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Why These Are The Glory Days Of Online Marketing

by on Apr 16 2016

After nearly 20 years of online business, I’m officially declaring that these are the glory days of online marketing… here’s why:

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Part 2: 4 Things to Do When Starting Over

by on Mar 26 2016

Here’s a follow up to my first video about starting over: specifically, how would I start over if I had some money to invest in my new business? And same situation, but if I had almost no money. Here’s how I’d tackle each scenario…


Money (and the abundance or lack of it) plays an important role in nearly every decision we make in life. When it comes to starting a business from scratch, here’s what you want to keep in mind if you have no money, or if money is not an issue.

First, as a general rule:

1. Start publishing, in any format (blog, podcast, video, etc.)
2. Build an email list.
3. Connect with influencers.
4. Get out to live events.

You can gain a deeper insight into these four tactics in this:

The No-Money Factor

A lack of money should never deter you from achieving what you want. Yes, it’ll be harder. Yes, it’ll take more time. Most importantly, yes, it’s doable.

1. Use free apps and websites. There are plenty from which to publish and build your email list. If your budget allows for minimal expenses, there are low-cost alternatives, with a few bells and whistles added on.

2. Be a good detective. You’ll find influencers where they can best connect with their tribe. Find their favorite social sites and join in the conversation. Be particularly mindful of newer or less traveled sites. Influencers tend to be early adopters and you may be surprised to find your favorite influencer in these less crowded venues.

3. Be resourceful. Attending live events could be a challenge if you have no money, but challenges are what bring out the resourcefulness of the entrepreneurial spirit. When you make up your mind that you want to be at a particular event, you will find a way to make it happen.

4. Find or keep your day job. Dreamer or idealist, the successful entrepreneur is grounded in reality. Work first to put food on the table. Spend your “off hours” building your business.

Flush With Cash

Having money to invest in a business can be a blessing or a curse. It all depends on how you invest it.

1. Avoid temptation. Don’t get caught up in business bling. Don’t build more than you need. Do only what’s necessary to start making money.

2. Invest in paid advertising. Drive traffic to your site. Get visitors to opt in. Start feeding them great content. Make them an offer using the principles of the Product Launch Formula.

3. Make your first sale. Get to dollar one. Do that and you’ll have your proof of concept. You’ve now graduated from a plan on paper to a (hopefully) sustainable business.

4. Build your team. Sometimes, doing it all yourself is a necessity. If you have extra cash, start building a small support team. A virtual assistant who can handle general tasks and a customer support person would be a good place to start.

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Can You Make Money Online With Your Passion?

by on Mar 19 2016

Here’s a question from a subscriber who wants to know if he can make money online with his passion…

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Is Selling Sacred?

by on Mar 12 2016

Is selling evil? Or is it sacred?

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The Week To 10x Your Life

by on Dec 24 2015

This is my favorite week of the year… it’s strategic planning time, and here’s how to create the plan to 10x your life in 2016.

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When The Student Becomes The Master

by on Dec 12 2015

I love sharing success stories, and this is a really special one for me…

This interview is with Erico Rocha – who went from quitting his job to doing multi-million dollar launches… to hosting his own live event for 2500 people. And he did all of this in Brazil.

(I shot this one on the streets of Sao Paulo, Brazil… it was a bit noisy, but well worth it!)

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The One Big Mistake Absolutely Everyone Makes (and how to avoid it)

by on Nov 07 2015

Sometimes it’s the most simple things that trip us up. I’ve done it, I’d guess you’ve done it, in fact… I don’t think I know a single entrepreneur who hasn’t made this mistake at least once in their marketing.

The funny thing is, this one thought is both one of the fundamental things that everyone should base all their marketing on… and is also one of the most common pieces of advice given out in my million-dollar-only Platinum Plus mastermind.

And the reason for that is very simple — this is one of the most powerful fundamentals for your business, and it’s also one of the absolute easiest to get wrong.

This video is about how to not make that mistake again.

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The Simple Secrets Behind My Biggest Launch

by on Oct 03 2015

It seems like every day I’m bombarded with the latest tricks and tips to revolutionize online marketing. But the reality is that, in the end, your business lives and dies by a few simple factors. Here’s how I’ve (nearly) perfected them:

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