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The first step to an amazing life is getting super clear on exactly what you want your life to look like. This video is the first part in a three-part video series about how you can intentionally design the life of your dreams. Check it out…

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So, we’re coming to that magic time of year, the end of the year. This is when naturally all of our thoughts seem to go towards the New Year, or maybe reflecting on the prior year and looking at the New Year.

So I thought I’d do a three-part series here for you around the New Year and around planning and around achievement and creating a life you want.  Because the word that’s on my mind right now— we’ll see how these thee end up being—but the word that’s on my mind right now is Intention.

You know, when I started out 22 years ago when I started my business—and I’m sure you’ve heard the story by now—it was pretty much rags to riches. We weren’t in rags, but we were really struggling. I hadn’t made any money; had zero income for probably about five or six years. I was a stay-at-home dad taking care of the kids.

Now I’ve got this multimillion-dollar business. I’ve had a multimillion-dollar business for many years. I’m a leader in the industry. I’ve got a best-selling book, and on and on and on. I have thousands and thousands of clients. I have these huge events. Life has turned around. By my measures I’ve been extremely successful.

And when I think back on how did this shift happen, I think back to way back in 1996, and 1995, really.  That was when it was all starting to happen for me, or just taking my baby steps. At that time I heard Tony Robbins, who I had just gotten to know, or I just learned of. He used this phrase called “Design Your Life,” or “Designing a Life.” And at that point I was not very empowered within my life. I was sort of drifting along. I had a good marriage. I had a baby—a new baby, so there were some great things going on in my life, but I really didn’t feel like I had much power in my life. And then, I heard that idea of Designing a Life, and I was like, “Wow, does that actually work?” So I started to chip away at it and I started to come up with strategies to change different areas of my life.

What I’ve learned over all these years … As I look back, I’ve gotten to know a lot of super, super-successful people, amazingly successful people. I look at the commonalities among them and the commonalities among people that I see that aren’t having that much success.

What I see tends to be—well, there’s a lot of different things—but one of them is this idea, this realization, that you actually can change your circumstances, whatever they are. And if you’re going to change your circumstances, I think the best way to do it is through intention.  It’s actually looking at your life and the areas in your life and saying, “What do I want my life to look like in that area? What do I want my health to look like? What do I want my relationships to look like? What do I want my love relationships to look like? What do I want my friendships to look like? What do I want my business to look like? What do I want my income to look like?” And then, start to create a vision in each of those areas for what you want. So that vision, what I’m talking about, that’s what I mean by intention, acting intentionally.

If we look right now, the world is getting really, really great at pulling our intention away from us, at controlling what our experience of the world is. We have these technology companies, like Facebook, like Google, and there’s plenty of others that have thousands of engineers that are spending all their time trying to create an environment for you where they grab your attention, and then they control your attention. This isn’t to make them evil, it’s just—that’s their job. We’re in this attention economy where you get paid the more attention that you can hold. That’s the way those companies make their money, through advertising and through holding you on their site, or in their App.

So they are extremely intentional about creating super-immersive environments that are addictive environments. That’s what they have planned for you.  So in a way that we’ve never seen before in the world, a group of engineers, a group of people, are working so hard to grab your attention and have you move through your day, zombie-like. I mean, people are better at it than they have ever been. The only way you can fight that is by putting as much effort into designing your life and intentionally living your life and your experiences throughout your day, putting as much effort into that as they are putting into grabbing your attention, or holding your attention.

So, like I said, I’ve got three videos. Maybe we’ll go deeper. Who knows. We’ll see.

I’ll give you one example of intention that I’ve had. It’s been almost two years.  So I’ve been doing this thing that’s called “Intermittent Fasting,” and what that means is that on most days I’ll go usually around 14 hours without eating. Sometimes it’s 12 hours. Sometimes it’s 16 hours. Sometimes 18 hours. Basically, it’s super simple. All I do is, when I eat my meal in the evening I stop eating and then I go 12, 14, 16 hours until I eat the next day.

