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Day 3 of my 30 Day Video Challenge. I'm celebrating 20 years in business online with this challenge, and this one is about the surprising way that I finally started making money in my business…

(There are some BIG lessons learned in this one – and they set me up for long term success.)

Next up… Day 4: The Big Wake Up Call

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59 Replies to “Day 3: Finally Making Money”

  1. I’m wondering if asking people to buy a newsletter for $7.50 would be the same as asking people to buy a $5,000 premium package coaching course.

  2. Thank you for taking the time to share insights and lessons Jeff. This one was very useful and encouraging to me. Is there a resource for finding micro offers you can piggyback on (when you’re starting out and don’t have your own quiver of arrows created yet)?

    • Micro offers I believe are called affiliate marketing links and ads. There may be others, but I’m learning myself. Hope this helps.

      • @Carmen: actually, the idea of micro commitments and affiliate marketing are two completely different things. It would be like comparing apples to airplanes.

  3. Thx for sharing about the power of a thank you page and micro commitments. It took me a few years to realize the value of building an email list…here’s my you recommend removing subscribers from your list if they haven’t opened any of your emails for weeks or months?

  4. Another terrific video Jeff! I remember reading IBD back in my younger days – loved that CANSLIM! Great lesson learned about developing relationships with your email subscribers and leveraging those relationships to sell services based on the right offerings. Also loved the thought of micro commitments and how they help build value and make money.

  5. Great stuff Jeff, doing my first real big webinar this month and using what I learn from you. I bought your book last year and still have it. Funny I will be out in Denver next week. How far are you from there. You can sign my book and I can give you a copy of mine. You have inspired me and many others. Keep up the good work.

  6. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Hey Jeff, thank you so much… it’s a great piece of content with value.

  7. Great story how you broke the dollar barrier so long ago. Even nowadays it’s a huge milestone.

  8. Hey Jeff – I really like that micro commitment concept. So true if you think about it. You see it in coffee shops. 3 people order coffee and one of them says “I’ll have a Danish with that..” Almost guaranteed the others will also order something to eat. Thanks

  9. Richard Gioia


    I love this video and the Micro Commitment concept. Thanks for sharing Jeff.

  10. Jack Bergstrom


    Thanks for this video – and the series as a whole. Great information on many levels!

  11. Trank you for sharing! I am writing from Vienna, Austria, just starting to build my Blog and my Homepage, about Diabetes. In my profession we are often embarrassed by the thought of earning money by providing people with helpful information. I like your principles, here, in the book,… and I will give it a try.

  12. Thanks Jeff for that idea about the micro commitments, the video , the thank you page and placing it strategically for people to opt in. .

  13. Concept of micro commitment is really awesome. I’m eager to try it in my venture. Look forward for your other videos

  14. I am kind of familiar with your back story Jeff, since I have been following you for a few years now quietly-but it is always great when someone with your experience takes the time to describe the small details, which can so often make the difference in understanding! I think it is always a question of finding the ‘right’ audience for your approach, it is like ‘niche marketing’, the targeting makes all the difference. Cheers mate and thanks for the insights.

  15. Awesome, insights. I’m enjoying your video series and I’m looking for the rest of them to complete your 30 day challenge. This is truly inspirational.

  16. That was great, Jeff. People buy from those ‘— they know, like and trust.’ The newsletter
    warms up prospects. It also creates ‘liking and trust’ through its high quality useful FREE content.
    Nothing presells like a newsletter. With it one ‘sells without selling.’ Remember people don’t want
    to be sold to but they like to buy.

  17. Jeff, you inspire me! Especially in your reminders about micro-commitments and affiliates, no matter how small the affiliate pay may seem, it can be so worthwhile! Thank you for doing what you do.

  18. Thanks so much Jeff for sharing such great information. Looking forward to your other upcoming videos.

  19. Jeff, PLF and Seed Launch Deep Dive owner here. When I first started digging into these courses, I quickly plowed through the first couple of modules and asked your support team about getting access to the ones that hadn’t been released yet. Very soon after that my plow came to a stop, not because of discouragement or boredom, but the fact that these are so tightly packed with such great information and value.

    I wanted to thank you for going far beyond the call of duty on these courses. The bonuses alone are almost worth the cost. I read my notes I made on on your modules like I used to read Nietzsche. Over again several days in a row until the “AhHa!” moment. Knowledge doesn’t become wisdom until it gets well used. Each of my baby steps are getting a little longer. 🙂

  20. Thanks for putting the thank you page on my radar. I can see how we have the person’s attention when they land on the TY page. The question for me to think about now is once I have the subscriber’s attention, “Where do you want to take the conversation next?” I like these short videos…small easy to chew mini lessons.

    • I agree, it is really interesting, and the Thank You page sounds great. I have had an email news letter for almost 10 years, but I can still not work out how I could ask a fee for my information that I share.

