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If you really want to create an impact in your customers' lives, you owe it to them to get good at selling.

If that feels like a mental leap, think about this…

To experience the full transformation of your offer – a faster tennis serve, a better-behaved dog, a clutter-free home, or whatever it is – your customers are going to have to roll up their sleeves, do the work, and engage with your teaching. 

The more engaged they are… the more likely they are to succeed.

But don’t think engagement starts when they hit “play” on your first training video. 

It starts well before that. Because it turns out that how you ask for the sale can have a big impact on a customer’s success. 

So if selling makes you feel icky, here’s a new way to think about asking for the order…

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5 Replies to “Your Marketing Matters (Maybe More Than You Think)”

    • John Brennick


      That resonates – we have services and products that help people in some way, whether it makes their lives easier, more fun, provides an escape, solves a problem, makes life better, helps them run their business or home.
      I especially love the term “impact” – we are making positive impacts and serve.
      Getting people to understand and trust is a service to them, if they can benefit from the product or service.

  1. Joseph Weissenberg


    Selling is enthusiasm transferred and selling is a sacred duty.
    It always compels me, how simple you bring the thoughts down to the point and nail it. It took me a long time to understand what serving to your customer means. I think it goes along with self-confidence and trust of your own work. Work Out Fear is for me the key to create and be with a client. When you understand what fear means and how it can actually help you to become better, then you progress and everything seems to be easy from then on. Fear is not the enemy, fear is a tool to protect you and it shows you how to move on.

  2. I love logging in to your training. The huge grin on your face, and your “Heyyyyyy” pose make me smile every single time I see the login page.
    It’s clear you love making a difference, and the step-by-step instructions (and all the bonuses) make it more difficult every day for me to hide behind the fear of putting myself out there on camera/video. One step at a time, I’m building a list, helping people and working towards launching a course.

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