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Talk about a serious wake up call – this was back when I was first starting out, and one morning when I checked my email I had a big surge of new subscribers. Turns out I had gotten some major media coverage, and it was time to start thinking bigger…

Next up… Day 5: Making It Up

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41 Replies to “Day 4: The Big Wake Up Call”

  1. Ndifreke Atauyo


    This is the best video I have watched this year and kudos to my humble mentor, Jeff. Thank you once again. Looking forward to tomorrow’s video…

  2. Thanks very much for this inspiring account from your own life. It makes me think about how I can do similarly. Thanks, I needed that today!

  3. I have found that when I hit a plateau, I’m not thinking big enough.
    I like the advice from The Secret: Set a goal so big that it would blow your mind. I have also found it valuable to step out into that future and imagine it as fully and completely as possible. I revise it until I get rid of all of my anxieties about achieving it (It’s too hard. It will take too long). Once I have a goal that’s good for everyone (including me), it seems to manifest more easily.

  4. Such excellent content. Think bigger. How can I serve more people? Great question for the day. Loving this 30-day journey!

  5. I love this video – you are rockin’ Jeff on day 4 – I love the comment “this could be a real business – this is a real TV show” – LOL

    (I was walking my dogs last night in the dark – and all of a sudden we could smell a skunk, but of course I had no clue where it was – one of my dogs was going nuts and the other one was trying to hide behind me – she’s been sprayed a couple of times – made it home safely with all of us still smelling great.)

  6. Thank you for your example Jeff. You are right, mindset is s key differentiator and there is power in thinking big. Please stay awesome and keep it coming. You are greatly appreciated.

  7. It is exciting to stretch outside the box….yet challenging when sitting alone in my office. Living in the world of possibility still requires action steps now to move into the juicy potential. Thanks for the pep talk!

  8. Thanks Jeff. Its great to hear how you started out and the actual steps you took to get where you are.
    We are great a limiting and sabotaging ourselves but just need to remember your saying ‘baby steps’ and to keep lifting the bar.

    Great stuff

  9. Gene Beckwith


    30 days to build “know, like & trust”. Smart stuff. Can’t wait to see where we end up.

  10. Wow! I needed this right now!
    I am just stretching my limits and it is good to hear, again, that it is possible.

  11. Carl O'Brien


    Thank you Jeff, I am just starting my project, I hope one day I can afford your services:))


  12. Hi Jeff, your stories are exactly what I was hoping I would hear. Thank you for sharing some of your personal feelings, highs and lows. This series has already been super inspirational!
    PS- If the skunk came back in the video that would have made it super popular I bet!!

    • @Susan: there was actually TWO skunks… one in front of me and one behind me. I’m just glad I didn’t have my dog with me!

  13. Good that you didn’t get skunked. Great message my friend. That realization you had, that people were taking notice, and put a star on your work….sweet.

  14. Super encouraging to think big!

    {Once a skunk walked into our campsite and decided to park himself under my chair. I froze until he ambled away and then rushed for the car. That was one fellow I didn’t want to alarm!}

  15. Thanks Jeff. Very encouraging… I am thinking bigger again. Trying to get me first book done and launched.
    Using your “Launch” book as my instruction manual to do so. 🙂 Was a successful commercial product
    photographer for 20 years. Top of my field. I evolved into the digital technology which was way cool but
    also made my industry a commodity. I became a really fine “Blacksmith.” Know of any large groups of horse
    owners? Transitioned to Marketing Video Production and Instruction. First book is a how to instructional:
    “Getting Golden Client Testimonial VIDEOS” Will let you know how it works out.

  16. Hi Jeff. You talked about thinking big. After doing one of Brendon Burchard’s partnership seminar on line I emailed the largest bereavement group on line and asked to write an article for their newsletter. Amazingly they accepted, I was jumping out of my skin with joy, I recall this feeling when I want to do something new and scary…
    I have four articles on line with them now on sorting the personal belongings of a loved one who has died, they had not talked about this subject before.
    After watching your second video, I spent yesterday designing a flyer and ordering it for domestic violence and abuse using my same method as in my book. I have been planning to do this for ages and Vista print had a 2 day half price special xxx
    I sent the info of to the CEO of Australia and England group for recovery from abuse , I attended their one week live in retreat a few years ago and have since done training workshop with them.
    Thank you so much Jeff for your inspiration to DO this, I have been ‘planning’ to write this for about two years, you made it happen yesterday with love Anne Jennings

  17. Mona Saunderson


    Oh, you’re so inspiring Jeff Walker! It’s good to remember from where one has come…. to remain humble. Thank you Jeff….

  18. And a little “small thinking” skunk frightens you…now that’s funny!
    You need more protein in your diet :- ))

  19. Fantastic story, Jeff! Great idea too about thinking bigger and looking for role models to help you think bigger. I humbly admit you are a role model to me, and appreciate everything you do!

  20. Anthony Beckman


    Want to think big -rather than defaulting to “this isnt going to work so why bother….” Thanks for the push.

  21. Love this video. Thanks for being yourself Jeff. I’ve been publishing videos this year. It has been an amazing process of becoming more visible and learning to be more myself. You are my champion.

  22. Jeff as always great advice for those who are starting and those who have possibly lost sight of where they were headed. I enjoy your information it always gives me more to think about how to grow myself as well as my business. Looking forward to more of the 30 day adventure.

  23. I found this video particularly inspiring. I realise how important it is to hold a space for a bigger vision for myself. Even when I don’t feel like doing that and feel like giving up. And in turn, I need to hold a bigger vision for my clients who are relying on me to help them turn there ideas into real business dreams using the power of online marketing. Very powerful lesson Jeff. Sharnee

  24. Jeff, this is a great video. Biggest takeaway: always expand your vision for your life and business; you get there with baby steps.

    Thanks so much!

  25. Larry Knight


    Great thoughts Jeff! I find I have to take time to THINK or it never happens.

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