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In my last video, I posed a question: if we were grabbing a cup of coffee, what would you ask me? Well, I got some great questions about building a business. But there were a few questions I’d consider to be almost counter-productive (and these questions can quite literally stop your business in its tracks, before you actually get started). Here’s what I mean…

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69 Replies to “Counter-Productive Questions (or How to Get Unstuck)”

  1. Yes, of course. Sometimes I just need sometime telling me these simple things over and over again. And it works. Thank you.

  2. I am a bilingual person, English and Spanish, but also know some French, portugués and Italian. I am afraid of writing in English for the public, because I have some errors and I am afraid of criticism. But if I write in Spanish, my audience will be smaller, those people that do not Spanish will walk away from my website. I write in both languages, but then you loose a lot of meaning and sentiments in translations. Then I decided to write in both languages interlocking them.
    My question to you is…which is better? What do I do?
    Thank you. I like your videos

    • Yay Thelma BRAVO you are so talented.
      What,s your topic?
      Spanish will be my next market to publish in along with shhhh, Chines
      How about if you gave it your best in your native language and made a solid course you are proud of fast!? You can market them in two huge markets. Whooohooo,win.
      CC it in English and we can have a look at how it translates as translation is getting much better. You can pm me.
      This would/will be my work around as i am a recovering dyslexic.
      Hopefully others will contribute to help in your conundrum.
      Having taught MBA in English as a second language i understand the fear you are putting yourself through, again BRAVO. x n

    • Sally Noonan


      Hi Thelma.
      You are talented indeed, knowing more than two languages. Bravo you!
      Don’t be afraid to get help from other professionals (can you repair your car? build your house?).
      I’ve worked as an editor for many years with writers of different writing skills and different degrees of fluency in English. There are many of us who would enjoy helping you polish your messages, whether in English, Spanish, or other language.
      Best wishes for success in your business.
      Cheers, Sally

      • Truly awesome! I’m engaging similar territory in English and Chinese.
        I do language exchange with friends to get help, and I also pay translators sometimes.

  3. Very helpful. a totally different topic we are dealing with, but a good reminder to be thanful for the fear and let it go:) Thank you!

  4. Marina Ivanova


    Great reminder! Sometimes we really need to take a helicopter view to look at our overall strategy rather than the details. Thanks, Jeff!

  5. Jacky Kay Hood


    Please provide a transcript. Based on the comments, it was probably an interesting talk but wearing a headset or disturbing people who are working or sleeping with the sound turned up are not good options. Also, some people using computers are deaf.

  6. JW, the question you asked back in the day, was question to Jay Abraham?

    If so, then been there, done that. Lol lol
    I felt so bad because I knew I blew it. But guess what I came up two or three great questions from that “ I coulda asked this or that mind set”.


  7. Hi Jeff. I just started following you bin a little overwhelmed with technology but I hope to get some clarity and I think choosing the web host is a good place to start. I’d Go Daddy the same as the ones you mentioned?

    • I would not recommend GoDaddy as your web host, they are OK as a domain name registrar – I suggest Siteground, or WP Engine. Jeff was speaking about Email services, not webhosts. But even Hostgator is OK for a beginning host.

  8. Thanks you, Jeff! Your answers are always so clear for me. This is all about my inner game. I’m young enough and still mentally sharp enough to do this. On my way out my door to go get’em this week.

  9. Thanks for sharing Jeff. I think what you have to say is important. And as you know, for those starting out, making these small decisions is to a certain degree monumental. There are implication, and I think that stems from wanting to optimize success along every step of the way. I agree, making a choice and moving forward is needed; it’s the only way to keep the momentum going.

  10. Prana Simon


    Thank you Jeff for recognising the inner child aspects of ourselves that can be holding us in a stuck place. I appreciate the deeper dive into what makes people tick, in your talks and coaching. Speaking truth sets you free.

  11. Great answer. If I had you for 15 minutes I’d ask how to elevate myself in my business to take it from what are the moment appears to be a very expensive hobby to an actually business. I’ve done the YouTube watching, the book reading the blog and guru following for over two years spend tens of thousands pivoted a few times. Stayed strong throughout but I’m starting to go downhill. I don’t want to give up but don’t know what else to do. Is it me? Is it my messaging? How to I become a success and not a statistic of another entrepreneur who didn’t make it.

