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It’s one thing to design an incredible life… and it’s another thing to move from thinking to doing. For the third video in this mini-series, I want to show you how I’ve managed to make some massive behavioral changes (which is pretty darn hard, no matter who you are), so you can start moving toward the vision for what you want your life to become…

Video Transcript and Relevant Links

So, for the last couple of weeks, we’ve been talking about intentionality. Since we’re coming into the year end, let’s get intentional about your upcoming year.

In any type of planning process, even in terms of unintentional processes becoming intentional, there’s really two ways to look at this. There’s two ways to come about it. One is top down. The other is bottom-up.

By top-down, I mean that’s where you get the vision, where you start off with this big picture vision. Think of it like a top of a triangle. We got this triangle, and you have this vision. It could be for a work project. It could be for anything. But you have this vision for what the outcome looks like. And then you start to drill down, and you start to look… okay, what do all the sub-pieces look like? What are all the parts of that project and what are the things that need to happen to drive that vision? So that’s a top-down. A lot of people like to think that way.

A lot of people more are bottom-up. That’s where you think of all the separate components and then you take those components and work on those components. Then, you start to move up into whatever that vision is. I’m actually a fan of both of them.

In fact, I think … Well, here, I’m going to brag a little bit. I think a lot of my success comes from my ability to look at both—to go top-down and bottom-up in every area of my life. When we think about this … I’ve been talking about intentionality. One of the ways, when I come into the end of the year, is I like to do some planning. I like to plan what my life is going to look like.

I start off really big-picture. I’ll look at each area of my life. If you think about here in the marketing world and this thought leader world, there’s three big markets. Right? There’s money, there’s health, and there’s relationship. But those three big things exist in all of our lives. So I look at my life in those three areas, but then I split them down.

In health, there’s mental health. There’s physical health. There’s spiritual health.

In money, there is your money, your investments, how your managing your money. There’s also income. So there’s income and there’s assets and then there’s your career that’s all tied into money.

In relationships, it could be, well, it is your relationship… so your friends, your community, your family, your love relationship, parenting. Those are all relationships.

I like to look all these areas of my life. There are usually six or seven or eight areas I define. Maybe there are up to 10 or 12. They can vary over year to year. But I’ll look at each area and I’ll create a vision for each area. That’s that top-down. I’ll create a vision for each area and I’ll do a little review of each area. Because I think the value … much of the value of this process is in the debrief. It’s looking back at what you did for the prior year and said, “Where am I right now? What worked from the prior year? What do I need to do differently? What didn’t work last year and what do I want more of this year?” I’ll create a vision for each one of those areas. And then, from that vision, then I’ll start to create either goals or things I’m striving for.

Say that you have eight areas. Say you have your physical health, your mental health, your spiritual health, your money, your career, your parenting, your love relationship, and your friendships. So there are eight areas. If you create a vision for each of those areas, well, what I’m doing is I’m defining a lot of work for you—I’m sorry for that. But this is how you intentionally create an amazing life. It doesn’t have to be huge. It could be a sentence or two. But I literally, I’ll take days doing this. I’ll take several days at the end of the year, this time of year, defining what my vision is.

Then, I work down from there into goals. You end up, if you have eight areas, you might end up with 30 or 40 goals. The only problem with that is it’s hard to go after 30 or 40 goals. So then, I try to narrow it down and say, “What are the really big ones? What are the really big ones?” This is all top-down.

But I also like to go bottom-up. I like to say, “What is the number one or the number two or the number three things I need to do on a daily basis or a weekly basis? What are the things I need to put into my calendar every day, or I need to put in my calendar every week to drive the overall vision for the overall life?” That’s bottom-up.

Next week, I’m going to talk about what I think is the cornerstone practice or the cornerstone habit that makes all of this work. In fact, for the next two weeks I’m going to be talking about probably the two cornerstone habits that I think all this works.

But right now I would invite you, instead of coming up with some resolutions … I hate that word because that idea like, “I resolve,” that’s resolution. That word comes from the word resolve. “I resolve to do something this year,” and then by the second week of January you’ve forgotten what you’ve resolved to do. Instead, what I like to do is I create this amazing, compelling vision—intentionally create that vision for what your life is going to look like in this coming year, in the coming five years, in the coming 25 years. Create that vision and then use that vision to drive your entire year. Use that vision to drive your life.

