping to make an impact in lives all over the world. An impact for peace, hope and awesomeness!

  10. I thank you Jeff for sharing this with us.
    This is really an inspiring experience and for sure makes you drop off some “heavy weight”

  11. It was great being at PLF Live this year and being able to contribute to the new schools.

    Amy and Stu are role models in terms of making a lot of money and giving most of it away – while they are alive, not afterwards.

  12. I was so moved by this video. I would love to expand my online language teaching business (have not had the results I wished) but I have no money to pay for your training courses. But, being part of something like building schools or helping people is a dream of mine. I just don’t have enough money to even get by. But, this has inspired me and made my heart sing. You have made my day!

    • Rosa, something I tell my students all the time — if the PLF training is out of reach for you right now, pick up Jeff’s book! It will give you a solid framework to get started and start creating more success with your online business — and from there, who knows how far you can go. 🙂

      It truly is something you can put together, one step at a time.

  13. Jorge Fernandez


    Everytime I see someone doing things for a community my faith in mankind is restored. The world needs more successful people willing to share and spill over their success to the legitimately needy, and you have made that a mission for yourself. You are awesome Jeff!

  14. Jeff,i was chiding you in these comments a few weeks ago about not going big enough with the impact that you can have in the world. I take it back. well done! Brought tears to my eyes.

  15. Jeff,

    I’m proud of you; from my 4 years exposure to your life via media I have always had the hunch you were a man that stretches himself towards greatness. And I know it is not an easy thing to do! But this! Traveling around the world just because you believe in a cause bigger than yourself in. Very excellent Mr. Jeff Walker!


  16. Thank you for sharing that beautiful and inspiring story.
    The BEST incentive to make money.
    Have a beautiful day xx

  17. It is amazing what money can do in the right hands. Someone one’s said. “Money is God’s hands in motion”. You can change so many lives. That is what inspires me. That should inspire every person to work hard to build there wealth. You can’t have much of an impact if you are poor.Thanks for the inspiration. Loved the video.

  18. Just fantastic Jeff! With all the craziness going on in the world right now YOU guys are on the right track making a positive difference. Surely we all should be doing this! Congratulations!!!

  19. Yes you made me cry also, you are doing exactly what I have dreamed of doing all my life! thank you Jeff Walker, My dream for Philippines, & Kenya is the same!

  20. Wow!! This makes such an impact, and inspires me to…once and for all…move beyond any blocks I have to making lots of money to be effective in the world! Thank you!

  21. Truly Inspirational!!! Great Job Jeff and the PLF Community. I am from India, and the number of NGO’s doing similar work are funded by many Entrepreneurs from Across the World!!! It is awesome how small and large Companies and Individuals spend their time and money to help the less fortunate people. Proud to be an Entrepreneur!!!

  22. What a wonderful video! Thank you for showing that making a lot of money can really change the world. So much of what we see in the media is about how greed hurts people, making some of us pause in our huge goals. I mean, who wants to be one of those greedy people? Thanks for showing us in a very real way that great success leads to these kind of amazing opportunities.

  23. Found myself crying.

    Truly inspirational, to the point that I’m giving myself the goal of doing the same.

    Reminded me of the experience in Fiji that changed the way I view the world forever.

  24. am usually good with words, but this video left me speechless for a while – THIS is the entrepreneurial spirit at its highest purpose. To change other peoples lives for the better, to support them in creating a brighter future for themselves and their families. Meg Wheatly said: ‘Determination, energy, and courage appear spontaneously when we care deeply about something. We take risks that are unimaginable in any other context.’ Entrepreneurs have a beautiful and often terrifying responsibility to change the world thank-you Jeff for providing a beautiful example of that spirit in action.

  25. What an amazing, unselfish task to accomplish! Kudos to you all for providing these blessings for those in need.

  26. Jeff, I’ve watched so many of your videos and never commented until this one: WOW. Thank you so much for this message and for sharing your joy. This was huge. Thank you!

  27. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the inspirational video……it really is awesome what can be achieved through community projects and changing the lives of people living on another continent.
    I live in Pretoria, South Africa, and am moving down to Knysna a very pretty coastal town along the south west coastline in March 2016.
    I am in the throws of starting an Internet Affiliate Marketing business, which I sincerely hope will be a success and afford me the opportunity to plough back a sizeable portion of the income into projects that will assist the underprivileged community living in and around the town. Being able to help others gives your life such purpose and meaning. Keep up the good work and may you and all the others involved in making a difference in the lives of those less privileged, be blessed in your personal and business lives.