  12. Sent my first emails ever this week.
    I’ve watched, read and listened to 1000s of words.
    Some have all of them in one post!
    My question; how is this successful??
    I’m of the short and sweet brigade. I used a canva template. Can I do better?
    I’m just a painter with no classes – for now

  13. Thank you for your advice – I’ve been in that stuck mode of I don’t have any high-end art created, just small things and I haven’t moved because of my concern about how much is this going to cost per month if I’m not bringing much in…. so don’t know if your tech team has a list of what things cost. I know that changes all the time and we can go research it and figure it out – but if it’s already been done would love to know. (Yes this is not a productive question and probably belongs in the community forum) Mostly wanted to share a comment that I heard recently, which was “Be kind to yourself – when we’re kind to ourselves we’re more likely to follow through.” I think a lot of us are beating ourselves up, because we look at what we don’t know (yet) vs. that we have an amazing opportunity to learn and grow – and that we will do

  14. Hi Jeff

    For me it would be two simple question.
    1 – I hope you don’t object if I buy the coffee ?

    2 – When are you free to meet up again.


  15. Sometimes we need to hear the same simple message 100 times before it sinks in… I and now it has! Thank so much for this gentle yet very important message!

  16. Suzan Thompson


    Other than when you began your current business, what is the most memorable “course correction” you’ve ever made. In other words, you were heading in a direction and realized something needed to change. What was it and how did you do it?

  17. 100% Agree with your sentiment Jeff, the higher the quality of the questions you ask, the more people will be prepared to invest their time into you.
    I used to have a belief that I’d only help people that I believed would help others. I’ve changed that philosophy. Now, I’ll put aside time to help people that put the effort in to help themself, first

  18. Dear Jeff, I understand, that when you started, you were desperate. You were “forced” to move on. But what drives you nowadays? How did your motivation changed, after! you paid all your depts, after you managed to take care of your future financials? I am afraid of the changes in my pwrsonality.

  19. Jeff

    Enjoying a cold Sunday morning in our town…and getting things started for the day…just wanted to let you know that every time I make the time to listen to your Sunday releases I am reminded of why I said yes to PLF…thank you for reminding me not to get stuck on the little things and keep taking baby steps

  20. Bill Brecht


    Thank you Jeff for this video – it makes perfect sense. Idleness will always get you no where!

  21. This is really wonderful, Jeff! Brought tears to my eyes, so clearly just what I needed to hear. For me, the fear comes from “how can I add one more thing to my life?” when there are so many things that even now I can’t do to my satisfaction – many of these are things on the home front and also a nonprofit I assist with, so in truth it’s not that difficult to solve. As a single mom, I could use more support in the day to day. . . so I’m freed up to take the steps I need to serve beyond those I can work with face to face.

  22. Very succinct message re not getting stuck in the minutia.
    Though, speaking of minutia, I’m curious as to what that sunburst Les Paul gets plugged into? 🙂

      • Nice! I’ve got a Roland Blues Cube. Not a tube amp but does a remarkable job of emulating one. Happy playing!

        • Hey, I bought one of the BOSS Katana 100 watt amps (same company as the Blues cube Roland) i used to play exclusively tube amps but decided to try the Katana as the weight is so much less than my Vox, or Fender Twin – it is incredible, this Katana is a magic box, sounds like a tube amp plus it has on-board effects. I gig with the Katana it is plenty loud enough.

  23. In the 60’s I was using HAI (Human Artificial Intelligence) to enhance my consulting practice. It consisted of extracting ideas [pre-Internet] from sources and moshing them together to emulate success One of my early attempts was inspired by James J. Hooker. of Minnie Perl Fame. His concept was to emulate successful restaurants and repackage the success in as similar look and feel. And I was hooked on that idea for test marketing at zero cost and in the case of franchises the result was a soup to nuts look at the UFOC [uniform franchise] contract disclosure required by law that laid everything out except for financial projections. So I built a practice on emulating success in turning around businesses and in M&A [mergers and acquisitions] by moshing what works together now I am doing the same for those in a panic to develop profitable businesses in the new now—–> hint Remember John J Hooker’s Minnie Pearl Restaurant and think about how does it! I did! Now in my 80’s I help disabled entrepreneurs to stats and succeed in business!

