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The Rest of the Story Behind Those Launches

by Jeff Walker August 27, 2013 Mindset

You know those tales of Product Launches that do thousands in a week, or six figures in seven days… or my story of a million dollars in a single hour? Well, there’s something else going on behind the scenes… here’s the rest of the story… (along with a a peak at my new Secret Headquarters!)

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Product Launch Success (Weird Parallel Universe)

by Jeff Walker August 18, 2013 internet marketing

A quick follow up to my last video – which was an update to the “Food Stamps to Six Figures” Case Study… in this one I dig deeper into how John was able to make that incredible transformation in his life and build a successful business (and I share the surprising and weird parallels to the transformation in MY life!)

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Building a Six-Figure Business (with John Gallagher)

by Jeff Walker August 11, 2013 internet marketing

John Gallagher was the subject of my famous “Food Stamps to Six Figures” Case Study – which was the story of how John literally went from food stamps to creating a six figure business to support his family. I recently had a chance to visit John at his new home in Port Townsend, WA… and we shot a quick impromptu video about the mindset changes that you go through when you have this level of success – check it out:

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Big in Brazil…

by Jeff Walker June 6, 2013 internet marketing

This is a funny business… you never know who’s going to join your email list, you never know who’s going to buy your product. And once someone buys your product, you never really know where they’re going to take their new skills.

And I’ve been lucky to have an entire army of amazing students and clients that have taken my work to levels I never could have imagined…

Erico Rocha is one of those dream students that every teacher loves to have. In fact, his skills have become so advanced that he keeps me hustling to try and stay a half-step ahead of him.

Erico Rocha and Jeff Walker

Erico and Jeff at a Platinum Mastermind meeting

Erico has now done 77 launches, and he’s done them in multiple markets. …


FAIL: How To Create A Product That Won’t Sell

by Jeff Walker May 18, 2013 internet marketing

This video is all about one of the biggest mistakes that I see online entrepreneurs make, a mistake that’s responsible for more epic fails than anything else…

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Hungry For Change

by Jeff Walker March 10, 2012 motivation

How would you feel if you could get 1,000 opt-ins per hour? That’s a pretty amazing number, but it’s only part of the story…

Can you do a Product Launch Formula-style launch for an independent film? How about a feature-length documentary? What would happen if you had a FREE worldwide online premiere for the film?

And here’s the question that the producers of the film are probably most concerned with… can you change the way the world looks at food with a totally self-funded documentary?

Well, it’s still too early to tell since we’re a couple of weeks from Launch Day… but the early signs are looking pretty amazing.

The launch is for the movie “Hungry For Change”… and it’s a full-out classic PLF-style …


Product Launch Case Study – (

by Jeff Walker September 4, 2011 internet marketing

Have you ever wanted to attract top tier celebrities or “big names” to your business? That’s what this Product Launch Case Study is all about, and it’s happening right now…

Will Hamilton has a tennis instruction site at, and he’s used his past product launches to attract the most successful professional doubles team in history. Bob and Mike Bryan have won more professional doubles titles than any team in history, they’ve won 11 Grand Slam titles, and earlier this year they won Wimbledon.

And now they’re partnering with Will on a new product… and a PLF-style product launch for that product.

Product Launch Formula Case Study in the Tennis Instruction nicheSo how does a tiny web site with a weird name put together a deal to partner with two of the most


Information Marketing Marathon

by Jeff Walker May 22, 2011 internet marketing

OK, this is without a doubt the craziest post I’ve made on this blog… because I’ve never seen anyone put a THREE HOUR all-content recording on their blog!

This is the deal – a few days ago my good friend Brendon Burchard (that photo below shows Brendon and I at this year’s Super Bowl) interviewed Andy Jenkins and myself on a teleseminar.

The call was all about information marketing – how to create and market your own information products… and it’s from three people who have “been there, done that” … and have sold millions of dollars of their information products. Enjoy!


Internet Marketing: even MORE proof…

by Jeff Walker March 15, 2011 internet marketing

If you ever needed even more PROOF of just how powerful Internet Marketing was… well a few days ago Brendon Burchard’s new book – the Millionaire Messenger – premiered at #1 on and

The Millionaire Messenger

And in a few days, when the next New York Times bestseller list is announced, there’s a darn good chance it will be near the top of that list as well.

And Brendon has done this ENTIRELY with Internet Marketing. There was no book tour, no TV or radio… he’s not a famous author, and he’s not getting a big push from a fancy New York publisher.

He’s just using the Internet Marketing tactics that we’ve all been honing for the last 10 years. He used his list, he used …


Where are they from?

by Jeff Walker March 9, 2011 internet marketing

I remember the first time someone ever bought something from me online. I jumped so high I think I almost punched a hole in the ceiling.

First off, I was amazed that someone would actually buy something from me. And equally amazing was the fact that the person was from Switzerland.

It was hard to fathom that someone from halfway around the world would buy something from me… that I was publishing out of my home in Colorado!

Fast forward 15 years… and I’ve now sold many millions of dollars of stuff online.

And unless you were hiding under a rock, you probably noticed that I released Product Launch Formula last week. As usual, it wasn’t on the market long – we filled up the …

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