I’m not a doctor. I’m not saying you should do this; it’s just something I’ve been doing. I’m not the world’s greatest expert on this. Lots of other people are experts on this. I’m not the only person doing this, but I’m just sharing. I’m not doing it to lose weight; I’m doing it for overall long-term health, that I’m convinced that it might help my overall long-term health.

But, what I’ve noticed is it’s made me super-intentional about food. Because before, I’d eat my meal in the evening and then maybe I’d do some snacking throughout the evening and then in the morning I’d get up and maybe I’d do a little bit of grazing and then I’d eat breakfast. Well, now I know that once I stop eating in the evening, then if I do any more snacking that evening that’s going to delay when I can eat the next day.

So, let’s say I eat dinner at 6 p.m., and then there’s some nuts; that I’m thinking about having some nuts, or some ice cream, or whatever, at 8 p.m. I know if I have that at 8 p.m. that means I have to wait two more hours the next morning to eat, so it just makes me think about what I’m putting in my mouth instead of just grabbing something and putting it in my mouth. So, I’ve become more intentional about food; I’m more intentional about what I put in my mouth.

And the thing about being intentional is, being intentional in one area leads to intentionality in each area, and it becomes a snowball. So, instead of just grabbing your phone and instantly opening up Instagram, opening up Facebook, and then all of a sudden 30 minutes has gone as you flip through these photos and flip through these things. And you know what? You probably don’t feel any better after you spend that half hour. So, what I’m saying is as you get more intentional in one area you end up becoming more intentional in every area.

So, that’s what I’ve got for you today. I invite you, as we come into this end of this year, and this New Year, to be intentional about your reflection on the past year. Reflect back and say, “What worked well and what do I want to do differently next year?” And then, I suggest you might think about being intentional for next year and planning out what is going to change, or what you want to bring more of, what you want to attract into your life in the coming year.

So, I’m Jeff Walker. Wherever you’re watching this, scroll down, leave a comment for me, and I’ll get you the next episode next week.

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41 Replies to “Designing An Incredible Life (Part 1)”

  1. Jeff, As I get older, it seems I eat less… I thought until watching this video and you mentioning Intentional Fasting. At 75, we usually “eat” one meal per day, anywhere from 2:00 to 6:00 PM. Sure there is the grazing that takes place but its so little, what could it hurt.

    What it does; it keeps me from shedding this “beer gut” which contributes to my back pain, hypertension, high cholesterol. Other than that, I feel like a racehorse. Intentional Fasting… what can it hurt? You have a convert; I’ll just drink more water.

  2. Hi Jeff, great to hear your comments about social media. Couldn’t agree more. I switched off Facebook months ago and life is more positive overall. More time to be productive, focussed or just spent on me and my real life family.
    Looking forward to the next video.
    Merry Christmas

  3. Michael Tucker


    Jeff Great Video. Very important I think to have intention in your life. I will use your ideas going into the new year. I have done some intermittent fasting this year and was successful, but didn’t
    stay with it. It made me feel much better and have more energy. Need to start back. Looking forward to the next videos.

  4. Thanks, Jeff. I needed that! I’m not a FB fan, but I am involved in many different things, and it’s frustrating when you notice time has gone by and you haven’t accomplished the goals you’ve set for yourself. I am going to take out my 2018 calendar and write down the “can’t avoid it” periods so when I plan 2019, I’ll schedule them in. This will allow me to plan my business goals around them, instead of expecting to hit a deadline when other life-events are happening.

  5. Great reminder! Funny to think of social media engineers in this way. Makes me know I’m on the right path as I turn away and focus on what brings me the life of my dreams.
    I’m intermittent fasting too! Love it.

