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This month is the 20 year anniversary of starting my online business… and I'm celebrating with a 30 day video challenge. I'm going to publish a video a day for the next 30 days to share my biggest lessons learned (including the trials and tribulations along the way). This is episode one…

Next up… Day 2: He Cornered the Market

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103 Replies to “Day 1: 20 Years in 30 Days”

  1. Steve Loyola


    Hey Jeff, congrats on the anniversary! I look forward to seeing you everyday this month.

    How about a video where you discuss the Abundance mindset?

  2. Hey Jeff,

    Great idea! I’m most interested in when you started building a team. I’m finding myself at that crossroads, and have concerns about being a people manager, or even interviewer! Not in my training to date, that’s for sure.

    Thanks. I look forward to the daily revelations.

    • Jeff Cooper


      Congrats on your business growth! Can’t say that I’ve built a team around an internet business (at least not yet, I’m just starting with Jeff Walker training)… but I do have employees at my brick-and-mortar day job. I had real concerns about being a good people manager too, and I can say that the last two years since I brought on employees have been very educational for me. Best couple of books I’ve read on the topics of attracting and hiring good team players are: “Who” by Geoff Smart and Randy Street and “Hiring for Attitude” by Mark Murphy. Good luck!

  3. Looking a little gray after 20 years Jeff:-)..this question has probably been asked numerous times but “if you were to start from scratch today what would you do?”

  4. Hi Jeff

    I think I’ve asked this before, but haven’t heard an answer yet. Suppose you were in a country where people struggle to afford the price of Internet/data, how would you have done your launches?

  5. I am looking to start a network marketing business. What would you say to someone like me, in asking to take a look at and consider starting an online business like what you teach vs going into network marketing?

  6. The way you come across to the audience is exactly the way I want to do it. However, I am a little camera shy. At 72 you would think I would “get over it”. Any advice?

  7. Bill McDonald


    I’am really interested in watching your videos. I’ve been struggling myself with a few different issues and learning from someone that is going through to relations and success and your 20 years is something I’m really interested and also an interesting growth

  8. Hi, Jeff! Congratulations, it’s a wonderful idea! I would like to hear about the pitfalls in different stages of your development over the years and how did you manage to go through them, what made you get up, what were the triggers, what worked for you in different situations and why do you think they worked in your case.
    Thank you! I can’t hardly wait to see the next one!

  9. I’m tryig to get started and don’t know what to offer. I’m a psychologist and wrote my first book, Being Human in a World of Illusion about the dilemma we all face in being indoctrinated into false ideas, like that there is something wrong with us, and am trying to see if this could be the basis of a business or if I have to reach deeper.

  10. I was wondering what your future plans are Jeff 😀 For the next 20 years! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  11. Hi Jeff,

    you have been an inspiring personalty for me and I am thankful for all the valuable information you provide.

    What I would love to see is:

    a) How do I create an info product within a week?
    b) How should I build an e-Mail chain to convert readers into buyers?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

    Warm regards and greetings from Berlin,

  12. Riccardo Rovai Guidobaldi


    Jeff Walker I had the good fortune to know by Marco Scabia and I started following them, and I have to say having the good fortune to know not perfectly English we can follow you in your path and I like you as a person that you’re also known as person successful was it simply accattivandop the simpatie.Ti greeting
    and let you my warmest congratulations of the path of the twenty tuopi
    by Richard G. Rovai

  13. would just love to hear year by year how you’ve progressed, who were your mentors and the other known people that you’ve met along the way.

  14. Looking forward to hearing about your missteps and recoveries. I learn so much more from how people adversity than I do from folks who got it all right the first time. Congratulations on 20 years in business!!!

  15. Happy 20 years, that is a HUGE milestone!

    I’ve watched lots from you as a student and as a social media follower. The piece of the puzzle I would love to hear about is your personal life and how you balanced it while growing your business(es). Or is there a new work/life balance that you struck that isn’t in line with what we as a society typically expect?

    You mentioned freedom in your last “Apology” video (hilarious video!) and I agree completely in living on my own terms. Let’s hear about how your business has helped to achieve that. 🙂

  16. Rene Banglesdorf


    Thanks, Jeff! What are the top three things you MUST do to build your email list?

  17. Hi Jeff.

    Thanks for keeping the great content coming! As a student, I learn something every time a watch you in action. That is rare.
    I would love to see a short video on this question “If you had $1000.00 and nothing else (e.g. no list) to start over today, what would your 60 day plan look like?”

