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When I started my online business back in 1996, there was one thing that I was literally forced to do – I had to create my own products and offers. There were no affiliate programs back then, there was no adsense, and there weren't any other revenue streams. If I wanted to be in business, I needed to create my own products… so I was forced to create a product and an offer. And that one thing has made all the difference…

So what are your questions about creating great offers and great products… please leave a comment and let me know.

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73 Replies to “The Business Success Secret That I Couldn’t Avoid”

  1. Duane Adolph


    Hi Jeff,

    You hit the nail on the head with this one. Creating and ANNOUNCING an Offer to a list also forces you to get something DONE and out there.

    My Question about creating a GREAT offer is about determining an effective PRICE POINT.

    I recently did a 7 day launch with a client and we used the Survey method to see what they would pay. If YOU could share some other ideas/tips/strategies on coming up with an effective price point for your offer that would appreciated.

    Thanks Jeff

  2. Thank you, Jeff! I totally agree with you. As a personal trainer, I want to launch an online product, but I’m not sure which direction to take. My followers aren’t screaming for anything particular.

  3. Theresa Corcoran


    Jeff, I think that this is such a great thing to bring up – too many people these days online talk about shortcutting and want any easy way to avoid doing any real work. While affiliate marketing and helping others bring their products to the marketplace is a valuable activity, nothing really replaces the dig-deep-and-discover-your-niche work that gets done when developing your own products. I love to help people create their products and see their genius at work!

  4. Hi Jeff.

    Just wanted you to know that your videos have been a tremendous blessing and help to me. I am launching 3 products this year – my book (April), a master-class (February), and a membership site (September). I am excited about the future and will continue to recommend your products and services to others I know who want to do the same thing. Blessings!

  5. Beth Schumaker


    Hi Jeff, I always enjoy your videos! I am in the middle of developing my product to offer face to face workshops and an ebook, to start. The thing that is daunting to me is how to begin to develop my list of folks who would be interested in this, and keep developing a list over time! I have a list of people I know who might be able to refer me business initially, but I have to develop my own list of prospects and keep adding to that list. Any help or references to building a list from scratch would be helpful! Thank you.

  6. One of the important principles about product creation is creating a product you are both passionate about/good at AND that the market will pay you for. If the product is good quality and it’s something the market wants, then the sales will come… IF you can get the traffic coming through the door. 🙂

  7. Hi Jeff,
    I often wondered about the term creating your own product when it comes to internet marketing, it seems quite a challenge when I thought about it in the past. But it now seems not to be such a big obstacle in my mind after watching your video. One has to start small and before you know it you can create more superior products. Jeff, you have given me food for thought.
    Many thanks.

  8. Hi Jeff.

    Thanks for the information, which I always find useful. I also enjoy watching your videos.

    The OCD in me has got to ask one question: Was your jumper on inside – out? 🙂

    Kindest Regards,


  9. Hi Jeff I have just finished a online webinar for the coffee industry it was great we has speakers from US UK Africa and China I would like to build my list and have my own coffee label this year any advice Kind a Regards Tracey

  10. Hi Jeff,
    thanks for all your great content.
    My question is that im just starting up. Ive got some products (ebooks) ready to go but should I have them offered through a series of emails to each new subscriber and available right away on my website, or wait until I have a decent list and do a product launch?
    I feel like I shouldn’t miss out in case there are people interested right away.
    Any help is appreciated!

  11. I totally agree with this Jeff. My struggle is making a product / offer that’s so robust it takes me forever to create and then my price point is really high. Are the products you’re suggesting to create more lower priced?

  12. Thanks for a great video. So true, so easy and still so hard. Easy to make the content. Have written a book about stress management – on its way out any day and now preparing a webinar series to work with it and make product from – I am on my way out with products, finally. But it has been so many road blocks on the way producing – that was the hardest – to find ways to go around and not give up.

  13. Hey Jeff,
    Loved the timing of this message. These ideas are in my head (too many I believe) to create and thus the procrastination begins or continues depending upon the product idea. Thanks for the gentle remember to stop thinking about it, pick one, get started and do the launch.
    By the way, it was great seeing you at the recent NSA Lab in Phoenix. What I admire more than anything is discovering you are a real person. Meaning you do not come across as some arrogant celebrity – you are real – a kind of what you see is what you get thing. Oh yes, and your presentation blew away several of my speaker friends who did not know you – and now they do. Great presentation.
    Jeff, take care and keep on being the real person who people can look up to as a role model.

