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Tonight I'm going to dinner with someone who has made a big impact on my life. One of my heros, if you will. It took me two flights and most of a day to travel to California for this meeting.

We've never met before – and since I'm an introvert, I'll naturally be a little nervous. But I'm really excited… in fact I couldn't really sleep last night.

The thing is, I don't think anyone ever gets sick of hearing about the impact they've made on someone else's life (at least I never get sick of hearing that!)

And that's why I flew half-way across the country – to tell my hero about the impact he made on my life. To say thanks… thanks for showing up in your life, thanks for doing the work, thanks for putting yourself out there, thanks for playing big, thanks for staying inspired, thanks for playing hurt, thanks for fighting your doubts and fears, thanks for battling resistance in your life every day.

We live in a world where the word “hero” almost sounds quaint. It seems like it comes from a different time. And everywhere we look, we see “fallen” heroes. Every time we open a newspaper or turn on the TV, there's another scandal about another “hero” who has fallen from grace…

But I don't think the idea of heroes is old-fashioned. And as far as those “falIen heroes”, well that's another discussion… but I think we need to forget about the idea of “perfect” heroes. I don't think you'll ever find one of those perfect heroes… but I still see heroes everywhere I look. I seem to be surrounded by them.

I don't care if they're starting a business, writing a screenplay, raising a child as a stay-at-home parent, building homes with Habitat for Humanity, creating a meditation practice, or taking care of an aging parent… I see people doing heroic stuff all the time.

So how do you become a true hero? Well, I've got a recipe for you. There are two things you have to do. One of them alone isn't enough – you have to do both of them. The good news is that they're both very simple to do. And, unfortunately, the bad news is that they're also very difficult.

First, you have to do the work. There ain't no way around this… you have to show up and do the work. Whatever “your” work is… however, you're going to make your impact… you gotta do the work. And then you have to keep doing it. You keep showing up day after day, and year after year… and you keep getting better. That means you have to turn off the TV, close down Facebook, forget your email, stop checking, shut down YouTube… and you have to do the work.

It's never easy, and there are no short cuts. If you see someone who makes it look easy, it's because they were doing a lot of hard work before you were watching them.

And then the second thing you have to do is even harder… you have to keep growing. You have to keep stepping up into a bigger vision of yourself. You have to keep stepping into a bigger future. You have to be willing to step outside your comfort zone. This is the deal – all of us are full of doubts and fears… we all have a little voice in the back of our head that wants us to retreat into our “safe zone”. That is the voice that holds us back. That is the voice that stops us from being great.

Make no mistake, that voice will be there with you… everyone's got that voice. And it's up to you to decide whether you will let it rob you of your power. Whether it will rob you of your greatness. You need to ignore that voice. All growth happens at the edge of your comfort zone.You can't have your biggest life if you stay in that comfort zone. You can't be a hero if you stay in that comfort zone.

And that's your recipe for your Hero's Journey. You need to show up. You need to do the work. And you need to keep playing a bigger game. And you need to keep doing it. If you do that day after day, year after year… then I'll tell you how to find a hero…

Go look in the mirror and you'll see a hero looking back at you.

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116 Replies to “You Are My Hero”

  1. Hey Jeff, great post! I agree that the work must be done (whatever it is) and the commitment to grow must be fueled everyday no matter what. Because it is in the process of growing where we discover our real passion behind the big noise around, and learn to appreciate the hero in each of us. Best!

  2. Hoo Kang,
    I think one of the easiest ways to identify if something is your “thing” or not is whether it’s worth it to you to stay up late or get up earlier than you want to in order to pursue it. Then it’s probably something you’re engaged with and passionate enough about to do the “hard” work that’s required to accomplish it. I can tell you that the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on an exciting new project that’s got me up late…past the point that my eyes won’t stay open…and still it’s hard for me to go to bed. And even when I do go to bed around 2 a.m., my mind is still racing and I keep turning the lamp on so I can jot down some notes of ideas that are swirling around in my head. And my normal routine was to go to bed around 10 p.m.

    I know eventually my intensity will settle down, but you have to have that kind of engagement and passion for it to truly be your “thing” whatever it is.