  28. Rennie Carvalho


    One more reason to give God thanks and praise for people like you. Thank you and your people for carrying out such a fantastic project in building future entrepreneurs to serve the world and for leaving it a better place than you found it. Truly appreciate the work you’ve done.

    Please do not publish my name for now – personal reasons. Thank you and a big God bless,

  29. I love you jeff walker and your community and the people of kenia! Im proud to be an awsome entrepreneur and you have just reminded me that this IS the reason im one of “us” !

  30. Awesome stuff Jeff, Thank you for all you do. It’s you who started this PLF community. I’m just glad to be able to share in the awesomeness!

  31. AWSOME. I was crying only one minute in…. So inspiring and great to know that actually making a profit is not only for my own good, i will be able to help. So back to work…. thanks alot

  32. Jeff, I love the spirit of the Kenyans and PLF! As a physician, I hope the beautiful burgeoning expression in Africa is supported with sound medical care, a trust in nutrition and the human immune system over Big Pharma and Big Ag.(the ‘Big’ Brothers). May they have less medicalized lives than we do in the USA and as a result the realization of full human potential! If you think there is a place in Stu’s and your initiatives for more information on healthy medicine practices from an integrative medicine point of view, please contact me. I am currently working with the new vaccine mandate laws in California, urging parents to get their Personal Belief Exemptions before the end of the year, to protect their vaccine choice rights. Thimerosal is still in the vaccines sent to Africa and developing countries. Let’s keep schools in Africa free of mercury-containing vaccines that cause autism. Let’s shine a light on keeping eager minds intact, and letting their spirits shine through. Thank you and the PLF community for all you do!

  33. Charles Davis


    Ok, I’m in tears. Thank you Jeff and community for reaching out and changing lives!!!

  34. This is what gets me up in the morning. My why behind my why is exactly this, giving back in a greater scale preserving land and funding non-profits that are doing awesome things. I’ve always been drawn to Africa, not sure why, but I can see why. Your video brought me to tears. Thank you Jeff and the PLF community!

  35. Hello Jeff/PLF team,

    I am so impressed with the PLF team! Your program is amazing and what you do for people is also unbelievably impressive. Thank you for sharing and I look forward to joining PLF soon.

    Thank you,

  36. Thanks for sharing this Jeff. Just proves that there truly is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving. Although the recipients seemed pretty happy too!!!

  37. Jeff,

    Awesome…..thanks for sharing and so glad I was able to contribute in some small way a couple of years ago. I remember that day well. Thanks for the update.

  38. Really great video, Jeff! You have made such a difference in peoples’ lives. That’s what it’s all about. I got a little teary eyed and am so inspired. What a great way to start my Sunday! Thank you.

  39. I’m sitting in my living room crying all over again, this video brings me such amazing memories… (Yes, it made me cry at PLF Live too.)
    My project is also about helping kids, so the work you, Stu & Amy, and the PLF community is doing is very close to my heart. And now I was able to contribute to it!! It simply wouldn’t have been possible without your training and guidance.
    I feel deeply honored to be a part of your community. Each and every person I met, such beautiful people with such big hearts.. I look forward to growing with all of you. Now I know from experience, that by growing I can truly help others grow, and change the world.

  40. HI Jeff,
    Thanks so much for the inspiration and social proof that match your commitment to helping others, not just budding and burgeoning entrepreneurs, but people who would have little chance to achieve theer dreams without some intervention and assistance. Echoing the general sentiment here…YOU are awesome and those in this community are awesome and awe-inspiring. I cried, I laughed , I got shivers and an aching tug on my heart seeing what has been accomplished from one man’s dream to help support his family. For me, I will be keeping on so there are fewer families and individuals on the streets of America without shelter or hope and who can reweave their dreams. So proud to be a member and a witness to such heart filling change around the world! God Bless you and all those who were involved.

  41. This is just incredible – awe inspiring. Amazing Jeff!! What a pleasure it must of been – what an honor to be part of it all.

    Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!