  14. Hi Jeff,
    Discovering and investing in Product Launch Formula and going to PLF LIVE was so much of an eye opener for me in October. Since then, I learned so much and keep learning. I’m applying as much as I can of what I learn from you (and I learned a lot) in an idea of French Entertainment on the web. I am presently creating the product to start with a seed launch sometimes in March. But after your video, I understand that i need to commit a date. It will be 31st of March. My heart accelerate just thinking about it but I guess it is a good thing.
    Thanks for sharing your expertise,

  15. Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for all your work. I finally got my product out (launched last Sunday) and it is going very well. Keep up the awesome work! (
    Port Townsend, WA

  16. thanks for your message Jeff. I do love create a product to help people in their life. I am finishing the first i will launch on the end of february. I will do first a webinar with Qand R, to be certain the product answers the needs of the people the product can help. It’s a real pleasure to prepare this. It’s a product about Health, wellness.I am now on a new level, i mean i am not fighting anymore about technical issues, and having the product created, i feel trustful and in a true world of realization. It’s a new and wonderful experience. I have learnt how to be realist and Simplify, then everything become possible. Thanks a lot Jeff. After the webinar i will apply Plf4. Steps by steps..;-)). The best for you and your family, with my gratitude.

  17. Jeff,

    I couldn’t agree more about the annoyance of hanging around people who are always “talking” about doing things.

    I’ve only been doing this for a couple years (well…a year and a half)

    I do think I have advice for people w/o their first product…

    Just realize that it’s a all a process. Try not to get overwhelmed. It’s helps to break everything down into steps. Proper planning is required, but make sure that you’re having fun with it!

    Always remember, not a lot of people can stomach it. It may not go as planned. Embrace that and always remember it’s a process.


  18. Hello Jeff, how are you doing?

    I hope you are doing well.

    Creating your own products is something many newbies fear but once you do it and generate sales from it the feeling is great.

    Yes product development does take alot of planning, preparation, patience aswell as time and effort, but it is really worth it.

    Many newbie marketers fail at this as they don’t even plan properly, or they go down the wrong path.

    Here are some of my Product Creation Tips

    10 Product Creation Tips
    1) Do market research to what your markets needs and desires are.

    2) Make sure you create what your target market actually wants.

    3) Don’t rush any part of product creation, but do each stage thoroughly.

    3) For your products try to create ebooks, audio ebooks, step by step videos, (for interactivity).

    4) Outsource parts of your product creation to leverage those workers’ skills.

    5) Don’t neglect traffic generation to your sales pages.

    6) Make sure you have a solid funnel, to include upsells, One time offers, downsells etc.

    7) Create a hot affiliate page so affiliates can market your product, providing affiliate tools for them.

    8) Submit your product on clickbank, which provides an easy affiliate system.

    9) Join up with other marketers to create products together, so you can help each other out.

    10) After mastering one product, move on to creating your next product.


    Jeff, I hope you and your family are doing well.

    Matt Morgan

  19. Jeff, great comments. Simple, inspiring. Blocking off the calendar is such a key way to get things done: determining when you want to release the product and laying down the action steps to complete it by that date.

  20. Hi Jeff, Am a client till PLF4. Am now moving from PLF Launch to using PLF to launch a membership site (monthly subscription). I know your do your offers like annually. Any tips on what it takes to launch a successful monthly membership site? Will be moving with PLC in less than 30 days.

  21. One question about creating great offers and great products:
    How can I be sure that my prospects will purchase the product I intend to create?

  22. Thank you, Jeff!

    This comes as the Kick to the Butt I needed right now… I’m sure I’ve been that guy who’s always got something cooking, but never anything actually selling… we’ll see how my follow through goes.

    Do you have any specific suggestions for authors wanting to use PLF for their books?

    keep smiling,


  23. Hey Jeffrey — nice goose to everyone’s tendency to lose sight of the obvious. Your tactic of simply blocking out periods of time in the coming year where you will assault the market with a killer offer puts real definition in a biz plan — it’s very much like the way writers use deadlines (both soft and hard) to force our lazy asses to think deep, plot, and grind out the details of a piece.