I mean, the reality is, what we’re talking about is behavior change. Behavior change is really hard. There’s nothing easy about behavior change. It’s a lot easier to just keep on doing what we’ve been doing. But if you can sit down and create that vision … And this is big work. It’s not easy work. I’m shooting this little short video and I’m making it sound easy. It’s not. It’s not easy. It’s not simple. Your life doesn’t change overnight. But, you know what? Your life can change overnight. All it takes is that strong vision and really becoming invested in that vision and seeing what you can create in this coming year.

I’m Jeff Walker. Wherever you’re watching this, scroll down, leave a comment for me, tell me about your number one intention for the year, and let’s go get ‘em this week.

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31 Replies to “Designing An Incredible Life (Part 3)”

  1. Jeff, my number one earthly goal for the year is to establish a steady long term income that has at least a margin of freedom equal to twice my financial obligations.

    This is within the context of this priority list which I carry with me everyday internally and in this order. God, Marriage, Family, Church/Fellowship and Work.

  2. Thank you Jeff— i’ve been very sick with the Flu virus this entire Christmas break (despite getting my shot!) and I have been grieving the precious, lost time that I had carefully scheduled to be investing in my business! Your segment about what I’ll now call my Wealth of Health was extremely timely and I don’t believe in coincidence. Thank you, Jeff! May your 2019 far surpass your loftiest aspirations, PLF-ers!

  3. Get outside my comfort zone and do at least one collab/month
    Thanks for sharing this…I was just thinking I need come up with a concrete plan and focus for 2019 instead of continuing some of the things I did last year that didn’t bring the results I wanted, then read your email.

  4. Jeff, the wisdom you bring to the world reaches far beyond launching a product – thank you for both! This year my goal is to financially prove that my new business will support my family so I don’t have to take another full-time assignment. No product and no list yet, but I have the skills, experience and talent – just need to keep moving forward every day to achieve my goal (baby steps!). 🙂

  5. Good stuff Jeff and my focus this coming year is on starting to create a (worldwide) platform that helps people actually do every part of their life together with God in Jesus. Many facets to it and I believe it is the most powerful way to help people live most congruentlyy with themselves and others and toward their purpose. Thanks for what you are doing and may He bless you in every way this coming year..

  6. Thank you very much Jeff.
    A very refreshing yet detailed suggestion of the cornerstone habits for goals to be actioned.

  7. Good stuff.I have heard of you.I have read your messages but I have not really given attention to you.I think I should listen to you more.I am a high school teacher and always broke.My priorities for the coming year,God being on my side,is to improve my relationship Jehovah,improve my health and improve my income.Thanks.

  8. Jeff,
    Since finding and connecting with you several years ago my life has changed dramatically and continues to expand, thank you for your wisdom and knowledge! My number one intention for this year is actually to be more intentional in everything I do and to learn to embrace more structure.

    Love the series and Happy New Year to you, your family and your team.


  9. Jeff, I followed your suggestions for yearly visioning and planning last year and loved the process. This year when I reviewed what I had accomplished over the course of the past 12 months toward getting my book out into the world, I was really wowed. I also have a day job, so to see how much I got done in my publishing efforts was incredibly inspiring and motivating for me to continue on. I often remember “baby steps” and that those steps are part of walking toward a bigger vision. Thank you, as always, for your work!

  10. Michael Ray


    It’s crunch time for me!! At 58 and no retirement, because of me not doing what I needed to do I thank god for people like you who have made a difference in your life and you share what you have. I talk to people all the time about the PLF and how they plan to sell things they built ,and I am amazed at the answers, just like I was!! put it out and hope people buy it !!what an awakening for me, now I do not have to waste the rest of my life and hopefuly pull out of this nose dive. Love the video please keep it going thanx

  11. Happy Happy 2019, Jeff!

    Knowing it’s HARD, but knowing it’s worth it…..somewhere in there is the balance.
    Thanks for the reminder that self-focusing is so key. I sometimes feel indulgent when I sit with my clipboard and envision my life going forward. But I don’t know any other way but to design it. I enjoy the reflection process—good therapy, especially the ‘what didn’t work too well’ part. It feels honest and forgiving to study where we over-shot the mark or didn’t get there for whatever reason. I like coming clean, then setting out afresh with a more grounded vision. And having a whole year ahead also invites pie-in-the-sky big ideas.