  18. Jeff, congrats! I’d be interested in knowing if any of your ventures did not work out, and if so, how did you correct your course from there? My normal tendency is to beat myself up, but I don’t think that’s the correct answer. 🙂

  19. Way to go, Jeff! Very inspirational coming from someone who has had your level of success. Thanks in advance for all of the wisdom you are willing to share. And, you can totally do this!!!

  20. Duane Meador


    Hi Jeff, I have tried to create an online business for years while I was working. About six years ago I was laid-off and couldn’t find work. I had been working as a private contractor, so I couldn’t apply for unemployment. Being 62 at the time, I took an early retirement, just to create an income to live off of. To make a long story short, I am still on that very limited income with barely enough to exist on. My question is: Is there a way to create a moderate income with only an income enough for a bare basic existence? What would you suggest that I could do to create an additional income? The only thing I have in abundance is time. Sincerely . . .

  21. Jeff, you have really been a great inspiration to me. Thanks!

    -The Book of Eli

  22. Kathy Lemak


    I agree with Steve, something on the Abundance mindset. I’m following the Abraham-Hicks teachings, yet finding it difficult to focus on abundance, because I [too] have not had an income for years! My tech abilities are not up-to-date, I don’t know what I want to do at this point in life (maybe you could do a video on how to “locate” a talent or desire), and my confidence is shaky to say the least.

    Congratulations, for sure, on 20 years! 😀 I think that’s when I first got internet: tweeeeet, beeeep buzz. You’ve Got Mail. lol Go get ’em, Jeff.

  23. Jeff,

    Great stuff, thanks for asking for our input. I am curious about how you spend money on your business. For example: How much do you spend on advertising (where do you advertise, etc.). How much do you spend on product creation? How much do you spend on freelancers? How much do you spend on employees? Over all, how do you allocate the money you have coming in? Also, has this allocation changed over time, as you’ve gotten more well-known, built your list, etc.?

    What advice do you have for the person just getting started?

    What advice do you have for the person who is consistently generating around 800 – 1000 per month in passive income?

    I have a lot of questions and they are all relative to one another. There are a lot of videos on mindset, many entrepreneurs telling stories, though, what I’m interested in, which I don’t find a lot of entrepreneurs sharing, is what’s your daily method of operation, how are you spending your money, how have you spent money in the past, and what mistakes did you make (small or big) that you’d do differently now; mistakes probably most of us would make.

    Thanks so much!

    Bryan Westra

  24. I look forward to the next 29 videos! 🙂 Thanks for being so authentic and also so helpful. Have a GREAT day, Jeff!

  25. Hi Jeff, I’ve followed you for many many years! You’ve helped me with my own online business. I want to know how did you get your family to help with your business? It’s been a struggle with me.

  26. for someone just starting what are 5 very important steps to follow . dr ola

  27. Hi Jeff,

    What I think would be most interesting is for you to tell us how it feels to finally accomplish everything you want out of life. I think few people get to this point in life. What does that feel like? And you have mentioned this before in PLF. I really found that to be fascinating. What do you do next, when you have hit every goal that you have ever wanted? How do you motivate yourself to keep going? Because quite frankly, you don’t need to do any more PLF lives and you don’t need to do launch club? Why do you even want to help people? What is driving you right now–at this amazing point in your life. You see, I am jealous of that. I am not jealous of your monetary accomplishments… rather I am jealous of that fact that you come across and having gotten everything you want out of your life (and then some!) I suppose that is what draws me to your tribe. Thanks!

  28. marie aquilino


    Thank you Jeff for your intelligence and abiding generosity. I have a rather specific question: in your list of 16 Keys to Internet Success number 11 is Opportunity Cost, the cost of choosing one opportunity over another. I was wondering if you might dedicate one of the remaining 29 videos to discussing how you decide what opportunities to pursue? What strategies do you use to choose to dig in or let go. Thanks a million, Marie

  29. I am sincerely excited to have been told you exist Saturday, July 30 2016. I have since watched your videos, read your book, been to your member site and more. I am currently creating an action plan via Aweber to create my list. I am going to launch a 10 day launch sequence on the 8th of August of the product I developed. I am so excited to see what happens. As a single and stay at home mom, there is zero room for error. I have been praying and praying and praying for help. That the Lord would lead me to some sort of person or whatever to help me launch successfully. I have already launched in the wrong way, but I didn’t know what else to do. No harm, no foul unless I throw in the towel, which I refuse to do. I choose to WIN!! I am so grateful for your content. I will do this and I am excited to share the results!!! Countdown to open cart day is T minus 18 days.

