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Suppose you got an email from your direct competitor, and he asked you for your “trade secret”… the one advantage that you had? Would you give it to him? I had this happen in my first year in business, and here's the lesson I learned…

Next up… Day 8: So Close To Success

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51 Replies to “Day 7: Drinking The Abundance Juice”

  1. Bravo! I like this approach so much. Since I live in Europe, I seem to be always the first one to watch 🙂

  2. I love the abundace juice reality! Thank you, Jeff! And I love the synchronicity of it, only today I felt this deeply: we are in this together, moving the consciousness forward. We are all in one business of loving the humanity.

  3. Thanks for this. I get people asking me for help all the time, and I freely give it and even a step by step process like what you did in your video 🙂 The whole competition thing in business is so old outdated. I love the abundance juice approach.

  4. Jeff this is another great video that makes you think and understand how our business works!


  5. I love your “Abundance Juice” approach but I am a natural autoimmune specialist and I have discovered several very unique effective treatments that I call my 5 treatment secrets and they have helped to get several debilitated Parkinson and MS patients out of wheelchairs and into remission in a matter of 5 to 7 days. No other therapists have any idea of what I am doing because these ideals came from me experimenting, and years of trial and error testing, at great expense. Other therapists have tried to steal these ideals off me because they can’t figure them out. On the other hand, I am having difficulty acquiring abundance. I am a very good practitioner but not a very good promoter and I am suffering because of my lack of promotion skills. What can I do to succeed?

  6. Goes to show that what you put out, you get back. I’ve had so many people say that I’ve given too much away or I’m too generous. Great to hear this story. Well done!

  7. For me, this video may contain Jeff’s most powerful insight. Thank you for sharing.

  8. The lesson is clear Jeff! Good for you. Today, all online marketeers are asking you money upfront without even looking or listening to your needs and wants. I guess this is for them as well!

  9. Jeff. You did a great job sharing your story in the Abundance Code Movie. And here again. If we’re going to move this world forward abundance will be the mindset that drives it. Thank you!

  10. This was such a great message, and it’s in stark contrast to the “traditional” business world. I’m really beginning to think that the entrepreneur world is much more attractive than the traditional one, at least for me.

  11. I love the way you described abundance juice. A person came to mind that I have known. He has run several businesses and in some has been a groundbreaker. I watched a few times when people would approach him who could have put some serious capital into the business and really help it go to the next level and it would fall apart. After watching what went on for a while, I realized, he was looking for all the benefits to flow to him without any giving on his part. He had such a scarcity mindset that he was literally driving abundance away.

  12. Powerful video, Jeff! “The more I share, the more I grow” – yep, that’s the money quote, right there. Thanks for sharing the Abundance Juice!

  13. Thanks Jeff! Great video, as always. I agree with you. I’ve been with a certain organization that has proprietary methodology and put a lot of barriers around people using it. As a result, it hasn’t grown as much as it could. By contrast, I adopted an honor system with my method: use it and give me credit. Callan Rush says: my copyright means that you have a right to copy. It looks like we are all developing a new economic model! xx

  14. Yes. Lead with great content and the results will follow. Even if that means recommending another resource – one that isn’t my own.

  15. Thank you Jeff great commentary . I love the term Abundance Juice. I choose the abundance juice! I am going to drink a whole bottle!

  16. Hi Jeff,
    Thirty years ago, when I was very new in business, the person I considered my biggest competitor and looked up to a lot, became annoyed with me and told me that we were not competitors, but colleagues. (I always
    remembered that). Thirty years later, we are each successful in our sub-niche inside the career counseling field. We’ve both drunk the abundance juice now.

    We’re on each other’s mailing lists and often drop each other a positive note.

  17. Great video Jeff…I felt a sense of relief…abundance thinking is really needed in each area of our lives…

    Now , everyday I am looking forward to your videos 🙂

  18. First off, congratulations on your 20-year success in business. I was raised in an entrepreneurial home with a brick and mortar business still going after 50 years, now operated by my brother and his family.