  21. Steve M. - Ont, Canada


    Great job as always Jeff. Enjoying series. Still refining focus on my market and getting my shoes on the for marathon. Like you’e said before it’s about taking action, not about getting it right(perfect) out of the gate. Hope to be able to say an the end of the 30-days that I’m in the race and it’s started. There, I’ve set the goal. Runners, at your mark…….

  22. This is actually very inspiring to me as this is my very first steps. I really appreciate it. There is something about you that is so authentic it opens my mind to fine tune my work with people. thank you

  23. This is good stuff! Thanks for sharing, Jeff. I’ve recently learned the lesson of asking for a huge commitment (buy) before getting those micro-commitments. Or as Ryan Deiss says “asking for marriage” before the first date.

  24. My takeaway: Always be trying something new. Test, test, test. You learned that moving the offer to your thank you page was very effective. You learned that because you were willing to try something new and to test it. Great information–thank you!!

  25. Great share Jeff. I love how you continually add value to your subscribers and viewers. Even during your launch sequence of PLF there was a ton of value in those launch videos and I decided to make the investment as a PLF customer.

  26. Once again please – How did you start collecting email addresses, so you could proceed to the thank you page?

    Also, would you recommend starting online or writing a book first? I’m thinking the book will help me draw customers and if I do it the other way around it would consume my time and I would struggle to get book completed. Thank you (:


    I just celebrated the 10th anniversary of my company ! When I celebrate my 20th, I will think of your 30th anniversary 😉

  28. Barry Streete


    Many thanks Jeff.
    Your material has taken me out of the Stone Age of marketing into a new era.

  29. Bonny Mbugua


    Hi Jeff. Thanks for the good work and opening up to the world your journey to your current destination. My wife and I are currently working on a blog to offer counselling services for touching and uplifting peoples hearts. With God’s guidance we shall use ideas learnt from you. Thanks Bonny Mbugua from Kenya

  30. I would like to see a short video on how you targeted subscribers to create your list.
    Thank you for sharing your stories Jeff. It helps and inspire us to keep the momentum going.


  31. Adriana Bandeira


    Hello , Jeff ! I’m from Brazil. I ‘m finding it incredible you share your experience. I’m collecting information about digital marketing. I understand that e- mails list is the first step forward. How often you were creating new content on your website?

  32. Thanks for this. I’m building a blog post around this video and Idea. I’ve been tussling with how to build up my current newsletter, and this video gave me a few ideas.

    I also see the importance now for building a Landing Page.

  33. Thanks Jeff for the thank you page idea.
    My health is poor and I am concerned if I engage people with a newsletter I may not be able to regularly send out this newsletter. My question : How often is the LONGEST time between contacts?
    with love Anne Jennings

  34. Jeff love the info. The micro commitment is awesome for marketing the conversion rate is great. If your readers are doing it now they need to. I know I do and it works great.

  35. Karen Leggett


    BIG BIG REACTION Here! Big Ah Ha to the infinity to degree! Your experience is priceless, thank you for sharing!

  36. Jenesis Jones


    Awesome! I’ve been trying to figure out how I can get people to micro-commit to a paid version of my newsletter. That’s the next step for me…monetizing from the value I’ve been providing since first publishing and receiving great feedback from my list.

  37. Makes total sense Jeff, by now I would imagine the scientific certainty of income coming in with 15% upselling to the papers, that you knew that the more traffic you drove to the sign up form, the more money you made statistically. What a valuable lesson to learn and see in real time with proof at such a pivotal point. Thanks for sharing. Sharnee

  38. Great info. But I am wondering if placing affiliate offer within autoresponder email itself would also be just as effective. In other words, on the Thank You page it often will say something like, “Thank you for subscribing….bla bla…..Now please check your email and your [whatever your offering was ] should be there!” So I want to test it on the actual autoresponder email (message) itself. Will test both ways.

    • @Chris: Two things…

      First, an affiliate offer via email would certainly convert more at a level of more than zero. But it would be missing the basic psychology that I talked about in the video. At that moment on the the thank you page, the visitor had just said “yes” with a micro-commmitment. The best time to get a second yes is right after the first yes.

      And second, back in this time frame… there literally were no affiliate offers. They didn’t exist yet.

  39. Thanks, Jeff.

    I admire your commitment, and your humility. I believe true humility takes tremendous courage – the courage to get our egos out of the way and let people see us for who we are. Most people miss that and then can’t understand why they don’t connect.

  40. That is so valuable!! Thank you, Jeff, not just for the super idea it sparked for me and a new thank-you page…Would your knees like to have a conversation with me? Are they aging faster than you are?…but, more important was the focus on why this worked in the overall big picture. The timing was perfect. I love your little Sunday videos as well as this series. Thanks!

  41. Another great video Jeff! Really enjoy the psychology of micro commitments. I’m not sure if you’ll address this later, but I seem to think at one point you mentioned you had several other options that you gave your subscribers? Was this all at once, so they could choose what trial to sign up for right away or did you rotate those options through? Just wondering if there’s a balance between too many choices and choices that may appeal to a greater audience. Thanks again for the videos, really enjoying them!

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