    Do you have anything like that for you, Hoo Kang?

    Good luck with that!

    Jeff, love you and all your insight and help!


  3. Great article Jeff and you have been a great example of being fearless, even when there was a lot of fear. Seems like an endless process, like pealing an onion. You do the work until you can’t go further and you need to grow. And then you can do more work and grow and work and grow.

  4. Jeff,

    Thank you for the encouraging words.

    Any chance you could shed some light on how to find “my work?”

    Or perhaps share how you found your work – if you haven’t already mentioned it somewhere.

  5. It doesn’t matter you are dealing with offline marketing or Online Marketing. But motivation is the key for the sucess! Very inspiring post Jeff 🙂

  6. I ve met my HERO and he inspired me to get up and make it happen everyday and I am doing just that!
    Thank you Jeff and it was great meeting you at PLF Live in Scottsdale !

  7. So, spill Jeff. The suspense is killing us! Who is your hero?

    I might have guessed the woman who sold you the first $97 floppy disc about how to make money online but you said it’s a “he”.

    Hope you’ll share with us, your peeps.



  8. Great post, Jeff! Continuing to grow is always a challenge, but you make it look easy! 😉 You’re a hero to all of us! Hugs, Kari

    • Kari… that’s because I do a good job of hiding all the late nights and bloody knuckles… it’s a lot messier behind the curtain. 🙂

  9. Awesome (and timely) post (and great pics too)! You were the first person I found on my journey to being an entrepreneur – a few hiccups, a few scrapes, a bit more trying – a lot more trying – thanks for the reminder to never give up. BTW you continue to be my inspiration with not only your expertise but your kind and generous spirit – and you are proof that being grateful each day and believing in yourself and sharing what you know with others is the true path to freedom and happiness. Thanks again.

  10. Good post, Jeff. I would actual say there are short-cuts, though. It’s all about modeling and getting mentorship from someone that’s where you want to be in life. Yes, you must still do the work, but you’ll dramatically expedite your success.

    • Matthew… I agree, there are definitely ways to shortcut the process, and modeling masters and getting mentoring are the two best that I know of. However, you still need to do the work. And you still need to keep stepping up into a bigger vision of yourself.

  11. Wonderful inspiring post. And so true.

    It took me years to create my “overnight success” business. And the only shortcut is growing fast.

    Thanks and greetings from Germany,


  12. I met my hero in 1945 when he came back from Europe. I disappointed him several times but he never disappointed me. He always gave more than he got and he was always prepared for whatever needed to be done.

    He left me in 1982 and I miss him. I called him, Daddy.

  13. Jeff, thank you for a very inspiring article. When I started my journey here on the internet you were one of the first names I came across, I’ve followed you diligently and consider you one of my mentors although we’ve never met. I’ve also learned a great deal from you by reading the content that you freely give away. You are one of my heroes. Wishing you continued happiness.

  14. Thank YOU for showing up and being ‘out there’ to learn from and grow with.
    Mary and the Green Now Team

  15. Thank you Jeff for the inspiring words..

    Yes! We do have to keep growing. And stepping out of the comfort zone, sometimes simply means doing what we really love even if we don’t know where it’s going to take us.

  16. MelAnn Morales


    Heroes… One of my most favorite subjects…. And as an Introvert myself, you are one of my heroes. I love being a witness to the journey of a Fellow Introvert taking in the world! Making it better! Being a hero!

  17. Jeff, thanks for the powerful reminder of why we do what we do and how important it is to “show up” and do our very best everyday.

  18. James R Trimble


    Who are you, I get so many emails and internet marketers that I erase allot of them, I dont remember seeing you, Anyway thank you for this email I really liked it, was very helpful, THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

  19. Jeff, what a wonderful, inspiring and deeply thoughtful post.

    Very near brought a tear to my eye.
    (And comment 11 from Chris, actually did)!

    Thanks for being you Jeff.


  20. Hi Jeff,
    So true, so true…I do believe there is a Hero for everyone, might be just around the corner. Just keep moving forward and follow the road to success.

    Thanks Jeff, very inspiring..