    When my father started out, he reached out to a competitor who helped him with not only some advice but also with a list of suppliers. (WIN #1)

    As my father’s business was gaining traction, a competitor decided to move in just down the block. Then another one and another one, until it became one of the largest and best-known streets for discount fabric retailers in North America. (WIN #2) I never heard my father complain, but I did hear his concerns. Rather than getting angry, he (we) grew to realize it’s many benefits (WIN #3),

    – it secured our business as a viable place to go in the industry
    – it drew masses of people (including bus tours) we would not have otherwise reached
    – it caused us to expand our square footage and offerings
    – (perhaps most importantly) it caused us to stay alert and up our game

    I learned an important lesson through all of it. All of the competitors in the area had a (silent) mutual respect for one another.

    When my father passed, they requested that we drive the car he was being carried in slowly down the street at a specific time. We did. Every single competitor stood outside their storefronts to honor my dad that day.

    Competition is not a battle or a game to be won. It’s an opportunity to become better.

  19. You make a good point; I agree that finding worthwhile jv partners is beneficial.
    The caution, especially in some industry groups, like trading, is that many, many people are “bad actors”, being dishonest, lack credibility or authenticity, are ftc/sec-noncompliant, are marketers only (not knowledgeable, though they pose as if they are), slick con-men etc– so choosing whom to work with carefully, vetting is important.

    I like your videos, thanks –


  20. Great advise Jeff. This can be a scary thing to embrace but I know you are right. The same applies for organizations internally; sometime employees are protective of their knowledge and information and treat other employees as competitors. The more they share, the more the organization and everyone in the organization benefits. That’s my abundance juice for the day… 🙂

    BTW I enjoy hearing the train and the the view of mountains in Durango. Makes me want to go back there.

  21. Ndifreke Atauyo


    Jeff Walker, I will called this video a perfect advice. And it reminds me in 2006 when one of my web design services website brought in 300 clients in Nigeria within one month through Adwords campaign. I had several calls from web design competitors who wanted to know how I did it, and the secrets I used to run aggressive ads on Google. This was the secrets I learned from Perry Marshall course and I shared that information with them as well as putting a link on my website back to Perry Marshall website and that link remains till today. It is great to share resources with your competitors

  22. Amen, Jeff. More than enough to go around, now that we’re online. I’m inspired by this and it’ll help me be even more generous with my JV partners going forward. To hell with competition. Let’s create something abundant!

  23. That was lovely Jeff …. sharing and caring; so let the abundance juice flow!

  24. Thank you for another great video, Jeff! I love the abundance mindset, and agree 100% that by mutually supporting each other, everyone does better.
    As a latecomer to the online marketing world, I’m on the receiving end of affiliate marketing. This side gets VERY confusing and time consuming. I get the same offer from several different of the offeror’s affiliates, and have ended up on so many lists, it takes time every couple of weeks just to unsubscribe.
    I still encourage and support anyone in my industry who reaches out for support or advice, as I am in a high-touch business. It would be so helpful to better understand how to filter all the affiliate offers that come my way, though!

  25. As always you continue to give great stuff man.

    Too many marketers are too quick to SELL. Lead with VALUE and the sales will FLOW!


  26. Internet Alchemist


    Let’s go get ’em this week? It is the 7th day today, so it does make sense, but shouldn’t you say ‘Let’s go get ’em today’ every day (during the 30-day challenge)?

  27. Ray Salisbury from NZ


    ” Give & it will be given to you. a good measure, pressed down, shaken together & running over will be poured into your lap.
    “With the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”
    … The wisdom of Jesus Christ, circa 29 A.AD.

  28. Hi Jeff,
    As always, a very refreshing viewpoint of the businesses we’re in. I’ve always said, giving starts the receiving process.

    Thanks for all your hard work and of course, sharing.

