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What does it take to be the best of the best? Here are two big takeaways I got from watching a 100-year record get smashed.

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21 Replies to “Smashing Records (When They Say You Can’t)…”

  1. Hey Jeff. Enjoyed the video. I am working on more manageable and smaller goals, to get used to achieving goals. I used to go way too lofty,too soon!

    Look forward to reading more.

  2. Thank You.
    My husband (Kenneth R. Perry) has been in the hospital two different times since early in Dec. and between the two times was staying in a separate bedroom and being cared for. I have really missed him. When he was in the hospital I drove over twice each day and when he was in the separate bedroom I visited him 5 or 6 times per day. He has had Parkinson’s Disease for nearly 2 years and then a week ago he had a stroke. We are each 79 years old.

    • Thanks for sharing and putting my minor “problems’ in perspective. I am 70 and healthy but don’t take that situation for granted. Best wishes to you and your husband for a good 2020.

    • Kayce Cover


      Sending love and prayers for recovery and more good time, and celebration of your love and appreciation of one another. Best wishes!

  3. My mind also went a step forward (or maybe a step back?). If you have trouble with the confidence that Brees has, then prove yourself wrong too. I frequently have a part of my brain that says “I can’t do it.” For me, that’s the bigger challenge right now.

  4. Jackie Brown


    I am a BIG fan of watching personal excellence on display too.

    Eating the elephant one chunk at a time is always the best approach to goals. And it helps us to manage our overwhelm.

    Thanks for your inspiration.

  5. Jeff, love this message. Here’s another good lesson from Drew: keep focused on your goals even if you don’t succeed right away. Drew graduated as a high school quarterback in Texas, a football-crazy state. He was not heavily recruited by Texas power-house programs like UT and A&M. Failure? He signed with Purdue, my alma mater, a solid and respectable school, but not a marquee football program. He took us to the Rose Bowl in 2001 (Yeah!) where we were favored to win but lost by ten and the U. Washington quarterback was named Player of the Game. Failure? I guess not. I don’t hear anyone mentioning that game now! Anyone, this encourages me to keep after it, keep moving toward my goals and I hope everyone else feels the same.

  6. Hi Jeff A happy new year to you . Thanks for taking the time to share this inspiring story. Lots for us to learn from the attitudes on display.

  7. Businesscabal


    I’m really inspired by your video, Jeff. Thanks for the time and happy New year to you.

  8. Thanks Jeff, it is great to smash records when someone says you can not!!!
    Let’s prove them wrong!!!

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