  42. Awesome and then some more! May the world beyond our doors see the joy and beauty and amazing possibility that is realised when we give from the heart with infinite love.Thank you x a gazillion :))

  43. That was amazing, a wonderful thing you have all done! I believe that “ALL LIFE” is to be shared and enjoyed. I am very grateful that my life is shared and enjoyed. Therefore the more I’m receving, the more I’m capable of giving and sharing. Excellent job!

  44. It’s weird that so many of us have feelings of unworthiness around money even though we know and want to share any wealth we make with our favorite causes. But seeing it in action makes me feel bold and proud to step in a glorious business. Thanks for sharing!

  45. Speechless. Teary. Thank you… I remember throwing 20s into that hat and being so thankful that we were doing something bigger than any of us. Well done!

  46. Jeff, Congratulations on your new school! After completing your course, I have no doubt your formula is great and hopefully I will have success using it. What is even greater, however, is how you make your students/clients/customers feel. Your warmth, your sincerity, your humility and your dedication to helping others are such endearing qualities that you cannot help but be successful. Those qualities are contagious–you make us–or at least me–feel that we too can emulate your success and make a difference in the world that you have. And yes, I keep in mind….”baby steps!” Again, congratulations!! As Karen above me says, “YOU are awesome!”

  47. I was part of the PLF LIve in 2014. How amazing to see the end result of that weekends fund raising! I cried with you! What a great testament to a great organization! Congrats to us all

  48. Kevin Hollands


    Thank you Jeff and PLF community for such a wonderful gift to the Kenyans. Life changing.

  49. I also had tears while watching this video and feel very inspired by what the PLF community has been able to do. I look forward to when I am able to inspire enough individuals to contribute along with me on this level and make such a HUGE difference in people’s lives. Thank you Jeff for sharing this and showing us what is possible.

  50. Jeff you are the one who is awesome. This posting was so inspirational. Motivates me to continue until i get it right

  51. Wow … Jeff, that is AMAZING!

    It is wonderful to see your efforts create such a positive impact. Those children and families are going to be changed forever. Education is the biggest gift our community could offer them.

    Thank you for making this happen and for sharing this experience with all of us. I am amazed!

  52. Honestly, I’ve got tears streaming down my eyes to my neck…and I am not ashamed to say it. This is the kind of energy we need to be putting into the world right now today and every day. And I have to say that today I am making a commitment to myself. I AM NEVER HOLDING BACK AGAIN – in my path, my mission, or my business success. Not when we can make this kind of difference. Thanks for putting this out there and taking the time not only to make a difference yourself, but encouraging and empowering others to know that they can make a difference too. Really, thanks so much!

  53. I am sitting here with tears in my eyes thinking what if!

    What if I can do what you have done … but here in Australia!

    What if I can give back to my own community and provide a place of safety and learning for the Aboriginal children out there just like my own kids and grandkids … so grandparents like us don’t have to raise them alone!

    What if I can build a community!

    You are amazing! you are truly special and I am so grateful for the day I first came across your name!!

  54. Lisa Rothstein


    This makes it so real. It really helps to see what can be done. Thanks Jeff for doing this and for sharing.

  55. Hi Jeff

    This is really cool. I live in Philadelphia, PA and our public schools are being crushed under the weight of insufficient funding.
    Again, this year teachers in our public school children spend their own money to bring in supplies our kids need to get through the school year while teacher jobs are threatened with creeping loss of benefits and lay-offs.

    I love what you’re doing here? Would you be willing to ‘adopt’ a public school in Philadelphia?

    Many children in Philadelphia live in circumstances just as challenging as Kenya, and they are just as deserving of care and commitment from anyone who understands the importance of education.

    Thanks, and keep on being inspiring!

    Anaiis Salles

  56. Jaime Ellithorpe


    WOW! I am blown away and speechless. Watching that video almost made me cry! I bought PLF knowing I wanted more for my life, but I didn’t know exactly what that meant. I’ve always had a burning desire to be more and do more but the vision was somewhat foggy. Your video inspired me! Now I understand what that means. We have the power to change lives if we take our skills and talents and put them in the right direction. I am so excited and proud to be part of this group!

  57. Sandy Alemian


    This gave me goosebumps! The video was amazing…but the inspiration that came along with it is phenomenal. I’m soooo proud to be part of this PLF community. Jeff…thank you for being so real, so down to earth (your dancing part was one of my fav part of the video btw!)…and so open.