  6. walter smith


    That is a good thought I think one of the biggest issues that gets in the way is having the time to stop and think about what you really want to do

  7. Thanks Jeff! Love that you’re giving us this three part series at the end of the year. To me you’re just as inspiring because of your lifestyle and intentional living as because of your (great) business insight and advice. Thanks again! 👌🏼😊🙏🏼

  8. You mean I have a choice of what I want my life to look like!??! LOL. Thanks for helping me break it down like this. Specific is good. And yes, letting your digestive system rest for at least 12 hours daily is an important part of letting your body detox and recover from the day. About the social media thing, I’ve backed way off my personal use, BUT I have this intentional, consistent, daily business presence, building community on FB, trying to be of service, yes, trying to hold attention. Do I let that slow down, too? That’s a tough one.

  9. Joey Osborne


    Very good Jeff. My favorite Wayne Dyer is called Power of Intention. Must read on this life changing topic.

  10. I started the 5/2 plan years ago. It is 800 calories for 2 days of the week then eat whatever you want for 5. It was good advice except what if those 5 days were pizza, steak, cookies? So I morphed it into 2-days 800 calories then 5 days 1200 calories.

    Some days I never ate until around 1:00 in the afternoon, since I typically do not eat breakfast, this was no problem for me.

    I was able to get rid of the “last 10 lbs” easily.

    There is a lot of research that is showing short-term fasting is very beneficial.

    Great article.

  11. Great short video Jeff!! I agree with this concept completely. What you visualize, materialize! Intention is cause and I need to apply this daily! Interesting that you’re doing the intermittent fasting!! I had been doing it and realize I am not at this time. I will put that back in as of today. You inspired me by example that your first of three videos is preparing for another launch. I was wanting to launch and now I will do my video tomorrow to prepare for my first big product launch! Thank you Jeff!! You are an inspiration by example! 😊

  12. Jeff I want to thank you for sharing your thoughts on intentions, we don’t realize what we’re actually capable of creating because we’ve lived in this prison of habits and like you said, zombie like state of mind. Thank you it’s an awakening for me, keep up uour good work.

  13. Thanks, Jeff for the inspiration for 2019. I have just finished up your Product Launch Formula course so you know what my Intention is for the coming year. I will be building my very first course from your formula. I’m so excited and a bit nervous, because I want it to be perfect. I know, I know, better to be done than perfect. I will be lining up the Intention of my course this week. Thanks again!

  14. Just finish reading your scripts.
    Thanks Jeff, a great piece of advice on designing your life in 2019 intentionally.

  15. FASTING One the best thing anyone can do. I began fruit fasting for 24 hours.
    Then Dry Fasting ( no food, no water) for 48 hours, after a rest of one or two weeks
    a follow up with Dry Fasting for 72 hours. Results: I felt tons of energy. It opened up
    greater understanding about what I was doing. I became for receptive and more aware of
    my actions. My over all health improved. I eliminated tons of waste that was not being removed
    by my Lymphatic system. And as you say I became more aware of what I ate. I mean the foods
    that lead to disease later in life. What I mean to say. Keep going with your fasting and you
    will gain better health, and appreciation for what our planet gives us.
    Merry Christmas Jeff to you an your family

  16. I hope the holiday season is great for you, Mary, and your family, Jeff. You inspire by sharing your truth, matched by hard work and strong spirit.

    “Where intention goes, energy flows” is a favorite of mine. Undeniable.

    As for being zapped by too much media, couldn’t agree more. I’ve had a few millennials stay at my house this year, and (sorry to generalize) found them terrifyingly zombiac. They even sleep with lights and TVs on. One 27-year-old was afraid of the dark. This phone dependency thing is going to have social consequences…

    It can feel a bit risky pulling away from trends while also being a little older, but I abide by the following: create your own bubble and get in it! I don’t see any other way to find balance, to be true to yourself, to live intuitively, to sleep-eat-think-work-love well, and to also create and thrive. By bubble, I mean inviting the aspects of earthly living YOU feel truly sustain you and matter, not what’s being peddled, offered, flaunted, and suggested from everywhere else. There’s A LOT to screen out (in my case even our medical system, most ‘food’ for sale out there, and all holiday hype), but when you surround yourself with beauty, peace, nature, good work and good vibrations, OMG, your own life is the greatest thing around.