  30. Congratulations. Looking forward to a video each day. Would love to hear the progression of your list size each year over 20 years.

  31. amazing work, Congratulations
    I would like to do the same, but i’am 54 and I don’t know where I should start

  32. Hi Jeff,
    Your emails are somehow in my inbox but this is the first video of yours I have watched – truly! I love the accent (Belfast?) and I love your realness. I am very interested in how to build an online biz. I am a filmmaker/video guy but so far I have not really figured out how to leverage the web to make money. I am toying with building video channels etc but I still do not grasp how to monetize them. BTW Your intro telling how you began, stay at home dad, no income etc., really grabbed me. Thanks will look for your next vid:)

  33. Thank you and congratulations! I would like to hear tips and tricks for best marketing methods, what not to do, how and where to invest/prioritize money in a business, what works best/what doesn’t work, how to build a list the most efficient way, and Your top 5 or top 10 _____ fill in the blank with whatever you would like to share to make our path go smoothly.

  34. You “continually set [yourself] up for new challenges and new growth” ! I love that and it is the best mentoring you can offer. You’re amazing – as well as ALL of TeamWalker. I love all you guys!

    This is going to be a GREAT way for me to start every day for the next 30 days. Watching the next video. Thank you!

  35. Dear Jeff.


    What did you do to find time to work on your business when you were starting while you were a stay at home dad? Did you work nights on the business, did you have any tips and tricks to balance your life with kids to take care and your wife as well?

    Would greatly appreciate any advice as I am also a stay at homer and part time worker.



  36. This is awesome Jeff! Looking forward to the next 30 days, and a big congrats on 20 years!!!

    How about a video on how it’s helpful to just connect with real people (clients) as another real person (you!)?

    That is one of the biggest things I have learned from you and it is helping me make some incredibly valuable connections with the school-age boys I am teaching handyman skills to… as well as their parents, who are the ones writing the check! 🙂

    Thank you so much,

  37. Noémia Matos


    First of all, I congratulate you for your 20 years of successful career.
    Secondly, I would like that you choose a subject for each video that contains a value or not in your way of markting. May be begining with a purpose and passing for inspiration, motivation, persistence, influence, congruence, inovation, services, leadership, products, mistakes and overcome them until success.
    Thirdly, I’m grateful for the videos you given us for free. Thanks for your time and generosity.

    One thing more: I think I never told you that you leave in a beautiful house with amazing balconies in the middle of the Colorado mountines. Please, correct me If I’m wrong.
    Simply amazing your success and lifestyle!

  38. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Jeff! This video – I would say – It’s a great stuff and I will watch all your videos in the next 30 days because as a student I always learn new strategies from you that has helped grow my web design business and coaching program in Nigeria. Thank you so much for the free content that adds values to your customers and fans. I really appreciate.

  39. Congratulations Jeff on 20 years of doing what you love! I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on automated email marketing and landing pages.

    May God bless you on another 20 years!!!

  40. Congratulations on 20 years! I wish I could “jump into” a project as easily as what you’ve just committed yourself to, Jeff. Doing a video a day for a month is no little task. I would need to have at least 20 topics on paper and 15 of them outlined or scripted before announcing such a project. So how much planning have you done already?

  41. First of all congratulations! I would love to hear more about launching actual products. Loved your video on artists – but what if one is selling fashion accessories. How would you suggest to present a “problem / solution”.

    Thank you!

  42. Michael Badial


    I would like to see a break down of what your average day looks like.

    6 am wake up.
    6-630 meditate

    So on so forth. Just sort of a road map for a productive day.

  43. David Crabill


    An appropriate question for this challenge: “Is it possible to overpublish?” You can hit people’s inboxes for 30 days straight and most will love you for it, but I have been struggling with determining how often to communicate with my less established list… how often to publish, how often to launch, how often to give, how often to sell. Is there no real limit to how much I can communicate, or if there is, how do I find the right balance?

  44. Ho Jeff,

    Congratulations. I like to know the problems you had with working with other people and how you survived and stayed on your track. I have seen almost all your videos and havent heard anything about that.

  45. Personally, I have been gearing up to go into business for a couple of years, since joining Ryan Eliason’s programs, and over time, I’ve been feeling closer and closer to getting my first client and starting, but need to get some basics in place that seem daunting, such as making the physical space ready in which I will see clients. This and other obstacles seem to be keeping me from staying on track and moving forward toward really starting in earnest.