  58. Dear Jeff
    Thank you for such an awesome work. Its really really impressive and also makes an fruitful sustainable impact within the community of Kenia

  59. That was super energizing. Can’t wait to see what our PLF live 2016 community is able to pull off! Thanks Jeff for being an inspiration. Fantastic way to start my week.

  60. Sidney Lander


    Aw man. That was so awesome I can’t stop crying. Really great inspiration, and reminder of making money being a good thing. 😀 Thank you Jeff!!

  61. That just felt good to watch. I’m not an entrepreneur, but I wish I was one after watching that. I smiled through the whole video. Keep giving Jeff and help change the world.

  62. Jeff,

    What an awesome deed. This shows what money in the right hands and with the right motive can do. Indeed there are so many areas of need in various parts of the world especially in the third world and specifically in Africa.

    By giving in this way and building a school, our community has had a direct impact in helping to alleviate poverty, for an educated child is an empowered adult tomorrow.

    There are two resources within a nation that aid it to become wealthy, the first is its natural resources on the ground and the second is its mind and idea resources within the minds and hearts of its people.

    By building that school the exponential results of the deed are immeasurable for your seed of aid has in effect helped an entire generation through those 600 families become the building blocks of their nation’s wealth tomorrow.

    God bless you and the PLF community.

  63. I am so proud to say that I am a PLF owner.

    Jeff, this was a truly moving post and I just want to say thank you for helping us make more money so that we can enjoy a better world!

  64. Profoundly inspiring… This message that so touches my heart! May we all be so blessed to know the true joy of giving back like this!!! Thank you, Jeff!

  65. thank you so much Jeff, Every one of us has this unique and amazing contribution that we can make every day to the World. Lets put it in the forefront of our dreams, of our thoughts, and of our business strategies as Launchers. Lets tell our story to the rest of the World every day. Lets never stop, lets make it a reality one second at a time.

    Thank you Jeff for helping us change Humankind!

  66. Teary eyed and inspired.
    You must feel absolutely amazing – it is great to be able to give back. Well done to all involved. Definitely giving us food for thought.

  67. ❤️ If we all Think and talk from our hearts alot of good stuff happen..Thank you for ‘You are awesome’ and your blog it is inspiring…
    Hugs from Denmark

  68. This is crazy, Jeff! You are not only changing the plf members lives, you are also changing other children’s lives!

  69. This had me in tears. I recently left a career in fundraising for persons with disabilities especially children with disabilities in rural areas in South Africa. The project I headed up is South Africa’s biggest of its kind. After 2 decades I was exhausted on every level spiritually, physically and financially. I hadn’t learnt the lesson about making money in order to increase your impact on the world. I had it backwards and whilst my project was a success, I was totally depleted. And that is why I am doing PLF, to find my way back to where I started. Whilst “Africa” is not one country as we’re referred to, there is a spirit that is African. The look in the eyes of those children had me weeping. It is as if I recognised each and every one of them. So, from someone who is retooling for the next round, we’re all awesome. Thank you, Jeff.

  70. Francesco Zangarini


    Simply Awesome….! there is no better feeling than celebrate happiness with the future of our world…..the children, no matter were they are….they are ALL important.

    With my best regards

    Francesco Zangarini

  71. Thanks for having the idea of this fundraising and for making this inspiring work come to life. So many are helped by this caring and commitment. Mary and you bring your caring light to the world and remind us all that we each have this capacity too.

  72. Thank you, Jeff. You’ve reminded me why I’ve always wanted to make a lot of money. Hope it sticks with me. AND in the old days, I wanted to join Peach Corp and teach in Africa. Good way to achieve my [teaching] desire now that I’m too old for Peace Corp.

  73. This is incredibly inspiring – thanks so much for the opportunity and education to live a bigger, fuller life with the potential to give back and have a greater purpose. Watching this is the PERFECT way to start a Monday!!!

  74. Thank you! Educate, inspire and change public consciousnesses – that’s what you do, and it is the mission statement of my little company 🙂

  75. Amazing video Jeff! What an incredible experience for you and your wife, and team to be part of. And also, so very inspiring for me!

  76. So proud to have been part of this year’s PLF Live class — thank you for the chance to be part of something so amazing!!!