  21. Wonderful post Jeff. Thanks for acknowledging that there are many ways to be a hero, successful entrepreneur being but one.

    You were THE pivotal force behind me stepping up my game and playing big. Thanks for continuing to show up.

    I count you among my heroes.

    Valerie Young

    • @Valerie: well, we just have the mutual admiration society here… I feel honored to have had you as a student. You are amazing. 🙂

  22. Hey Jeff,

    This post really really inspired me and encouraged me to keep on going, step by step. You guys (Jeff, Eben, Brendon etc.) are great! I love you, you changed my life. Thank you Jeff for putting all the great free content out there, so I can grow even if I can’t afford the complete product yet. I’ve already met my hero, but not like going for coffee just with him, sitting and chatting at the beach on a warm day under the clear blue sky and talking about how the world could look like in the future. I still have to grow some more.

    Thank you Jeff for showing up every day. I love you.


  23. Such a simple, but profound truth. So many forces in our culture would have us believe that you don’t have to show up, don’t have to struggle through hard times, don’t have to step over thresholds of fear into great unknowns-but the truth of your message resonates with every seeking human heart. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiration.

  24. I love my hero and I love doing the work, it is my pride and my passion. Thank you, Jeff, for being a hero to so many and for helping them to find the hero in themselves, me included.

  25. Your post sounds so down-to-earth…guess that’s how we need our example-setters to sound.

    Grateful for this reminder, Jeff, so timely.

    Had just been listening to a YouTube interview with Jane Seymour, where she talked about understanding who you are (solid starting place to being a hero, would you say?) and how you can only ever do your own best –as opposed to trying to compete with someone else’s best. To be focused on your own agenda, your own abilities/passions that make you unique, especially when things aren’t turning out the way you’d like.

    Are you going to let us in on your hero’s identity and how the meeting went? Hope the real-life person lives up to your expectations.

  26. Each day my goal is to wake up being a protagonist in a story about saving the world. And these two keys are an important part of that mission. The days I do not do either one are days I fail. Thanks as always Jeff for the encouragement you are so gifted at sharing.

  27. Hey, Jeff

    Thanks, for your inspiring words. It’s because of everyday “Heroes” like yourself that inspires “Fallen Heroes” like me to pick myself right back up again. Thank You!

    • Dr. Daniels,

      Hmmm… it seems like you like to make assumptions. For instance, you assume I’m a liar – that I didn’t travel to California to meet my hero. And your second assumption is that I would feel compelled to mention the name of my hero in this post. Well, you know what they say about happens when you assume things. In any case, both of your assumptions are wrong.

      – Jeff

  28. Henk van der Wijk


    Only someone who knows this long and winding road from his own experience can describe it the way you do Jeff.
    You tell it the way it is.
    Some will listen and most won’t…… the master shows up when the pupil is ready.

  29. mike brodle


    I really enjoyed your article.I have not taken off with the internet yet but do plan to start soon.I know I am the potential hero and that if my goals are not accomplished it is only because of me not utilizing that potential,which has only the limitations it places on itself, and straying away with the voices “in the head”that you refer to,as well as the self created influences and commotion that waits to participate in this material universe,to counter success as it CAN be. YIPPEEE!!!!

  30. Well … that was a nice simple reminder of what it takes to accomplish great things in the world. WORK at it. DO things. Get stuff done. And never stop.

    A wonderful book I’d recommend that touches on this is called “Fate and Destiny”, by Michael Meade. There are two key points in it:

    1) It is our Fate that we each come into this world with a gift that is uniquely ours. Unfortunately, we don’t know what it is.
    2) It is out Destiny to find out what that gift is and bring it forth to the world. But it might not be easy.

    For many (myself included), we will likely find it in our deepest, darkest places. It will show up when we are injured or are faced by with a life challenge that seems insurmountable. It is only then that we are are stripped away from our comfort zone and must go inward to places we previously dared not to.

    It’s the classic “Hero’s Journey”, probably the most classic and enduring story theme ever.


  31. Jeff, What a delight to hear from you! And for such an inspiring and important message. I have had several wonderful heroes along the way. And, I do work hard at being a hero for others. I love hearing, “You have changed my life.” And, Jeff, it is authentic people like you that give us the example of how to be a hero and change lives.
    Thanks so much for your thoughful message today. It is the highlight of today for me!

