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Day 2 of my 30 Day Video Challenge. I'm celebrating 20 years in business online, and wondering if I can I actually put out a video a day? This one is all about humble beginnings and cornering the market…

Next up… Day 3: Finally Making Money

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46 Replies to “Day 2: He Cornered the Market”

  1. I love this 30 days project. Thank you Jeff for sharing your beginnings and the lessons you learned along the way. I will be watching the 30 days with great interest.

  2. Hi Jeff,

    Even though your experience was 20 years ago, you’re describing my current experience. Take aways for me: Don’t worry about having only a few (or no) subscribers. Take action. Continue to learn, grow, and implement. Stay the course. I’ll be watching all 30 days. Going to go back and watch day 1 since I missed that. All the best! Cindy

  3. Hi Jeff,
    Thank you for sharing your 20-year milestone. All the beginning steps count.

  4. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Hey Jeff,

    I am glad to watch your Day 2 video. I’ll be keeping my eyes open and my eyes close to the ground for the next 30 days. It’s a sure truth like yours and mine: when I started web design business in Nigeria from a humble beginnings and I was afraid of the competition in the web design market. It was nothing but a hope and a dream to earn extra income online and no computer and no Internet connection. I was browsing from a public cyber cafe. The lessons I learn from your six in seven got me where I am today and I have dominated the website design market in Nigeria for 15 years. Once again, thanks Jeff for sharing your experience and humble beginnings with me. I am grateful.

  5. Hi Jeff, I am reading the book, “Launch” again and this morning I was reading the importance of the “list”. I am going to pull all of my business cards I have been collecting from net working events and I will start my list. It is not people opting in from my website, but people who have touched my life and our paths have crossed at some time. Who knows? It is a start, right? Thanks for all you are doing and sharing.

  6. I can totally relate thinking that someone else has already done what I’ve wanted to do. I’m finding my way and my unique voice in this busy online world. Congratulations on how far you’ve come. What an inspiration!

    Hi Jeff, I know you love mtn biking. I do too. This past week I bought a new Santa Cruz mtn biking and as you know when you make a huge upgrade in bike, it changes your game, and makes it so much more amazing and enjoyable. Right?

    Well, it took me about a year to make this decision to do a huge upgrade and my old bike kept getting worse and worse as I put the decision off. My old bike was barely worth spending the money for a tune up.

    Self worth and self evaluation. My self worth was one of the things preventing me from buying this new bike, I felt I was not worth such an extravagant toy. Santa cruz bikes are expensive.

    Each time I go through some sort of self worth upgrade, everything in my life improves in big ways.

    So Jeff, it would be amazing if you would share some of the times when you intentionally went through an upgrade in your self worth / self perception / self image and how that came to be for you. And do you do it regularly?

    Thank you. Ben

  8. Internet Alchemist


    Yeah, I like Gerry Garcia’s idea about coaching. I’ve got an awesome idea too. To celebrate your 20 years, could you announce on the 30th day an awesome position we could apply for? (Or before, and then announce the results on the 30th day?) If you use my idea, could I face an easier recruitment process? I hope you say yes!

  9. Thanks Jeff! I appreciate hearing of your new beginnings since I too am a beginner in business. Look forward to hearing more.

  10. Jeff, thanks for sharing about your beginning efforts. Keep going strong.

  11. Hi Jeff.
    I love that you mark your anniversary as the start of the idea, not a date when you received your first large amount of money from the ideas/ business.
    with love Anne Jennings, Brisbane, Australia

  12. Shamaine Robinson


    Thanks for sharing your story.
    Very honest, valuable content , looking for:) ward to the following days

  13. Anthony Beckman


    Great video. Excited to keep up with the series. i have the same fears – that my market is already covered. Hoping to push through that fear and give it a go regardless.

  14. How did you find your first 18 subscribers? Was it mostly family and friends, or some unsuspecting members of the public? How did they receive your first missive? Did you lose any friends after your first publication? These, clearly, are my concerns, Jeff.
    You are doing wonderfully well and I believe that much of your success comes from your kind, generous and warm manner.

  15. Candace Winslow


    I have followed you for 2 years now and I LOVE this concept of #20yearsin30days. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  16. Thank you for sharing, I know it is overwhelming with so many people doing it, the competiton seems to be out of proportion.
    Your message is very en couraging, thanks again.

  17. Hi Jeff

    I am in the process of launching my first online program, I am published author and your ‘stuff’ is giving me clarity and the specific steps I need to take for it to make money. I am launching business offline as well so cash flow is on its way 🙂

    Sue – Gold Coast Australia

  18. Everything begins with a choice. Thankful that YOU made the choice on August 30, 1996 to take that first step, Jeff. What a blessing. Best wishes! Dennis

  19. Hi Jeff,
    I love what you do and how you present yourself to the world.
    Just curious if you ever go into partnerships with people who come to you with a winning idea?
    Best regards,
    Mitch Gelman from Glenwood Springs, Colorado

  20. Hi Jeff,
    I am about to launch a brick and mortar business and an online marketing campaign. The business I am in is usually dominated by clinicians who are much older than myself and who have established themselves before the internet, and who have a large following. Some even pride themselves on their lack of internet presence and the fact that they do not need to market. Bottom line – I fear being judged as the newby who is salesy, unethical, and their competition rather than their next or future partner. Your words have inspired me to let go of some of the fear of intimidation and judgement which is really based on my own assumptions. I know me and that I am going to provide a great service designed to help others. Thanks Jeff!!

