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How to REALLY Celebrate

by on Sep 02 2016

If you saw my “30 Day Challenge“, it was all about my 20-year anniversary. But here's “Day 31” and you can see how I REALLY celebrate my anniversary…

Day 30: lessons learned in 20 years (and 30 days)

by on Aug 30 2016

We made it! It's “Day 30” of the challenge… and it's also the 20 year anniversary of starting my online business. Here's the single biggest lesson learned in those 20 years (and in this 30 Day Challenge)…

Day 29: Building Schools and Being Awesome

by on Aug 28 2016

This one is about how I was able to raise $500,000.00 to build four schools in Kenya – and it's about the bigger impact your business could have…

Day 28: What Happens After You Reach All Your Goals

by on Aug 27 2016

Imagine you reached all your business and financial goals… then what comes next? This happened to me, and my answer might surprise you…

Day 27: My Book Launch + #1 NY Times Bestseller!

by on Aug 27 2016

My book was a #1 New York Times Bestseller – this is what it meant to me and my business (plus at 1:59 you get a little behind-the-scenes that shows when things don't go exactly as planned during a video shoot).

Day 26: My “Accidental” Vlog (Huge Win)

by on Aug 26 2016

This is the story of my “accidental” vlog… and why it's been such a huge win for my business (and the biggest “lessons learned” after three years and more than a million views).

Day 25: Selling $1 Million in 53 Minutes

by on Aug 25 2016

This one's about the re-launch of Product Launch Formula… and making $1 million in sales in just 53 minutes (one of the most epic launches in online marketing history)…

Day 24: My Biggest Mistake In Business?

by on Aug 24 2016

This is a quick one: it's about what I think was probably my biggest mistake in business – the thing that held me back more than anything else.