  24. Jeff thank you for your talk on PATTERNS and In response to your mention of PATTERNS I wanted to share a little on the subject as this is my work in Systemic Family Constellations.
    ​We simply live in and to patterns, almost as if we cannot or do not know otherwise. Patterns can be persistent and exist for decades. Resist patterns is a good recipe not to lose them. What helps is to face the truth and take it as it is. The change begins with a shift in the inner space from which we act. By recognizing, looking at and accepting patterns as they are, such a shift of inner place of action can occur. And with that sometimes something completely new.
    Here is the latest science exploring the unseen source of self-organizing systems, resonance and the continuously emerging reality of a deeply connected universe. In systemic constellation work, this phenomenon is frequently referred to as the Field.
    What if you could see the patterns? Family Constellations offers people to see the patterns that were not created by them but are now carried out in your life through you. I assist people in decoding the patterns and set them into freedom you have maybe never experienced.
    Jeff thanks again fo mentioning PATTERNS because they are s sometimes so hidden known as hidden loyalty that people will destroy their life unconsciously because they know not how to diengage or remove from the entanglement. Blessed be. Love only

  25. Jeff, if you had a ‘do-over’ with that marketing guru early in your career, what is the quintessential question you would ask?

  26. Carolyn Mize


    I appreciate the fact that you are continuing to deliver content to us newbe’s.
    thank you so much.

  27. My Question is:
    When you answer my burning question on comments . . . is it really you?
    PS: I love your training style and to think that you would answer little old me is better than having coffee with George Clooney

  28. Jeff, thank you so much for the clarification and encouragement. Thank you for continuing to deliver value.

  29. Thanks Jeff. Yes, the decision seems so intimidating. I know for me I don’t want to make a mistake (although I’ve made tons of them in the past . . . and I’m still here) so should know better. I just need to push through that fear.

  30. I came across this quote today –
    Ever since happiness heard your name, it has been running through the streets trying to find you.

    I’m getting unstuck this week. My action step? I’m going to go through 7 years of clients to warm up my cold list to add it to my current list. Will follow your suggestion to pick a free host.
    Thank you, Jeff

  31. Hey Jeff,
    Thanks so much for these videos. Not sure if I’m too late for this as my current work keeps me so busy at the moment. Here are my questions:
    1. There are a lot of articles written about entrepreneurship, what would you consider to be the essence (the things that set them apart from others) of an entrepreneur and why?
    2. What are the three most important pieces of information you have learned during your time in business?

  32. Jeff, first of all I want to thank you, for this beautiful work you do. God bless you, your family and your team.

    What I am affraid of is: if I invest in my first business and lose all my money, what would I do?

    What do you think.

    Thank you again. Regards

  33. Hi Jeff, thanks for all the great content you give away, because I like to read and study all my life I bought your book ”Launch”, I loved it. I would like the contacts it can give me to use PLF!
    My question is: “what’s holding me back is my age, I’m 75, I don’t need more money, I’ve got everything in my life, my wife won’t like me to do this. What should I do?
    I’m Dutch.

    Retired Psychologist, Hypnotherapist, NLP specialist, Trainer/Coach

    • Hi Ron, I was surprised to see NLP specialist, Trainer/Coach!! I studied with Bandler and Grinder in ’78, ’79 and ’80. Steve Langdon/Langton was also a trainer at the time. When did you study? I don’t meet very many people who have studied NLP, so I always inquire when I see someone who has! I am a social worker and I am 68 and starting late in life as well. Looking forward to it though. It’s going to be a wild ride!! Good luck!

  34. I love this. It resonnate so much on the many small decisions I’ve had to make and I still do all the time. Just pick one! Thanks Jim

  35. Hi Jeff,
    You have an inquisitive mind and therefore deep understanding of human nature. You talk about sm steps before big ones – and I think it might answer my question about course sizes. I teach small groups of 20-30 people and maintain close relationships with the students, but how do you conduct a course of >1K / 2K / 3K students? It’s been boggling my mind, but perhaps for the time being I need to focus on the moving water and class 1 rapids rather than worry about the class 5 rapids…

  36. You are totally right. I actually already had all the tech I need for right now but I still went researching alternatives only to decide I didn’t need them right now! Sometimes it’s hard not to over complicate these things!

  37. Excellent advice, as I have been feeling stuck this weekend. My question is how to juggle a stressful full-time job, 2 kids, a spouse, and building a PLF business with my somewhat limited spare time. I’m a results-oriented newbie, so I’m most worried about getting traction on my email list. Thank you!

  38. Thank you so much Jeff, I always love to hear your wise words and internalise them for my business. Many blessings to you!

  39. Thank you so much for your reassurance and kindness in your reminder that really it will turn out ok so long as we keep moving forward. And that it’s ok not to be certain about every detail. I needed to hear this!

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