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Do You Need To Work 16 Hours a Day?

by on Oct 15 2016

Does working 16 hours a day 24/7 make you an entrepreneurial hero? I don’t think so… Sure, there are times when you have to work insanely hard to get your business off the ground. But hustling crazy hours is not a path to long-term success…

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Hustling crazy hours is not a path to long-term success – there is a better way. (Click to tweet.)

Stop buying into the myth that building a great business comes at the expense of having a great life. (Click to tweet.)

Building a business takes work, but you don’t have to make it so hard on yourself. (Click to tweet.)


How to Move From Learning to Doing (part 2)

by on Oct 09 2016

I shot this one live at my LaunchCon event – it’s about how you can get off the “learning mode” treadmill. Here’s how you move from learning to doing…

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Learning won’t pay the bills… you’ve got to move from being a learner to being a doer. (Click to tweet.)

When you move from being a learner to being a doer, the whole world changes. (Click to tweet.)

If you’re stuck on the “learning mode” treadmill, here’s how to move from learning to doing. (Click to tweet.)

Using Deadlines to Get Stuff Done (and Inspire Action)

by on Sep 24 2016

Deadlines are an amazing tool – here’s how to use them to get stuff done (and to get more sales).

And don’t miss the little deadline that I’ve built into the video.

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Deadlines are the ultimate motivational tool – here’s how to use them. (Click to tweet.)

There is nothing like a deadline to inspire action. (Click to tweet.)

How deadlines will multiply your results 4x… (Click to tweet.)

My Favorite Tool to Level Up My Business

by on Sep 10 2016

This one’s about my favorite tool for leveling up my business… and it’s one that most people miss.

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How to Get Better

by on Sep 01 2016

Here’s a very simple formula to get stronger, faster, better… in your business and in life.

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A very simple formula to get stronger, faster, better… in your business and in life. (Click to tweet.)

You are the average of the five people you are around the most. (Click to tweet.)

Successful people look for role models who can pull them higher. (Click to tweet.)

Always be looking for people in your life who are just a little further ahead. (Click to tweet.)

2,500 Raving Fans in Brazil (Craziness!)

by on Jul 09 2016

This week’s video comes to you from the stage of “PLF Live Brazil” – in front of 2,500 raving fans (which was crazy – if only my 34-year-old self could have seen this when I started my business!)…

In any case, when I was on stage, I shot this video for you. It’s all about learning to think bigger:

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When you keep moving forward, there’s no limit to what you can create in the world. (Click to tweet.)

No matter how big your thinking, you’re probably not thinking big enough. (Click to tweet.)

When you make your first sale, you realize you can do it again. (Click to tweet.)

20 years of baby steps and look where you end up… (Click to tweet.)

Climbing Your Entrepreneurial Mountain

by on May 27 2016

I shot this one on Richard Branson’s private island in the Caribbean – and I got to thinking about this dirty little secret that all entrepreneurs have…

We try to make it look we’ve got it all figured out… but the reality is that we’re just making it up as we go along. And sometimes we get stuck along the way… and that’s what this video is all about.

How To Know When You’re Ready

by on Apr 30 2016

Are you “getting ready to get ready to get started”? How will you know when you’re finally ready to take action? Here are your answers…


Have you been “getting ready to get ready”? Have you been all preparation and no action?

Making big moves in life, like starting a business or launching a product, can be intimidating. Most of us want to wait until the time is right.

But how do you know when that time has come… when you’re ready to take that giant step forward? Just keep these eight thoughts in mind…

1. Procrastination is a killer. A telltale sign is putting too much effort into getting ready to get ready. Everything has to be just so… even perfect.

2. No one can ever be that ready. Entrepreneurs at the highest level have never waited to be ready. They simply made a decision to move forward because that’s what’s always required.

3. People procrastinate in the hope that their confidence level will increase the more they get ready. But confidence comes after you make the decision, move forward, and enjoy some success. So waiting for confidence means you’ll never be ready.

4. If you’re asking, “Am I ready?” 99% of the time, you are ready.

5. Making a commitment takes courage. And yes, that word can make you feel a little uncomfortable. But stepping out of your comfort zone is the price every entrepreneur has paid for their future success. So you won’t be the first to do this.

6. Everything is “figureoutable.” If you have a vision of where you want to go, and muster up the required courage, you can figure out how to make your commitment stick.

7. Share your commitment with your target audience. What a great incentive to move forward. And be sure to share your commitment with someone who you know will be supportive of your decision.

8. Finally, remember these “Four Cs”: Courage (leads to) Commitment (leads to) Capability (leads to) Confidence.