  21. Nice video, Jeff! Congrats on 20 years of success! I’ve think you’ve got that market well covered! Great line too about how we’re all in the publishing business and building your platform to attract your tribe of followers/subscribers. Looking forward to the next video…thanks for sharing this!

  22. Jeff, Thank you for sharing and creating the 30 day challenge. You are so right when you say our minds limit us, especially in the initial phase. You are so appreciated! By the way …like the tee-shirt!

  23. Can’t wait to get where you are now with this, Jeff! Having recently purchased your full PLF program, I can see now that putting together the kind of infrastructure any digital marketer ultimately needs is really a work in progress. One really has little choice but to be patient along the way as we build the foundation, putting all the moving parts in place, for an online business such as you have it. Thank you so much for being willing to teach the rest of us how to create an incredibly huge impact in the world, and at the same time permitting us to help our families create the kind of financial and other independence that I’m sure most families only dream of – I know I’ve been dreaming of it for years.

  24. very interesting … a lot of people say start small and go from there. well, sometimes starting small is the only option because that’s how we think at the start. sharing this is such a treat … thank you!

  25. Great perspectives Jeff! Not worrying about someone else “cornering the market” in your field is very important indeed. Can stop you in your tracks for sure. Just because they are prettier, smarter or way better than you, doesn’t mean you should quit. We all bring our unique voices to the world. Heck, maybe we’ll get better over time. Reminds me of what my mentor Hank Lipschitz used to say: “Almost everyone will say no, but if you stare at your phone long enough, you’re bound to make $”. Keep up the great work! (btw, I lerned how to ski-or should i say, roll down the mountain- in Purgatory! Persistence my friend.)

  26. Augusto Genehr


    Thanks for share, Jeff! I’m starting now to produce content and it’s amazing.

  27. Sales Fontoura


    Listening to this story made me realize how difficult must been back when you started!! ??? congratulations man.

  28. Karen Leggett


    I can feel the “HOPE and ANTICIPATION” you describe here. Now you do the same… on much grander scale for 1000’s of people, hoping and watching with anticipation that your students will take advantage of all that you have given them and become successful themselves!

  29. Hi Jeff
    I have enjoyed reading your ‘Launch’ book and your videos make this all so do-able and you so approachable. I particularly liked your note about this not be ‘get rich quick’ and that it is hard work. All good stuff.
    thanks so much for your generosity and encouragement

  30. Jenesis Jones


    Jeff, great video! I felt that way as well, in terms of feeling like the market was cornered. Currently into growing my business and helping people in the network marketing business ultimately distinguish themselves and learn the proper way to market and sell online. There are so many other “competitors” in this same market, which definitely tells me that there is a need for this type of information. I’m really just focused on building my list, and most importantly, connecting with my list so that they can receive some great information and be able to navigate successfully in the network marketing space.

    You rock!

  31. Jeff – great work. You are a great teacher. As a management consultant in my 60s I too am now ready to share a lifetime of wisdom in management, sales, customer service and personal development. Your guidance gives me the confidence to move forward. I’ve published well over 200 articles since 1990 and currently publish The Monday Motivator each week to an online audience of subscribers. I never thought about a list until I was introduced to your work and now it’s on my mind every day. THANKS for your willingness to share your experience. Will R.

  32. Lauren Schlicht


    So sorry to hear the mountains in the background of your video blogs are in New Hampshire! I thought they might be in Colorado and we might be neighbors 😉

    • @Lauren: I’m not sure where you got the idea they’re in New Hampshire… I’ve never shot a video in New Hampshire. I live in Colorado.

  33. Hey, Jeff.
    I’d like to create a video, but need permission from store managers, because I’d like to use certain displays found in a few various stores as my visual aids. Is it pretty straight forward to do that, or is there some “special” approach you might suggest? Thanks. — Kathy

  34. That’s so funny, to think that you thought that guy had “cornered that market” with just 600 subscribers. Lucky you started though! Sharnee

  35. How do you know you’re ready? Thanks for touching on that subject. I’ve been wondering where and how to build the confidence to step up to the plate. As always, the answer is… do it. The confidence will follow.

  36. HI Jeff,
    Thanks for the story and looking forward to the next 27! You might end up mentioning this in a later video, but I’m curious about how long it took you to get up to 600 subscribers, and once you got there did you feel that you “made it”, or had the goalposts shifted (likely in a positive and hopeful way)?
    All the best,

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