  32. Hi, Jeff,
    We all fight the same battle every day. I was working on my launch when I took a quick break to read your post. Thanks for the rush. Gotta hop. Battle calls.
    Blue skies and warm wishes,

  33. I remember Jeff telling his PLFers not to consider themselves helpers but instead position themselves as HEROES. I embraced that and continue to charge forward, day in and day out, doing the work of a Hero. Thanks Buddy.

  34. Hmmm. You left us hanging! Who is this hero you met with, and why is he/she your hero? What did you learn over dinner?

    Please do share … 🙂

  35. Amen. We need more Heroes and Heroines in this world. Every person can benefit greatly by taking their Heroes Journey. Parents and grandparents should take their personal Heroes journey. Once they understand the stages in the journey and where they are at, they should take their kids and grandkids along for the ride. Everyone enjoys an exciting journey. It is a lot more fun and fulfilling when you take your family and friends with you on your group Heroes journey.

  36. Great post, Jeff, and so very true.
    I’m including a quote from the above in my forthcoming book, “How I Created The Antonino Museum”, publication date 31 Dec 2013. I’ve been shilly-shallying about with this for, dare I say, almost 13 years, and this time it’s going to happen, it *is* happening, from fetal crawl to baby steps to giant leaps, day by day, never a day without doing at least 1, ideally 5, things to move the process forward. Yep: Action: fear, warts, mistakes and all :o)
    Thanks for your course and the community, simple but truly empowering!

  37. Hi Jeff
    You bring up a very important subject,
    This a true story,
    I very close person to me has overcome many life challenges, from being molested, raped, and abused mentally and physically, all this happen before she was 12 years old.
    She was able to hide what happen, the reason she hid it was due to low self esteem and embarrass to tell anyone. She grew up and got married, she looked and acted like the lady next door. She compensated by keeping busy 24/7. Most of the time was helping her local church, and then a foundation to help poor children across are world, when she was back home she would help search and rescue find lost people in the mountain area we live in.
    After years of praying, she started a journey just 7 years ago to heal the little girl inside. All her life no matter how busy she kept her self, her pass came back to haunt her. She tried the traditional way, talking to professional. This just put a band aid on her secrets. She decided she needs to figure it out her self. She went the spiritual way, she decided to stay open minded and work through her past life and achieved happiness trough forgiveness for her self and the people that caused all the issues. She has spent the last 3 years helping others with similar issues and never charges for her service.
    After getting knock down and overcoming major life issues, she was ready to enjoy the rest of her life.
    But before she could truly enjoy her new found life, her adrenal glades went crazy, this is the glad responsible for fight or flight and if it stays on will cause extreme anxiety. For the pass she weeks she has been out of her mind with fear. She has a doctor working on her adrenal issue, but was told she could feel like this for 3 to 6 months minimum. When told this, she lost it and then though for a moment that she could last that long in this state. She fondly realizes that she needs to make a decision. Her decision was to except the process and work her way through it, she know is working to save herself one more time. She is a True Hero.

  38. “No one will work harder than me…” They were your words but I’m thinking of them often this week as I head into another launch… A launch I think my client has given up on, one where I will not…

    It’s time to step out of my comfort zone again and play with the grateful…

    Thanks Jeff…

  39. richard gnouma


    you’re right about doing the work jeff. but you make it sound like it’s a chore… the thing is, when you found something you like you are actually super excited about it, YOU CANNOT WAIT to get home and work more on your project. that is what i am looking for! that precise excitement!

    i am impatient to hear more about yoru formula. hurry please! 🙂

  40. Jeff you Rock!!!!!!!!!

    I found PLF year half ago LEARNED TONS!!!


  41. Great choice of words, words being powerful, the elegance in simplicity well executed. Thanks so very much.

  42. What a wonderful and touching story. And you are absolutely right. You have made the beginning of my day bright, and I am really grateful. I, too, want to know more. Do we get to hear who your hero is?