    Some of it is mindset, some of it that I am feeling a lack of support, due to the feeling of not enough in-person or other off line contact with people who are also on the entrepreneurial journey tostay confident and keep me moving.

    I am glad to hear you speak of humble beginnings, because I feel so very much in the humble pre-beginnings, and it can be hard to maintain faith and hope that I can really do this.

  46. Hi Jeff,

    Congrats on a very impressive career. I am interested in your daily work practices. Do you have a daily routine, for example “office hours” and stay totally focused on creating content? Or do you wait for inspiration in a less disciplined manner? How many hours a day do you spend on digital product?

    As a psychologist in private practice (working from home and loving my work) and a newbie in the digital world, I want to find a magic formula to give both my undivided attention.

    Best wishes,


  47. Hi Jeff, Congratulations on your solid Success and all the value you continue to give to us all. Appreciate the value nuggets and the compassion and integrity that shines through in all aspects of your business.

    Would love to hear about in the next 30 days on your videos ” How do you do you research and development on what product services your clients will want next? How do you adjust and adapt? Beside surveying your clients, do you have masterminds groups or trusted advisers and experts that you discuss on what is taking place in the ever changing marketplace when creating new content?”

    Thank you so much…….

  48. Thank you love to know the basics of your most successful launches and products. Thank you for taking this challenge. Big deal.

  49. No matter how many times I listen to your story Jeff, it is always wholeheartedly received.

    The question I would like to listen you answer in these videos is”

    “If you were to pick ONE person on Earth to ask him/her that one question that you always dreamed of having answered: Who would that PERSON be and what would be that one QUESTION that you would ask him or her?”

    Thank you Jeff for being an inspiration to Humanity every day.

  50. Hi Jeff!

    First of Congratulations!!! And… I love your videos! They are my Sunday hobby:-)

    I have a ton of ideas that I would love you to cover…

    1. Do one video on each of your first five years. One by one. What inspired you to start publishing, where did you find the inner strength to start from having no income in so many years to starting a successful business. What was your first, second, third, fourth, fifth years like? Objectives, setbacks, learnings…

    2. What was your first event like? How many people did you have? How did you find the courage to do it? How did it turn out?

    3. When did you hit the plateau and how did you breakthrough it?

    4. What are the best tools you use currently (from landing page creation to CRMs, hosting, etc)

    5. I see your product launch formula is always launched with the same emails… how does this work for you?

    6. What is you conversion rate (I remember a video where you mentioned that in the first 90 days you would convert 30% and then after the 90 days…?)

    7. What we as you followers expect to convert in the first five years?

    I can keep going… hahaha! I adore your style and you are a great inspiration! Thank you for your work and congratulations again!

  51. I will have to think about what I THINK I need to learn. The most impressive statement you made in this video that was well worth the watch…and something to learn was that you built an IMPACT. You did not say you built an EMPIRE. I like the idea of being part of an IMPACT. Something that can be passed along to others. Thank you for your humility.

  52. Hi Jeff,

    Here a question which might be perfect for your last video 😉
    Instead of looking back (and all valuable lessons learned) a question related to the future of email marketing.
    Because of the growing popularity of email marketing more and more people play the game.
    The result: Open rates of e-mail are going down extremely fast.
    When I started 3 years ago myself, I had open rates of over 60%. Today I am happy with 30% and the trend is going down (and fast!)
    Because of this problem with open rates, email marketers get more and more aggressive and send even more email resulting my mailbox to explode.
    (if I would show a picture of my email related to the latest big launch of ASK, it starts looking really comical with all these Internet Marketeers fighting for my attention, with all the same emails and all the same psychological tricks – haha)
    After banner blindness, popup-blindness, I am afraid email marketing fatigue is becoming a serious issue.

    How do you look to the future of email marketing and how can we reinvent the profession to address this problem?

    Well….congrats with your anniversary. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the 30-day-challenge.

    (from the Netherlands so excuse me for language errors)

  53. Your personal challenge is great news for us! I’d love to hear what your most epic ‘high’ was as well as your most epic ‘low’. With regards to your most epic low, I’d love the focus to be on what you did to pick yourself up, protect your confidence etc. I know you have your ‘get out of a funk list’ but more on this would be great!

  54. Godfrey Pafura


    Hi Jeff,
    Congratulations !!
    I would like you to give some advice step by step as to how one can start an online business from scratch with no experience prior, and be able to generate an income of 100k+ while enjoying the lifestyle in these modern competitive environment we live in today.