    Slackers need structure.

    I would add that we are now also living in the best time for self-publishing in the history of civilization (on top of the best time for being an entrepreneur of any stripe, as you pointed out)… and that publishing an ebook (even a teeny-tiny one) on Amazon can be a great ice-breaker for folks who are still queasy about creating “a product”.

    As you say, the keys to getting “into the game” are pretty straightforward. Offer and list. Everything else that people associate with biz (offices, staff, biz plans, venture capital, IPOs) is secondary… and, when you want to exploit the vast success possibilities of remaining “small”, all that other crap can just be ignored.

    There seems to be a lot of residual fear in your commenters here. Just to clear some of it up: There are no guarantees in becoming an entrepreneur. In fact, you WILL screw things up, frequently. The successful dude or dudette just keeps after it, refusing to take failure for the final chapter. You try shit out, you take your lumps, you fix what needs fixing, and you get back out there.

    But you need to get into the game first. Start small, if that helps you sleep at night. Never put all your eggs into one basket. Maintain an escape plan, a safety net, whatever you need to make that first move.

    Jeff is not kidding when he breaks it all down to such simple-sounding stuff. Some of the happiest and richest entrepreneurs in the game have tiny operations, and never engage in super-risky stuff. There are many ways to make an entrepreneurial adventure work… but the only way to make it real is to get started.

    Good to know you’ve entered early-stage geezer-dom, Jeff. A little grey at the temples, trying to convince young folks that 1996 wasn’t really all that long ago… I take great joy watching you guys age… 🙂

  24. Great timing on this pearl of wisdom. Today I was structuring out the product and launch date for March in prep for strategic planning with organization and board. Scary to start new venture in non- profit to support foundation for scholarships. Keep the advice coming.

  25. Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for another great email. Totally agree with you. Passion comes from your own creation. Am in the middle of product development 🙂 Can’t wait to market it!

    Just for some guy who was asking about price point. I had a good lesson the other week. Price it based on the value that your buyer is going to get.

    Thanks again Jeff, you’re an inspiration.


  26. Great tip Jeff.You’re completely converting me to your working backwards mindset. Create the Sales Letter first then work backward. Create the Goal first then work backward. What’s helping me with my calendar this year is to ask myself “How Much & By When” for each of my 3 big goals. This helps me work backward with specific deadlines, financial milestones or other quantifiable goals. What are some of the key questions you ask yourself when you’re working backwards? Thanks for another great blog. – Canon

  27. Hi Jeff, Products of value I think is the hard part. Building a list is near impossible unless you have a product of value. Most offers involve selling the proven success of the seller. But if the seller is unknown and success is yet unproven, then the whole process seems to get stuck in the mud.

    • @John: Yes… it’s important to focus on value – 100% agree with you on that.

      However, you don’t need to have a product to start building a list… at least in my experience. The first thing I will do when going into a new market is start building a list, before I even think about a product.

      • Establish yourself as that successful person you worry about. See yourself successful. Live that emotion. What does it do for you? Stop worrying because that fear alone is going to hold you back. If you stay there, you’ll remain victim to your own self defeating patterns of behavior.

  28. Jeff,

    I really like how you simplified it with those two most important things of: having an offer, and building a list. I’m time-blocking 3 major projects this year, and just listening to you share about this really got me pumped!

    Thanks for the encouraging video,


  29. Thanks Jeff, you always have great information for us. I’m a big fan of you and I’m waiting so bad for your new Product Launch Formula system. thank you!

  30. Hey, Jeff. Great video and straight to the point. Very good information. I learn a little more from each one I watch.

    Me personally, I have come up with an idea for an eBook that will be based around the particular business venture I have decided to finally get into this year, and how to make the venture succeed.

    That being said, your video brings up a question in my mind. A question that I have been wondering about for a few years now. And I am not really sure if I have ever heard anyone address this particular problem. Or maybe someone has addressed it, which means I missed the mark somewhere.

    With all of the many thousands of products out there, is it TRULY POSSIBLE to come up with original content for an eBook product concerning a particular niche?