    Mike Arend,
    The Soul Mechanic

  29. Awesome video as always !
    I never thought of anyone as my competitor in a negative sense. I always knew there is no one like me. No one with my passion and drive.
    So if someone asked me for advice or the “magic formula” in starting a business like mine. I’d freely share.
    Keep the videos coming!
    Dave D Stelmaszewski

  30. Abundance juice. Generosity. The eastern philosophy of how can I love and serve. Great stuff! This has always come easily to me in my work life. I’ll allow it to flow in my online business life to.

    All the best,


  31. This was awesome Jeff. I love the circle of giving and receiving and this video really nailed it. It’s time to collaborate and feel inspired vs contracting and being in fear. Abundance Juice, love it!

  32. You are a wonderful teacher and example Jeff.
    Thank you for these 5 min pieces of inspiration.
    I love that they are one idea at a time, so easy to remember .
    with love Anne Jennings

  33. Jeff- this is FANTASTIC!
    I’ve been a social media analyst for the past 10 years, and I’ve had a psychic tarot business for about 4 years. The idea of ‘scarcity’ in the metaphysical field runs rampant, and it’s not something I suspected to see when I got my feet wet in it. Anyhow, I always try to stay on top of my game by following other social media experts, and what I’ve learned is that many of them won’t tell you the full strategy. They won’t give you the full game plan, because they don’t want you to rise about them. I paid A LOT of money to various social media teachers, only to find out that they were withholding a piece of the puzzle. That was REALLY disturbing to find out. As I continued to work in the metaphysical field, I noticed the same thing there as well. There are business coaches who will show you a small portion of what they’re doing to succeed, but won’t share the whole thing. I -like you – believe in cooperation and collaboration. I now own a coaching program from spiritual entrepreneurs, and my promise to them is that I will NEVER hold any information back from them. I want them to be successful.

    Thanks for sharing this message.

  34. Karen Thomson


    Thank you for the videos. This one reminds me of something I learned recently when I spent three months in Bali, Indonesia; there are villages where there are a whole street of jewellery makers or wood-carving makers etc and, instead of being in competition, they deliberately group themselves together so that they can help each other out.

  35. This makes perfect sense. Work in collaboration not competition. There is seriously plenty of people and plenty of people to serve those people. One of the local marketers here in Adelaide, Jamie Stenhouse, he is a Marketing Gun and a whipper snipper. Him & I catch up for hot chocolate occassionaly to review ideas and give each other feedback on each other’s funnels. Recently I invited him into my private FB client group and promoted a service he provides to me that I really love and I wanted my clients to see it too. Working in partnership is definately a more fun way to do it and I love how you created it here Jeff for us to see this valuable lesson. Sharnee

  36. “The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller.”
    ‭‭Love you and your team Jeff! Keep pressing on

  37. I kept your emails for a time when I could devote several hours to your “talks”. I bought your launch book, but had not idea the charisma you have. You have officially become my mentor. I value your values, honesty, integrity, and most importantly your willingness to be generous with your knowledge to us that need it so much.

  38. Dave Hodgkinson


    Thanks for this Jeff, it is by far my favourite video in your 30 day challenge so far. I have been applying the abundance code for a while now, and as well as making a difference in my professional life, it has brought me more of a consistent happiness and I’m hopefully making a difference to those I try and help.

    I would suggest that the abundance juice you talk of does bring health, wealth and happiness. 🙂

    Thanks again Jeff and I’m looking forward to the next 23 videos. 🙂

  39. Dear Jeff,
    thank you very much for this great video or, better said, your heart opening behaviour! I understand that it is not always easy to let go of our fears due to all the experiences we already made in life. But when we change our minds, e.g. thoughts and feelings, and trust that all will fall into place, the best for all of us can happen. And it is amazing to observe how many online-marketers here in Germany and also in the US are cooperating now in our new age and are making a lot of profit by working together! That’s really great!
    I wish you all the best!

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