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Here's how to start creating your ideal life in 2016 – I've been using this process for over a decade, and the results have been amazing…

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43 Replies to “How to Create An Amazing Life”

  1. Thanks Jeff. Even though I teach visioning as part of my business, I still love hearing your thoughts and processes. There’s something about the way you put things that makes whatever it is seem light and simple, yet powerful at the same time. So I always love your videos. Happy New Year!

    • Felicia Mareels


      Hi Jeff
      Happy New Year. Thanks for all the information and knowledge as well as the encouragement you have shared with me. Love it. A timer is a conscious healthy ritual I appreciate. Creating healthy content healthy realistic bites of time that I can easily fill with an achieved intention. Builds confidence and accomplishment.

  2. Cirsten Eggers


    Hi Jeff, thanks for the insight. I will go and get myself a huge piece of paper first thing tomorrow. Happy New Year!

  3. Thank you, Jeff.
    A timely reminder to do and not just to think. Looking back (oh, no!) I have spent too much time thinking and imagining that, by so doing, I have actually achieved something. Life is a very practical game – I must remember that.
    Whilst writing, may I also comment on the magnificence of your back garden? What beautiful and inspiring mountains – the snow-capped peaks are catching the sun and beckoning us to look upwards.
    Happy New Year and thanks again.

  4. Lesley Poinsette-Jones


    Thank you. The video was very informative I am going to implement the principles and use them, thank you again and I look forward to each video that you produce

  5. Thanks, Jeff. I love how you deliver the message. Your heart really comes through with your message. I look forward to creating my best life in 2016 and beyond. I’m no longer going to leave it up to chance and settle for what I get. I’m going to go get it and create it. Thank you.

  6. Hi Jeff.
    Thanks for this video. It’s definitely got me thinking more about the importance of writing down my goals for this next year, and especially about bringing more balance into my life. Happy New Year!

  7. thumbs up Jeff.

    thanks for breaking down your process for us in a way that is very straightforward, easy to understand and simple to implement. Love it. What was most useful to me was separating out the vision into life areas and then breaking that down into monthly, measurable goals as well as seeing how those different goals can intersect.

  8. Thank you Jeff for this ‘peak behind the curtain.’ It would be so awesome to see a video showing the whole process, from master plan to role visioning, ‘wall paper work’ tracking
    accountability, annual, monthly, weekly, daily action steps. That’s what I’m wanting to see as your wonderful video finishes here. I
    THANK YOU for your weekly posts. They always center, ficus and inspire!!
    Best everyday!

  9. Hi Jeff.
    Happy New Year to you and family too fm Italy. Such a beautiful place inspiring a great Vision . I appreciate alot your style and the “empaty” of your lesson. You are really a Great Motivator!

  10. Great message Jeff. I love watching how you broke this down for us into manageable steps 🙂

  11. Hey Jeff,

    I love the way you break the goals into your roles. As a coach for parents of teens, I like the idea of SMART goals for moms and dads. Thanks for sparking creativity as always! Love the videos!

  12. i love you and your dynamism and your love of life
    you are a great guy

  13. jade Campbell


    Jeff – these videos regarding planning our lives and scaling up our businesses, are simple no fluff, and sound so easy – thanks for your ongoing inspiration . .

  14. Great insights – thanks Jeff! Miss those views! I have a collaborative idea would love to share with you!

  15. Inspired!
    Thanks, Jeff for this awesome video. I’ve never done yearly goal setting – until now!
    You’ve inspired me to try to 10X my life with more specific and written goal planning.

    Many Thanks,
    Lori Lang

  16. Jeff,

    Your clarity and simplicity is awesome. A complex life plan in a simple and clear way. Even a lay person will inspire to follow. I believe meditation has a role in your life (It has in most great lives) though you didn’t mention.


    Mukesh Shah.

  17. I desperately needed to hear this right now, Jeff! Thank you for sharing it with us!

    My biggest problem in designing my life that’s stopped me several times is getting bogged down in tiny details when you really don’t have to until the process demands it. It starts out looking like a mountain and I need help being able to break it into chunks.

    Looking at your life as roles is a great start.

    Wishing you the best in 2016!


  18. This is a wonderful gift at the beginning of the year. I usually set my goals on a daily basis and accomplish what I set out to do. Now I will work on improving the big picture. Thanks so much, Roxsane

  19. Hi jeff,

    It’s been a long time… connect our goals together sure you hit a point, i’ll save it for 2016,

    Wish you all the best,

    Ps: i’m starting to understand why you like mountains so much!