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • @Billy: there are only seven major notes in the musical scale. Most pop songs only use three of four chords… yet there are tens of thousands of songs published each year. Is it truly possible to come up with a new song?

  31. Thanks Jeff this video was perfect timing for me. I have been watching and re-watching your videos and trying to learn what I can preparing to do my first launch now in March. It was, until now watching this video, “when I finish the product”! I have a 7 cd product that I have been working on but I think I will do a tele-seminar or a 6 week teletraining in March and my cd set in June. I started a blog and have a small list of 65 people who I just started sending emails too actually only one. But 6 degrees of separation right? Anyways I seem to get caught up on the pricing of things. When I think of a tele-seminar or even a workshop I do not want to charge too much where people will not attend but I also do not want to charge to little where people think it must not be good enough. If you have any guidance or examples of what you charged when you first started that would be great!
    thanks again and I look forward to your next blog video!
    Marisela Abasta

  32. “Remembering that I’ll be dead soon is the most important tool I’ve ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything – all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure – these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart.” ~Steve Jobs

    Fellow PLF’r Theresa Marks posted this on FB yesterday and I find it fitting for this conversation…

    This hit home for me last year. I don’t mean in a way that moved me for a moment — I mean in a way that drives my consistent actions.

    Make your time here count. Set your launch date even if you have no idea what you must accomplish between then and now (although Jeff pointed out the two key goals: build a list and create a product). Then go get at it, it’ll all come together with dedication, commitment and yes — consistent daily action [aka some hard work]. 😉

    When you consider that our time’s gonna be up before we know it… it puts a fire under your butt. I’m one of the biggest procrastinators on the planet – and John’s comment is true, “Slackers need structure”.

    Equally important, we need a conscious and SUBconscious reason to push forward, when present circumstances or environment are pushing back. This was a big problem for me for most of my life until recently.

    Make your WHY bigger than yourself and see what that does for you this year. It might scare you at first, but let it soak in and it’ll inspire you.

    That’s what I’ve found has allowed me to cause “the next big thing” come to fruition instead of remaining a hypothesis.

    Sometimes things don’t come together exactly according to the schedule you set initially… but it happens. In that case I’ve learned to change the date, not the goal. Don’t stop 5 feet before the goal marker just because it’s foggy, or the marker moved 5 feet to the left.

    “Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” ~Earl Nightingale

  33. Hi Jeff.
    Your style is always unique.
    Last year was a game changer for me.
    I exactly did what you recommend in this video.
    I overcame the “Fear of I am not enough valuable”, Itook the calendar and since April 2013 to September 2013 I launched a new online program per month. I am not a millionaire yet, but It made me bring in €7000+, obviously thanks to some of your amazing strategies.

    Now that I moved into the “Pro category” in the Italian market,
    I am stepping into the world market and I am going to replice the same.

    Thanks very much for the inspiration you always give me through you amazing videos.

    Many Blessings,
    Alberto 🙂

  34. Thanks for the inspiration Jeff, I look forward to your blog posts every month.

    I love the idea of having my own products to offer.
    My on-line business is about my off-line do-it-myself home rehabbing business. I create my own home renovation projects and always much happier than using a sub-contractor.
    To me a sub-contractor would be like an affiliate that somewhat lacks the results of my own creative work I desire to achieve.

    The advantage I have over many years of working this way is my systems are set up and I’m never without a home project (or product) to create. I do this everyday unless my Lori or family wants me for something else. It’s my Fun thing to do.

    My hang up is the internet systems set up to get my products delivered.

    With my off-line remodeling business I have all the tools to work with and properties to work on; it flows smoothly. I started in the late 1970s.

    My example would be that a newbie could buy a set of Kitchen cabinets (the product);
    but without the tools (what tools to use), overhead budget, experience to remove the old, rebuild the walls, the mechanical components, etc…
    …well, installing a kitchen cabinet only takes 4 screws to hang it on the wall.

    At your convenience, and I know it’s probably somewhere in the PLF portal that’s become a huge and awesome resource of knowledge… (I kind of get lost in there at times)

    The PLF calendar I need to set up is not just about the product;
    but for setting up each internet capture and delivery tool component.

