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Finding Amazing Partners For Your Business

by on Mar 04 2017

I’ve been blessed to have amazing partners in my business and my life – people who have helped grow my business 100x bigger than I thought possible. Here’s how it happened, and how you can attract incredible partners that can help grow your business.

Cabin In The Wilderness (+ Insights on Life and Business)

by on Feb 25 2017

This week’s video is really different – I went on a ski trip to a cabin in the wilderness with my wife… we skied into the cabin at 11,000 feet, miles from the nearest road (or cell service). Here’s what it looked like (along with some insights about business and life that I had after spending 4 days completely disconnected)…

Celebrating Your Clients’ Success

by on Feb 18 2017

Using Case Studies and testimonials in your marketing is really powerful – but there’s another great reason to track your clients’ success: it’s an amazing way to stay on top of your mental game and get pumped up about your business…

Feeling sick and celebrating Roger Federer…

by on Feb 11 2017

Yuck… I got a nasty cold (or something – I’m ready to be over it!). But that gave me lots of time to sleep and watch an amazing performance by one of the greatest athletes of our time. Even in my depleted state, I’m inspired by Roger Federer…

Lifestyle, Metallica, and Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

by on Feb 03 2017

I just listened to a podcast with James Hetfield (the singer and rhythm guitarist for Metallica) and was amazed at the similarities between staying sane as a rock star and staying healthy as an entrepreneur. We’re not all that different, and it comes down to choices…

Blog Summary:

As online marketers, we get to build our lifestyle as we build our business. But it’s all too easy to lose sight of building and maintaining your lifestyle as you get caught up in the business…

Here are some of the tips and insights on how to cultivate an amazing work/life balance:

  • Running an online business offers so many freedoms: when to work, how much to work, who to work with, who we serve… it’s our choice to capitalize on these freedoms – or neglect them (1:07);
  • We are creators – we get to create our business, our lifestyle… and much more (1:32);
  • If you’re going to be a creator, you have to take time to recharge – being in “full-on” mode constantly will cause real problems… including insight about a challenge that many entrepreneurs share with members of the band Metallica (1:44);
  • How to grow your business by practicing ever-increasing levels of “self-care” (3:08);
  • The vital role that self-care plays in the longevity of your business success – how to avoid flash-in-the-pan “success”… and go the distance instead (3:42).

Creating a Plan for an Amazing Year (and Life)

by on Dec 10 2016

I have an incredibly blessed life… it’s been part luck and a lot of hard work. But there’s more – I’ve also PLANNED this life out step-by-step. Here’s the process I use each year to create an amazing life…


It’s super important to have an effective goal-setting process in place. It’s a big part of living a truly amazing life and creating the impact that you want. This isn’t necessarily easy work to do – maybe that’s why most people don’t do it.

Here are some tips and strategies to keep you moving in the right direction:

Don’t underestimate the power of having an effective planning process – one that you come back to on a regular basis and that you continually tweak and improve.

Think deeply about how your personal life and business life work together and enrich each other. There’s a reason they call our kind of work creating a “lifestyle business.”

Always begin your planning process with a positive focus. One great way to do this is by celebrating your wins. This is helpful because you can’t create from a depleted emotional and mental state. (And this goal-setting process IS creative work!)

Start by identifying the “big rocks” — your most important and non-negotiable projects and activities — and putting them in place first. Then you’ll still have plenty of room to fit in smaller goals and activities. (It doesn’t work if you start with the smaller stuff — there won’t be any room left over to deal with the most important items.)

Identify the primary roles in your life, and for each of them create a vision for where you want to be in the coming year. Then use this vision for each role to help formulate actionable goals.

Don’t be too hard on yourself – you probably won’t achieve all of your goals every year. But if you follow this planning process and strive to follow through, then even though you don’t hit all your goals… you WILL create an amazing life.

The Most Important “Success Tip” You’ll Ever Get

by on Nov 26 2016

If you want to achieve success, you can’t get there through willpower, positive thinking, or motivational seminars. Those things are great – but if you rely on them, they’ll fail you in the end. Here’s the one thing you need to do…

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Moving Beyond Fear and Uncertainty with Gratitude

by on Nov 19 2016

There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world right now… and it’s tough to be creative if you get caught up in it. Here’s a simple way to pull yourself into a more creative state…

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Recognizing what you have to be grateful for is an incredible antidote to fear. (Click to tweet.)

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