    And you and Mary clearly know about creating a great bubble! Many blessings for the New Year. I look forward to your Sunday offerings in 2019!

  17. I love the idea of intentionality. But how do you avoid getting derailed? I had set up my goals for last year and then my spouse became As to be essentially incapacitated. Everything that I had planned fell away into the chaos of the unplanned situation over which I felt I had no control.

  18. Thanks Jeff! Designing a life. Sound’s amazing. One feel combined with ones creator. Focus Intention can really do the magic. Have given up face book this year. Fasting is part of culture and festivals in India.
    Your video just helped me focus on what’s important.
    You are like the lighthouse showing right way. Grateful. Namaste!

  19. Love that you’re doing intermittent fasting–lots of great research on the subject! If you haven’t read Trevor Blake’s book, check out “Three Simple Steps.” Excellent!. One of his three simple steps is setting “intentions,” I’ve read it and reread it in spite of having read numerous books on the subject. I think you’d enjoy it! Thanks for the great work that you do!

  20. Ah, Jeff, I SO AGREE with the eating concept and it’s so easy when you get into the swing of it. I accidentally started that a few months ago and now, I have difficulty eating after 4 or 5 pm if I’m invited somewhere. My system has a mind of it’s own and it’s great, it just “resists” without any effort on my part.

    I love when you share “non-business” areas of your life. Intentions are magic. Sometimes, they are a challenge but then, that’s good. You either evolve or you dissolve, there’s no standing still.

  21. Setting intentions and designing your life is amazing. Thanks for the reminder to consider this as i create my 2019 goals.

  22. Leonie J Chappell


    Intentional International Intentional. Thanks for the simple and sound approach

  23. Namaste 🙏 Jeff – integral and congruent in all areas is what makes me grateful that you are in my life and a leading example of what the feminine needs from the masculine. Blessed be🙏 Love only 🧚‍♂️💕🧚‍♂️

  24. Charry Stover


    Loved the story about intermittent fasting — hurray for intermittent fasting! And the next thing I want to try is the 5 day fasting mimicking diets! That will make me much more aware of how much I eat!

  25. So great and authentic advice and for free for a change – looking at it worldwide…
    Merry Christmas and enlightened 2019 for everybody…

  26. HI Jeff.
    Most of my life I have never planned or been “intentional” about my career or my business, too much. I’ve always stalled in that department.
    Dieting was also very yo yo for most of my life
    6 months ago I became intentional about my nutrition and eating habits and started a life on Ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting 16/8. I totally surprised myself with my own power of intention and I am enjoying that fact that my mindset has changed about what I put in my mouth and why… and without struggle.
    So after hearing this vlog I am going to intentionally take this power to my business as a graphic and web designer to make changes to bring a more financially secure life to my family.

  27. Thank you for the reminder to look back and see what worked. Intention was one of them!

  28. I was thinking exactly the same thing about Facebook and Instagram for the last week. Thank you, Jeff! I will try to be more intentional, I really need to and I want to. Thanks for sharing again!

  29. Thank you for sharing the power on intention and that what we visualize it materializes! I’ll try to put in practice right now. Thanks so much.

  30. Jeff, thanks for sharing this informative video. I love the “intentional” thought recommended in the video. Looking forward to the other videos in the series.

  31. Thanks Jeff, great point as always!
    I concur wholeheartedly. Intention is key, even more so nowadays with all these things competing for our attention…
    I’ve been side tracked a lot this year but I’ve got big plans for next year that I have already started on.
    God willing, 2019 is gonna be my year!

  32. Nuwamanya Zadoch


    Thank you guys for opening our eyes, I promise to design a plan for my life

  33. Carol Joyous


    It’s January 2019 and I’m just getting around to listening to this series. I’m binge watching it today Jeff. I never realized, until you mentioned it in this video, that I have been doing intermittent fasting most of my adult life! Now I know why I have such boundless energy! Love these lightbulb moments!! Now that I know there’s a name for this, I’m going to be more intentional about it. Thanks, Jeff!!!

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