  43. Thanks for a great posting…. I am my own hero right now because I have just overcome breast cancer. It was not difficult as I had another hero who knew the exact protocol to give me. Now to find my “work”…..

  44. Really? You went so far to meet someone because they were a model for your business? Is that how low we have sunk in identifying real heros. An infortunate ploy which actually cheapens the whole concept of heros.
    The eyes that look back at me are not heroic, they are simply me. I love her but she is not my hero.

    • Nancy… ummm, I give up.

      Where in this post did it say anything about my travel having anything to do with a model for my business? What part of the post implied that the trip had anything to do with business whatsoever?

  45. Thanks Jeff,
    Right above my mirror is a quote from Einstein:
    “Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile”
    I looked at both! Wow!!

  46. Julie Cairns


    Great post Jeff. And very timely for me. BTW, how many people have said that in their comments? That is was just the thing they needed to hear… Makes me wonder how the universe orchestrates those kinds of elegant economies of scale! I also appreciated your elegant economy of words.

  47. Hi Jeff
    You are absolutely on the money. Showing up and doing the work no matter what that is for you is the easier and hardest thing to do. It can be scary and exhilarating living on the edge of your comfort zone.
    The great thing is that when you have the grace to support out of your comfortable zone life turns the volume up…..rock on!

  48. Great post Jeff,

    You are right about doing the work, but the rewards at the end of the day are so worth it.

    Ian McConnell
    Western Australia

  49. Hey Jeff,

    Such an inspiring post. Thanks for the tips you’ve given to us.

    I like what you said at the end, “Go look in the mirror and you’ll see a hero looking back at you.”

    … the Hero is actually ourselves! 🙂

    KM Lee

  50. Simple… yet difficult.
    Show up. Abstain from distractions.
    Do the work. Grow my vision of me..enjoy the discomfort of growth as I discover my expanded version of self.
    Step into this and keep growing it to my true scale.
    Thanks for giving back Jeff

    To the best in us,

  51. How true this is Jeff. The power of looking within, and recognizing the hero that is waiting to be let out and reach those great heights.

  52. I traveled from CA to Bergamo, Italy to visit one of my greatest heroes. I sat next to him for a few hours, brought him flowers, and cleaned up his ‘house’. He died in 1931 and there is a beautiful statue in the cemetery. I didn’t let that stop me from siting in his presence. Being in the town where Enrico Rastelli grew up and lived inspired me to win 4-world juggling championships. Yeah… heroes are good. Thanks, Jeff.

    I’ve been to Scottsdale, twice, to see another hero.

    • Barry: your comment just give me chills… thanks for sharing your pilgrimage to “sit” with you hero.

      And regarding Scottsdale, you are very kind. 🙂

  53. Jeff,

    “First, you have to do the work!” This is so right on. I just finished a three day intensive implementation boot camp for members of one of our coaching programs and this one sentence is what more people need to hear over and over again. Yet so many “gurus” conveniently leave it out of the conversation leading people to believe in an “easy button” and magic pixie dust that makes you successful and rich overnight.

    Thank you for a great article and a reminder that we all have what it takes if we are just willing to to the work!

  54. Hi Jeff,

    Yes, there’s no other way to become hero but to do hard work and to do it every day. It’s just something you can’t avoid. This way is long, yet it’s the most straightforward and the truest.

  55. Dear Jeff,
    As one your followers mentioned earlier, the teacher shows up when the pupil is ready and I am meeting my own hero tomorrow evening. I am very nervous; it is very challenging and will take a lot of work to finally meet a grander vision of me. So looking forward to the amazing experience.
    Thank you and all the best to you Jeff.