  77. Great to see the Africa video Jeff. I’ve been a PLF member since 2011 and my niche is literacy, English and confidence programs for schools, especially in developing countries such as Tanzania or the slums of India. Do let me know if there’s anything I can do to help your schools!

    Be genki,


  78. Absolutely Amazing! This video has confirmed so much for me! I had the opportunity to visit Kenya 5 years ago and fell in love with the country! Ministry and service to others requires money and this video was the B12 shot that I needed to keep going despite any setbacks!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  79. Awesome to watch those kids now having a convenient place to study! Great work Mr. Walker and to your PLF community! Very inspiring video you have.

  80. What an awesome, uplifting, and beautiful video! It warmed my heart and gives me hope that there is still love and real humanity in our world. Thank you for sharing this!!!!

  81. Dear Jeff,

    An absolutely heart-warming, inspirational and encouraging video. Thank you so much for sharing, thank you so much for giving, thank you so much for this opportunity to see that we all can make changes in people’s lives.

    What you said reminded me of a discussion I had with a friend of mine many years ago about, to not be guilty about earning a lot of money.

    The more money we make, the more money we can give. We earn more so we can give back more.

    I am believing for next year to be sitting right there at PLF Live with you, learning and making changes.

  82. You just may have solved a life-time struggle about why it’s ok to make a lot of money. Thanks. I will definitely pass it on.

  83. You are amazing…Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I am so inspired with this concrete meaningful example of how we really can change the world. Sooo needed this 🙂 Bless you

  84. Jeff,

    As I mentally began to wrap up 2015 I was realizing nothing was resonating with me for bigger goals for 2016. I am fortunate that I have had some amazing life experiences and success, but was finding I wasn’t connected to the ‘why’ of what I am doing going into the new year. I needed something bigger. I needed something bigger than me, it just wasn’t showing itself as to what it could be. But I know, sharing with my subconscious mind…something would appear when it was time. I had been meditating about it…I had been journaling about it…that’s been going on daily for a couple of months….and THEN….well this is where you come in (longtime fan, own 2PLF’s and been following you for years)…I get an email from you, that says You Are Awesome…and well you know I’m going to open that:), so I watch the video…..

    WOW….can I say WOW. I sat glued to the energy and experience you just shared with us for minutes after it was over. Then I see Stu McLaren (which I recently came across on Michael Hyatt’s shows, but I didn’t realize the mission he was working on) and it all came together… my subconscious mind said….see Audra …there it is. It’s your 2016 personal challenge.

    So with that said, I am setting my 2016 Intentions to be able to fund at a minimum 1 Classroom next year , building to an entire school by 2017.

    Thank you so much for doing what you do and showing up when we need you! Appreciate you a bunch Jeff! Look forward to sharing my progress with you.

    Audra Carpenter

  85. WOW!! Absolutely amazing!! I’m in tears just like everyone else. It’s amazing to see such joy and love and celebration! LOVE IT!!! Thank you, Jeff and your team, for giving back and bringing to life such a beautiful thing. Must have been really something to experience it in person!

  86. A wonderfully inspiring video. Thank you for sharing. I believe that everyone has the capacity to be awesome in their own way and that every little bit that a person can do to touch another person’s life helps to make a difference in that life. You have touched both me and the children in Kenya. You have certainly influenced my every action from today on to make a difference in the best way I can.

  87. Hi Jeff,
    I’ve just finished reading your book “Launch” and I’m impressed not just by your PLF method but also by your writing style.

    Most books and articles I’ve read over many years are poorly written (I was an English Lit. major in college and appreciate good writing).

    For the past 20 years, I’ve been a Management/IT Consultant and implemented ERP systems across North America. I’m blessed with a Liberal education, an Accounting background, manufacturing and later IT. It became the perfect combination to implement ERP business systems (always a difficult change for any organization).

    Now I’m ready to reduce the travel and create a blog and write about the search for, purchase of and implementation of these complex systems. I’ve found that most CEOs are information starved about these systems. Most of the so called “White Papers” end up being ads for a particular software or a consulting firm and not instructive, lacking in depth and poorly written.

    Your book has validated an idea I’ve had for the past two years and I plan pursue and get out of the travel business.

    I’ve started reading parts of your book again and made many notes and will be going over all your materials on your blog.

    Thanks for the wonderful reading experience Jeff. I’ll let you know,


    Damian J Childress
    Willow Grove PA

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