  20. Yasir Rehman


    I have watched your video. It is full of results & transforming or shaping life into objectivity which brings two folded results worldly & spiritually by yielding outcomes & sharing that with your loved ones. I am in reality impressed with the positivity you possess. Keep it up & keep sharing these thoughts with us.

    Thanks & best regards

    Yasir Rehman Tv anchor & Bank Manager Pakistan

  21. One way to know how to be a better parent, etc is to ask. From Jack Canfield I learned to ask “in a scale of 1-10 (or 5, whatever), how would you rate our relationship?. If not a good rate, then ask, “what can I do to make it a 10?” and really listen and apply what they said.

  22. Fantastic. I too want to design an amazing life for me and have great relationships and successful business. I create a vision board with words, calligraphy and inspiring images. there are sections for my business, my family, friendships and personal growth. – Anna

  23. Jeff, your video arrived ‘just on time’ for me as I sit here at my desk at nights planning my year. I want to create a clear and powerful vision for myself that I can easily track, measure and update. I also love pens and paper rather than computers to get my juices flowing (although Workflowy is awesome!).

    I got so inspired about your flip-chart method that I really wanted to see you doing an example for us! I love to see your white board drawings in the PLF training videos so that is probably why lol!! But on a more serious note, I am really inspired to implement what you talked about here and I crave to see a visual example 🙂

    Thanks again for such an awesome post!


  24. Great advice, Jeff. I always feel better when I get my meditation in first off to start my day. And it IS such a good investment of time which pays dividends in attitude improvement and focus so I can get more done in less hours!! Thank you for the heartfelt encouragement!

  25. Marius Serban


    Hey Jeff,

    Last week I went through Michael Hyatt’s 5 Days to Your Best Year Ever course and I’ve already got down my goals for this year. However, I love your idea of writing down the vision for each role that I play in my life. Even though my goals for 2016 cover most of the categories you’ve mentioned, I didn’t write down a vision for my roles, but now I will 🙂

    Thanks for your inspiring videos!


  26. Great message, Jeff. Looks like Colorado could use a little more snow. We’ll send some your way from WA : )

  27. Happy New Year Jeff! Loved your message today – create your vision and then design a life to take you there…LOVE IT! Thank you for your wisdom.

  28. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for sharing your helpful insights on how to plan for the new year. I love how you write down the vision for each role in your life and then take the time to measure how you are doing along the way. Happy New Year to you!

  29. Jeff, I like your metaphor of mountains in the background, head up in the skies.

    I just want to take this time to wish everyone luck in achieving their goals for the New Year. We’re all in this together.

    Is there a most radical business blog? It would be great if someone knows.

    Happy New Year!

  30. Jeff thanks once again for a great video and of course a wonderful dose of mountain scenery ( none of that here in the Midlands UK) Yet another kick up the but to get myself more focused and organized.
    Watching the video raised a question for me though concerning how you use a journal as part of the process. Having tried a few times to keep journals or do morning pages I have yet to make it work as part of my productivity and strategic process. Can you shed any light on this and show us how you structure and use journaling to make things happen and stay focused.
    Happy New Year & thanks for your timely inspiration.
    Jill X

  31. Kyle Davidson


    Hi Jeff,

    Key takeaway for me … “The way you create an awesome life is to design it first.”

    It’s so odd and ironic that so many of us dream of this amazing life and are in awe when we see people living what we believe the perfect life to be, and think they were somehow lucky or gifted, and it it just sort of happened to them. Yet all around us, every day, we are surrounded by things that make our life better/easier that first had to be designed. Your house was designed before it was built. That jacket had a designer … Yet so many of us (present company included) go through life on a hope and a prayer, but not a design. I’m making the mindset shift from this point forward.

    Thanks Jeff!
    P.S. Would you at some point share a photo of what your flip chart looks like, if it’s not too personal. The visual of how you connect your goals and visions and break them down into manageable chunks would be extremely helpful to me. Also, who would you suggest for further reading on how to set roles, vision and goals?

  32. Sonya Chappelear


    Thanks! I appreciate the reminder about setting over all yearly goals for different aspects of my life and to break the goals down into measurable occurrences Monthly/Weekly/Daily.

    My biggest challenge right now is really deciding what I want in some areas. Sometimes too many choices is a problem. Do you have any suggestions regarding techniques to help an individual narrow things down?

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