  55. Hi Jeff. Congratulations on 20 years, I love watching your videos. I have a book with a simple ‘method’ to help people sort the belongings of a loved one who has died. This is also sold through suicide bereavement and prevention groups and Aboriginal council in Dubbo, NSW Australia. The book is also free to read at ‘Open to Hope’ bereavement website as four articles.
    This method also works for releasing items from your home after domestic violence and sexual abuse , and ideas to create a fresh lifestyle. I have sent many emails to various groups wanting to write in their newsletters or other media.
    My health is poor, so I am not reliable to do speaking events… I retired from Dubbo Zoo as a guide 3 years ago due to ill health and am on a disability pension, not looking to make a living from this information.
    My question is: Can you advise how to receive assistance with editing articles and submissions to groups like Rotary, White Ribbon-domestic violence, Heal For Life Foundation UK, and other groups . thank you . with love Anne Jennings. Brisbane, Australia

  56. Hey Jeff, happy birthday !!
    I’d like to ask you two things :
    First : a photo or a video of you, 20 years ago
    Second : I’d like to ask you to summarize the PLF in a panoramic image of the most important and decisive steps towards success.
    Thank you very much for you genuine goodness

  57. John Farrar


    I would like to see a system for new starters where they could get an automated pulse on startup results and suggestions for making things happen. In other words, soft of like an automated flow chart of suggestions.

  58. Congratulations Jeff!!

    I have been following you for years now, you are a huge inspiration for me!

    What I would love to hear you talk about over the coming 30 days is: at what point do you decide to change plans? So what is signal yo keep on going no matter what resistance pops up, and when do you say: hey, let’s change the strategy here!

    Thank you so much! All the best and keep going!


  59. Congratulations, Jeff! I am reading “Launch” for the second time. This time I actually have a message and a product that I want to share with the world. Thanks for all your encouragement, free stuff, inspiration, etc.

  60. I’m with Greg (8/1 comment): how you managed raising the babies and building your business as your children grew.
    How did you structure your time–biz, family, home?
    How did you involve your kids? How early in their life and the life of your business did you involve them?
    Has your wife participated in the business, too? How? Was she initially on board?
    I have read “Launch,” and I think you talked about your wife’s feelings about the business, but I can’t remember at the moment. But I am truly interested in how you “did” family and business as a stay-at-home dad and stayed sane.

  61. Hi Jeff. One great thing you’ve got going for you from the get-go is that you are a likable person.
    I’d really like to hear what you think is the # 1 way to get noticed on the internet when just starting out.
    Thanks. All the best to you on your 30 days of videos.

    Ps: I looked back on my emails to see if I heard from you before and there is a whole string of emails I’ve never even opened. Your subject line of Day2/30 (I actually read Day 2 first then I went back and looked for day 1) is what made me open the email!! Glad I did. 🙂

  62. Awesome, Jeff!
    Congratulations on your epic Anniversary!!!
    Happy to report we got something in common…
    I have this month the 16th anniversary of my Astrology business (Aug 14, 2000). What a journey it’s been… So grateful to having been able to sustain it with love, and inspire so many clients over time, while enjoying my lifestyle on the beautiful Canadian West Coast (after immigrating from Europe).

    Looking forward to your daily videos – loving your casual non-suit yet always suiting style! 🙂
    Love, and this is to many more, in happy service!

  63. Shamaine Robinson


    What a challenge, really looking forward to it.
    Congratulations 20th years is awesome!
    Currently reading Launch for the second time,

  64. Congratulations on achieving 20 years of spectacular growth & success. I love how yourrekaxed, authentic style shines alongside your honesty & vulnerability. It takes great courage to admit even you, have made mistakes during your journey. You are an inspiration & a guiding light to so many people around the world.

    Thank you so much for sharing your inspiration & knowledge via this video series. I’m looking forward to your ‘gems’ in a nutshell.

    May your life continue to be filled with Pockets of Joy & Abundance.

    Denise Edelstein
    The The Pockets of Joy Lady

  65. How do you get everything in place to do a launch? I have read your Book The Product Launch Formula three times. It has helped arrange the jigsaw puzzle pieces that did not make sense. I did not realize how much work it was to publish a book. When I started I did not realize how it would change my life. I am beginning to realize the potential thanks to you and people like Chandler Bolt, Eban Pagan, and Jay Boyer. I plan to publish in late October.