    Many blessings!

  12. Hey Jeff,

    Thank you for the video. I would say I want to be intentional about “following thru” with plans!

    Thank you


  13. Having intention to build business next year but still allow flexible time for activities like rafting down the Grand Canyon in February.

  14. Value here. Thanks Jeff; love watching your videos.
    Greetings from New Zealand.

  15. Bob Carpenter


    Jeff, thanks for your never-ending inspiration! My #1 intention is to complete my Business Plan on April 1. Then I’ll spend a few days with you – working to complete my launch plan at PLF Live, starting April 4th, while my website & application are in development. Finally, it will be time to launch my way to the life I intend to live.
    Wishing you and your family all the best life can bring – throughout the coming year!
    Sincerely, Bob

  16. Awesome Jeff! Love the idea of top down vs bottom up. My #1 intention for this year is to help 500 moms start their own profitable business running Facebook ads for clients so that they can stay home with their kids.

  17. Thank you, Jeff, for sharing your wisdom with us in these videos. They are helping me to focus on what I need to do to see real results in the weeks and months ahead. Wishing you, your family and PLF team a Happy New Year!

  18. Thanks Jeff! My main goal and focus for this upcoming days are developing and growing my business… Top-down and Bottom-up….as needed, then I’ll be doing well by doing good, and I can share, and help others.
    To do this I must change, If I keep doing what I’ve done, I’ll keep getting what I’ve always got.

    Wishing you Happy New Year!

  19. Hey J I think you know you’ve gotten my attention…how that will work out for you remains to be seen…and my vision is (actually it has been for more than 21 years)–

    you learn some interesting things in a bar

    years ago, the talk had turned to ‘the mob’

    “which one?” asked one of the elders

    that got me thinking!

    so now, 10 years after setting my sights on getting money away from ‘the mobs’

    and back to the people

    my opportunity to do so presented itself this past June/July (2018)

    and came into full view over the last few months…

    In september, as a displaced worker, I was eligible to explore setting up my own business

    I’ve been trying, and I’m getting close, but no cigar just yet…

    I feel it getting close (though since NYC is home to quite a few of the aforementioned…

    As to setting goals and the like, my only hope is that love can be more completely emphasized in every aspect of our lives, and though same may lead to some craziness as people begin to serve each other. which will lead to great peacefulness for more. Can that be my vision?

    • oh I meant also to say that I had been envisioning fighting corruption/waste for more than 10 years but that in September/October, it became my vision to set up something and make it happen, but I also know that LOVE conquers all.

  20. Ronaldo Garza


    Thank you for your leadership and great advice, Happy New Year 2019 !!

  21. Great 3-part series, Jeff. Very inspiring. I write lead-generation and sales copy for authors/speakers/coaches. My BIG intention this year is complete development on a second website –, which will include video instruction programs that will inspire authors and teach them how to write their own book marketing copy.

  22. Janet Neustedter


    Hi Jeff. Thanks for your sage advice. I don’t write down goals – until now!
    This year is my “Mind-set” year. I want to transition out of working for someone else and build my health coaching business.
    1) Write out goals and prioritize life as you stated above
    2) Finish reading Launch
    3) Be mindful on a daily basis about getting my vision to reality
    4) Manifest my reality. No more “if’s” – time is now

  23. Emile Fitzmaurice


    Thanks Jeff
    Your example of living an intentional life is great

  24. U just spoken my mind.
    I really appreciate your generosity support.
    Resolution doesn’t help.
    Thanks you.

  25. Carol Joyous


    Thanks for the visual of the top-down triangle. I’m a big picture thinker and visualizing the next steps fitting into a triangle, gives me structure. My focus this year is on completing my first launch in Q1 and over the next 12 months reaching more than 10,000 people and helping them get started on living their best lives doing what they love.Wishing you, your family, your team, and all my fellow PLFer’s a very happy, blessed, healthy, successful 2019 filled with more financially successful launches than ever!

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