  56. Jeff, thanks for sharing and for your words of wisdom on becoming a ‘hero’.

    It is sad to read comments like a couple above from people who have the ‘talent’ of turning something great (and something intentionally great), some true sharing, into something negative or some conspiracy. It is sadly comments like that which keep some people from sharing again in the future, or from starting to begin with. I have been met with a lot of this sort of thing, even still now on a day to day basis actually (even from people important to me which is where it especially hurts). I know we all do, which perhaps is even where the root of such comments come from; it spreads like a plague. It surely can make it seem difficult to continue. People often do not understand how to be humble, consciously grateful, and silence their inner critic/ego long enough to witness joy, beauty, creativity, […insert some of life’s greatest gifts here…]. I hope it will not discourage you from sharing again in the future, I doubt it will, but just in case the thought crossed your mind, I wanted to recommend you set it (and the small-thinking comments) aside. Thanks for being an inspiration and I look forward to sitting across from you at a table (dinner, conference, desk or otherwise) one day. 😀

    • @Trace: thanks for your kind words… and don’t worry, I’ve been attacked far more harshly before, and I’ve got a pretty thick skin. As Winston Churchill said “You will never reach your destination if you stop and throw stones at every dog that barks.”

      For more of my thoughts on this, see my post here:

      There’s many reasons that people attempt to tear down other people’s work (and I’m not talking about constructive criticism, I’m talking about attacks here)… but I think the primary reason are those two things I mentioned (do the work, keep growing) are really very hard to do. Behind most attacks is someone who tried to do those things and failed (or wish they had the courage to try). When they see someone stepping up, it’s a reminder that they didn’t… and that can turn some people very bitter. And that’s a shame, because that bitter world can’t be a very nice place to live.

  57. Thank you Jeff;-)

    That was very inspiring. I get so annoyed when things go to slowly for my pace and it’s nice to know that all heroes have been or still are working hard as well. Thanks again you wonderful-people-magnet;-)

  58. Wow Jeff, this post is fabulous. You’re right they are 2 simple steps that can be done. What a great message to pass along to my new clients too!

  59. You definitely know where your motivation lies when you’re willing to stick with it no matter what…awesome post and thanks for the inspiration!

  60. Great post, could not agree more. Show up every day and do the work, was is Thomas Edison who said, “…Opportunity is dressed in overalls and looks like hard work…”

  61. What a great Monday Morning Motivation! Thank you for heroically being so transparent and True. I appreciate this Truth and Wisdom more than a little “comment box” can capture. Rock on!

  62. Good stuff Jeff, never get enough reinforcement to get out of your head / safe zone and go get it…

  63. Thanks for that Jeff. That was a great thought! We all always are Heroes, but we have to discover that into ourselves, one way or another…Thank you!

  64. What a great reminder that the key ingredient to any endevor worth pursuing is hard work and persistence. I’m learning the success is in the journey.

  65. Thanks Jeff,
    I just started an on line web business.
    Unbeknownst to me, you just can’t start a site and then put a down payment on a Maserati!!
    Who knew!!!!. Your tutorials and this post helps to remind me that if I just keep adding value and continue to be a great person, sooner or later the results will come. Smile!


  66. Thank you, Jeff. This really touched me. I’ve stepped it up this year (2013) and this put a different perspective on that…that I will be constantly stepping it up and need to learn how to live outside that comfort zone…consistently.

    And an especially great reminder that those who make it look easy, worked very hard to get to that point.

    Thank you 🙂

  67. John Thayer


    Thank You Jeff,
    What a kiss(keep it simple son), although we all should know these things, it is good to be reminded of these simple truths from time to time.When what your doing isn’t working it always helps to go back to basics.LOL!

  68. Jeff,

    Thank you for telling it the way it is. So many people online makes it seem as if you just use their system and without much work your bank account will explode with more and more money. What I have experienced is exactly what you are talking about – Showing up and doing the work (writing articles, blogs posts, creating books, creating free reports, creating videos, creating teleseminars, webinars, courses, new sales pages, autoresponder messages, email blasts, etc.). However, part of the work is to create a lively interactive presence on Facebook and other social media.

    And then to continue doing the work, which I have been doing (but many people encourage you to stop working so hard or so much, to go hang out with them, to stop working so hard so that they can feel better about their own unwillingness to do the work).

    And finally, to keep growing despite that inner voice that causes me fear and doubt, especially when outwardly the success is not yet apparent.

    Thanks for a wonderful and truthful description of what it takes to become an unsung hero, creating above and beyond the call of duty.

  69. Your message is music to my ears, even if it is hard to hear!
    I agree I have to do the work and keep growing!! As long as I do both
    I keep succeeding, and i have a much greater impact with my work my message and
    And my passion! Thanks for your sweet reminder!