    I’ve learned, “Proper Tool for the Proper Job”. The internet has so many tools to figure out.

    So, my video studio is set up (Thanks to Daniel Walker), by business LLC is set up, I have tons of written content, learned and did a recorded and transcribed interview, built up my social lists with lots of interactions…
    I also set up the merchant account and gateway account and don’t know where to put it. lol.

    But like a newbie with new kitchens cabinet setting in the garage, there’s much more than just the product and the 4 screws to hang the cabinet.

    I need a back to basic timeline calendar for setting up the internet tools.

    I’m embarrassed to admit I crashed and burned with infu-sion – soft; it was way to complicated for me (I have no employees) to get a simple email sent or simply placing an opt-in box and I had the quick start coach. I know its a great system, but too complex for me the newbie.

    So, my goal by March is to figure out the “proper tool for the proper (internet) job”.
    Is that somewhere in the PLF portal?

  35. Hey Joe, I started off with 1ShoppingCart, Kajabi and Aweber and it’s done really well for me. Now that my partner and I are releasing simultaneous launches in completely different niches, we’ve outgrown 1SC and I’m currently in the process of switching it out for Office Auto Pilot. If you want some 1 on 1 feedback and help, look me up on Facebook in the PLF Live group!

  36. @Billy (#38) – The difference is, YOU haven’t done it yet. Because it is you doing the product, it will be different, because you are different from everyone else who has done the thing before. Don’t worry about how many versions prior there are; just make your version as good as you can.

  37. I think the comments are a whole other source of value, in addition to Jeff’s video. good stuff.

  38. Hi Jeff, Love your videos! My questions:
    1. is writing a book a big enough start for a product?
    (almost finished writing my first book on property investing)
    2. would your Product Launch Formula be suited to launching my new book or is it better suited to higher priced products?
    3. if PLF suits a book launch, should i hold off releasing my book until your next PLF course or release it anyway then use PLF to boost it later on?

  39. Hi Jeff – greetings from across the pond!

    Thank you for the timely reminder to action. One of favourite expressions is Carve up the Elephant (from my much loved grandfather) – tasks that seem daunting in their size and magnitude of work involved can paralyse us into inertia, but break the task down into manageable chunks, set realistic goals and have some “raving fans” to encourage you along the way allows a way forward.

    I also am pleased that you highlight that there is straightforward old-fashioned hard work involved (in this and other blogs). Very little in life comes easily, lessons are often learned the hard way, and there is no substitute for committed, disciplined hard work. This is easier if fueled by passion – I have recently set up my own life coaching business after 20 years working as a physiotherapist, and am building on many transferable skills in so doing but it is a steep learning curve. I believe that one of the downsides of our 21st century culture, is that there can be a consumer approach to life, where results should be instant, and if something doesn’t suit/work, dump it and replace it. The encouragement to remain committed to something and keep working despite set backs, but whilst remaining focused on the end desired goal is inspiring. Thank you.

  40. True words of wisdom!
    The first product must be the worst to launch. You have to fight so many emotions within you that it’s just not even funny. But at some point you have to just go for it…and let the world decide whether it’s crap or a winner.
    Nothing ventured nothing gained and all that…
    Here’s to everyones 2014 launches. Go get’em!
    Thx. Jeff for mentoring us through this!

    So true #john Carlton!


  41. I would like a strategic and powerful way to market our retail based services, if you have anything that is industry targeted then I would love some feed back.

  42. As a beginner, I am learning from a mentor on how to have an online business. I am currently setting up my blog and working on growing a list.
    Later I will learn about how to make my own products.
    I am excited that you feel that this is the way to be truly and consistently successful.
    Using the video on your phone to make a product? I’m in!
    Thanks for your inspiration Jeff.

  43. Jeff, I love your videos! And this message of “doing is better than not doing” is finally sticking. Phew! So okay, my first attempts have sucked. No problem. I’m not a quitter…anymore. Yet I still seem to have this challenge of coming up with so many offers and bonuses. I’m amazed at how you can take something and break it into so many marketable fractional parts. How do you do it?!


  44. I think announcing an offer or a product way in advance is a smart strategy. As the first commenter said – it forces you to get something DONE and out there.
    I just took this advice and announced my future book to the world 🙂
    Keep the good work, Jeff & Thank YOU!