  66. Hi, Jeff,
    I’m looking forward to your 30 days of videos.
    I’m planning a launch of my first online course and everything is new and challenging. Your insights are ever so welcome.

  67. Congratulations, Jeff!
    I first noticed you when you came out with the original PLF. Could this have been in 2008. I think so. Anyway, thanks for all the advice and best wishes for the future.

  68. Hello Jeff!
    No one knows better than you about how often stocks that hit all-time highs are ripe for profit talking.
    What does that have to do with PLF? I’ll explain.
    Last year I paid about $2,000 for access to PLF on Kajabi. It’s a great service, but here’s my concern.
    I’ve noticed that my email inbox gets flooded on Tuesdays. This is one more tribute to the impact of PLF, because, as you recommend to PLF students, Tuesday is a good day to send emails.
    What worries me is that this could be another signal that marks the beginning of the end of email as the effective marketing tool that it has been for so long.
    After so many PLF years, I’m hoping to see you be proactive with PLF and take bold steps to avoid the same fate as companies with products and services that disappeared because of Google, Home Depot and Walmart..
    I hope you are able do whatever is necessary to continue to evolve and innovate without compromising the fundamentals of the PLF platform.
    – Dean

    • @Dean: Actually, pulling profits simply because a stock is at an all-time high is a losing strategy. Absent other reasons to sell, you don’t want to sell just because of a new high. But we humans have some quirks in our emotional make-up that cause many people to consistently lose in the stock market. A rush to cut winners short is one of those quirks.

      The talk in the industry about the PLF model failing due to over-use started about two months after I released PLF in 2005. It hasn’t happened yet… and I’m not expecting it will any time soon. In fact, the results for many of my students have been getting better in the last few years.

      The reality is that PLF has been evolving since I first released it eleven years ago. The current version is radically different from even a few years ago. And I’ll keep evolving it… as I keep evolving in every area (for instance, this 30 day challenge.)

  69. Hi Jeff,

    love your content and I am getting caught up with the challenge videos.

    I am interested in seeing the “process” from start to finish as done by a true professional.

    I plan to watch an immulate so I can have a better chance a online business success.

    Thank you and have a nice day.


    -Carl, Jr.

    p.s. I am rebuilding my main website and it’s not the prettiest for anyone who decides to pay it a visit.

  70. Jenesis Jones


    Hey Jeff,

    Absolutely love that you are doing this challenge! I am most interested just in how you started out and was able to establish trust within your list. I’m currently just starting out, and that’s one of the big things that I wish to establish as I provide them with immense value and continue to ask them what they would like to see next.

    Keep rocking!

  71. Hey Jeff, you are a real champion for sharing your journey with others to inspire everyone and help forward this powerful conversation. I have watched you off & on over the years and have felt inspired watching your star rise. Part of me feels like it can’t be done now. I have a following online of over 25,000 people mostly on social media and a few thousand emails but the biggest challenge I have is monetising the following. I have a signature course “Power Of Online Marketing” and my clients get great results, but sometimes I just feel like a “best kept secret”. And to be honest, sometimes I feel like giving up. But I don’t, because I believe in the Power Of Online Marketing so much. If you can, please do a video for advice for people like me who have had a sprint but have yet to break out. I will be watching all 30 videos and I will be sharing your link with my Power of Online Marketing Group (4000 members) to get people to follow along with you on your challenge. Thanks Jeff, appreciate the value you are providing. Sharnee

  72. I’m in! Catching up on all the videos I missed when I took a social media hiatus to be with my granddaughter. Great way to start each day—a cup of coffee and Jeff Walker’s wisdom! Thanks of much for all your insight and generosity in sharing.

  73. Hey, Jeff! I am watching several of these in a row to catch up. I am a life coach. I have a website, 2 free opt-ins that I offer, I put content out there weekly in my blog and an email broadcast. My current list is small, so the biggest issues right now are getting traffic and building my subscriber list. Hope you talk about these things.

  74. Hi Jeff, I’m working my way through your 30 day video series and enjoying it very much, thank you. I’m hoping to boost sales of my very first children’s novel just published with Balboa Press, August 9th, 2016.

    I’m looking forward to watching the remaining videos you’ve provided and congratulations on you 20 years of success !

  75. Great idea and I’ve been really enjoying the videos. Thanks for sharing and staying focused for 20 years. You seem to have a very welcoming and mentoring personality which is encouraging for young business owners like myself. I look forward to doing something like this 20 years from now for my audience as well.

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