  70. Awesome article Jeff. I definitely needed this. Show up everyday, come rain or shine is the biggest lesson for me from this piece.

  71. great post. The real battle lies inside our heads. Not in the outside world, not in the economy. thanks man very inspiring

  72. wow Jeff, that is so inspirational. so simple, so common sense and yet we so often ignore the simple and common sense thinking our answers must be much more complex than that to really make a difference. But you’re right- just whiddle it down to SHOW UP, DO THE WORK, KEEP DOING THE WORK, THINK BIGGER, CHALLENGE YOURSELF.
    beautiful. Thank you, i needed that reminder!

  73. Hello,
    Great article. Thanks to your work I have a new passion for marketing at its early stage. And although I don’t do the stuff, the guy working for me knows about web launching thanks to you being translated into French and through Seb. I am also grateful because introvert like you inspires me to do it too.

  74. Hi Jeff, I needed to hear that from you. It’s the “behind the scenes of the hero” that I think I was fishing for at PLF Live. The growth required to live up to your own dreams is incredible. And sometimes quite daunting. In this year of the Black Snake, it is a shedding of old skins, even if not sure what the next you is going to look like. And all while in the public space. It is 2 years ago this month that I bought PLF. I could never have anticipated the opportunity, vision, joy and tears that this 2 years would bring. Today, I pick myself up and dust myself off. Cape’s a little dusty, not quite as shiny as I was, but looking quite beautiful I think… Quite human, and loving, with a vision that calls me to be who I already am. Thanks again for the reminder. Love, Becky

  75. Thanks for the post Jeff.
    And for the reminder that theres a hero in all of us.
    Its very much appreciated.
    Keep up with your wonderful work.
    You’ve long been a fabulous hero, to a great many.

  76. Hey Jeff!
    Keep Smiling… Keeps them guessing! LOL!
    Seriously… you are presenting a serious subject here and AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! We need more people to stand up to our entitlement thinking society and remind them that it is hard work that provides for us all! And it is important to acknowledge our heros!

  77. Young man – take a moment and look back. You are amazing to behold. I don’t recall the year we first met. But I’m very glad we did. This message belongs in every newspaper in the US of A. Now and every month.
    ( Oh, I’m guessing its our friend – BB) as in Burchard.??

  78. Donna Richards


    By any chance do you have a hidden camera following my daily routine, work schedule and most importantly do you have a device which reads my thoughts and fears. Wow last week I realize I have to again conquer this hurdle of fear. It’s amazing as I realize I have to get pass this hurdle, your article showed up. I now I am on the right track.
    Thank You, thank you, thank you.

  79. Hi Jeff,

    What a wonderful post. I appreciate your reminder that there is no quick and easy way – we have to do the work, and continue to do the work, step out of our comfort zone, find our heroes and mentors, and keep doing the work.

    I have had many well-meaning friends tell me “You are working too hard. You need to take a break. You need to….” Some have told me “You have been doing this for so long, why are you still working so hard? Why don’t you just hire someone, outsource.”

    When I have shared my frustrations honestly and openly, others have jumped in to give me advice, to tell me to get a mentor to “fix” my attitude or to show me “exactly” what I need to do. Or when I struggle with a technical issue they might say “Find a young person, a high school kid. They can do it easily for you.”

    What they don’t understand is that there is a learning curve and by going through the frustrations and the emotional ups and downs, I have continued to learn and to grow.

    I have also received a few unexpected negative comments. That is a reminder to me to develop a thick skin, to realize that people can’t help where they are at emotionally. If they felt secure and loved and valued their own self, they would have no need to post a negative comment. And those negatives really stand out because most of the comments have been really uplifting, supportive and acknowledging. That has been my experience and I saw that here in this series of comments.

    Your article was so uplifting and telling it just the way it is. So, does it really matter whether or not there was a real “hero” you were visiting or who that person is? What matters is that you shared a way of being and thinking with us that can boost us into a high level of success.


    Dr. Erica

  80. let’s be a hero together.. for an internet marketer, sometime it is unavoidable we meet face to face to share ideas and grow.. nice entry!

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