  45. #39 Thank you for the response, Jeff. I really appreciate it. And I have to admit, I never looked at info products from the point of view of musical notes before. Not only was it a good comparison for me, it also helped me to rethink a fear that I have been having for a while now, and how to move past it….Once again—thank you.

  46. @Danzier (#49) – Thank you for you response also. It made me think as well, just like Mr. Walker’s did. Both responses helped me to realize that I truly can turn out my own product, and how I can make it different than what I have seen and read before, with my own touch thrown in. Again—thank you.

  47. Andy Broadaway



    Love your video. Right on Brother.

    A little tip: When you embed a video from Youtube, make sure that you click off the option about showing other related videos. Because after you video play it shows other videos that are not related to your brand or message.

    Just a thought.
    Andy Broadaway

  48. Thank you so much Jeff, for keeping it real man! Your the real deal, I learn so much from you. Every time you present. Thanks again for the inspiration, hope and pep talk. all my very best. Scott Francis – founder of Success Weapons

  49. I love the simplicity of your advice Jeff but I thought google didn’t like people just putting up one page websites as squeeze pages. How do we get round that and keep things simple?

    • @Dave: you will not get organic search traffic to a squeeze page… you need to drive traffic to it in other ways (through social media or paid traffic, for example). If you want organic search traffic, that’s a different site. As the Australians say, it’s “horses for courses” – there is no law that says you can only have one site or one design or one page.

  50. Hi Jeff

    Thanks for this, very inspiring and great timing too. I was supposed to be doing my pre-launch this week, but all three kids have come down with chicken pox. I’ve now got a new date written in my calendar and am trying to avoid waiting until everything is perfect. Your PLF is a blessing.


  51. Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate the simplicity & directness of this timely message.
    I’m opening my diary now to block out those offer dates.

  52. Nice video Jeff. It amazes me how everyone is always looking for the nice big idea rather than trying to improve an existing business or service!

  53. Thanks, Jeff–always inspirational. My first product bombed for many reasons, but I might be able to sell it on another venue. And I’m working on product #2.

  54. Beatrix Willius


    Had an internal release of my software to existing customers only a week ago. Unfortunately, the software contained a crash bug. I had to do a “recall”. But I was astonished at the support I got from my customers. Still I scrambled like mad to find the root cause of the problem. Also, I made a preliminary analysis on what to improve for this sort of problem. One item was to make more releases in a year.

    Thanks for the great video!

  55. Hi Jeff,

    What an awesome video!!! I am in the process of creating my membership site. The progress is slower than I expected as I often get other priorities. It has been dragging for almost a year and I am paying for Kajabi’s monthly fee! Thanks for your motivation, I am going to put it as my top priority, finish it and feel good about it 🙂

  56. Hi Jeff.


    1. What should the sales funnel look like? especially the upsell, one time offer, downsell and membership site and what are the pricing points for all those?

    2. if its our first product should we price it low? then move up for our next product?

    3. What do we do if we give our best content in the sideways videos for the product launch and then we just repeat the content in the course with some extra info? then what do we put in the OTO? What if we gave away all our stuff? what more can we add? what ideas?

    4. How many more upsells should we have? is it just the OTO or should we have a membership site too?

    Thank you!

  57. Also I forgot to ask. Do you recommend posting your info product on Clickbank? Or do you think avoid it cause of the fees?

    Should we just use paypal? What do you use for your cart?

  58. Hey, Jeff! This IS going to be my year, BUT…. I struggle with the one area you (and others) say you can’t help me with: confidence. Meanwhile, I have more than one topic: a novel I’m writing, astrology, and teaching. I know I have to choose one; I’ve chosen teaching, and though I have taught, I feel that I don’t know enough in order to teach others. I’m passionate about my topic until I’m faced with the challenge of DOING somethings about it. And that in spite of knowing enough to be called a “highly qualified teacher.” What to do? I am working on a product line, I’m thinking about a seed launch in order to connect with other teachers, but that scares me, too. Any suggestions? Maybe something in person instead of online (seed)?

  59. Hey Jeff, great advice! I’ve only just started my online business. I’ve started my blog, created a squeeze page to build my list and have now made a plan to create my first product.

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