Moving Beyond Fear and Uncertainty with Gratitude

by on Nov 19 2016

There’s a lot of fear and uncertainty in the world right now… and it’s tough to be creative if you get caught up in it. Here’s a simple way to pull yourself into a more creative state…

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Recognizing what you have to be grateful for is an incredible antidote to fear. (Click to tweet.)

Gratitude is the answer to fear and uncertainty. (Click to tweet.)

Gratitude is key to pulling yourself up into a positive, more creative state. (Click to tweet.)


  • Noémia Matos says:

    Good hearts like yours are not so affluent.
    You are an amazing expert in your field and also in your charisma.
    I’m so grateful to cross with you in my life

    I’m so grateful for so many things
    for being alive
    for all my family and friends
    for the lessons learned
    for the all mornings & todays
    for all pains and joyfull moments
    for the faith in a better world.

    My dear Jeff, you are a very blessed and loved person
    I’m so happy to listen to all your videos
    and feel each word of you as a precious treasury.

  • Jan says:

    Grateful to wake up & hear your Thanksgiving video 🙂

  • go walker let’s go I like your encouraging engagement in these videos! I need this experience heartedly!

  • so true JWalker…its what the world needs now!

  • Rachel Jenkins says:

    Thank you – Nicely expressed 😍 You have helped widen the smile on my face today Jeff and inspired me to share this with my family, friends and business community 👍 Rachel x

  • Thank you Jeff for the reminder and the smile ! Blessed!

  • Hi Jeff,

    I have enjoyed your video’s they are great. I am not ready for my fist launch, However, as a Realtor and Investor who wants to share what I know, I am about to start.

    Keep it up.

    Ken Strauss

  • Paul Carter says:

    Hey Jeff,

    I woke up today to a few issues that I had allowed to pull me down. Your video brought me right back up. I’m grateful for that. Thanks.


  • Dawn Engler says:

    Thank you Jeff.
    I am really working hard on improving my gratitude practice. One thing I am so grateful for is finding you and all of the chutes and ladders that have come from the association of being a PLF owner in 2014.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
    (I’m currently ranch sitting in Hesperus and look out weather tonite!)

  • Linden St. Clair says:

    All of your stuff is awesome Jeff, but the audio on this is not up to par.

  • Ralph Havens says:

    I am grateful for many things. And I’ve found that being happy first is the key. From there, knowing what to do, the “X” of what to do, in order to get “Y” , can show up and it can show up as inspiration. The inspired action is then the thing to do. Like you said, “the next thing to do”.

    Finding PLF is my “X” , the “what to do next” in order to get the “y”. I have spent many years in meditation and qigong practice and my energetics and physical practices in order to make big changes in people’s lives, especially getting to the root causes of their chronic and mysterious conditions.

    For the past few years, I knew that changing or getting to the root cause in order to achieve financial abundance had to be another pattern like finding the key to fixing up chronic or mysterious conditions.

    The inspired action step for me I can see now is PLF with Jeff Walker. So I am grateful to know Jeff at least online so far and am excited and happy to be using his PLF as my inspired action, my “X” in order to get my “Y”.

    So Thank you Jeff.

    Ralph Havens

  • John golitz says:

    Gratitude does really change your attitude and brings more good things into your life. I like to think of 10 things I love or are greatfull for before I get out of bed. I am always amazed how great a day I have when I do that!

  • Lorena Flomin says:

    Thank you Jeff! Happy Thanksgiving to all our Americans brothers!!! In this busy world sometimes we forget about this important thought in life.
    So happy to have found you!

  • Bill Loeber says:

    Thanks Jeff. What I have been trying to do to counteract all the negativity is to increase my Random Acts of Kindness efforts to boost my own emotional immune system to protect me from the negativity of the recent election and its aftermath. I have a name for it: Immune-to-itol. Everytime I do something nice and unexpected for a complete stranger with no expectation that it will be returned, I feel a jolt of good feeling inside. It changes me inside.

  • P.K. says:

    Thank you! You stand as a leader for me. I am grateful for my freedom to choose who I am going to be each day. I look at Thanksgiving as my New Year. An opportunity to give thanks, to assess and acknowledge all that has been given to me clears my mind and helps me begin to plan for the next 365 days. My plan for 2017 begins now so that I am ready January 1, 2017.

  • Francesca says:

    Thank you Jeff! This is just what I needed this morning. You are such a warm, kind soul and your message is truly inspiring.

  • Aaron Koral says:

    Jeff: I’m grateful for the amazing content you share with viewers like me every week. You are a wonderful teacher and I consider you to be one of my online mentors. Here’s to your continued success, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

  • Elyse says:

    You are such a lovely person/mentor/coach Jeff. Thanks for this.

  • Thank you Jeff for your inspiring video message!
    Fear and uncertainty unchecked can become debilitating and paralyze our best efforts. Recognizing the signs and changing your mindset is the first step to to getting back on track. Seeking the blessings in life brings us toward a grateful attitude and resets our focus.
    I am so grateful for my family, my business, my health and the faith to persevere. Thank you for spreading your kind words.
    I hope that everyone near and far experiences a very Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Carl Davies says:

    This was a great message, Jeff. I am so grateful for my business. My mentors who help me to grow every day and to help grow my business to better heights. I’ve met some amazing people who I can now call friends? Thanks for making this video!

  • Michael Zagrodny says:

    Jeff – thanks so much for the heart felt message. Happy Thanksgiving to and yours. I am looking forward to meeting you face to face someday soon. Mike

  • Chris says:

    Gratitude is one of the sharpest lenses to focus on those who have little to be thankful for. I find I am mostly grateful when contrasted with those who have it harder than I do, so in a strange way thankfulness is bound to giving. The more I give the more thankful I am. A perfect circle. Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Mike says:

    Grateful for your teachings Jeff!

  • I’m grateful to have you, Jeff as my business mentor. Looking forward to seeing what I can do for you to reciprocate. ~

  • Vicki says:

    I am grateful that I have gotten to know you and your positive outlook on life

  • Paula Oleska says:

    Thank you Jeff! Love ya!

  • Oya says:

    “What is the next step to move me forward…..moving confidently forward”
    This is a confirmation for me that tells me I am on track….”The beat goes on…”
    Thanks for your gentle sincerety,
    Congratulations on 20 years and 30 videos !!! Cheers

  • Kathleen Kunster says:

    Among many other things, Jeff, I am grateful for the marketing information you publish. May you and your family be blessed.

  • Jenine Gobbi says:

    Thank you so much, Jeff! This was the perfect message for me today. I love your authentic enthusiasm in helping us all move forward with having an impact and creating a successful life!


    Thank you Jeff. I needed that today. I am truly grateful for many things as well. I am also grateful for you!

  • Danielle Marshall says:

    Definitely the message I needed to hear today!

  • Thanks Jeff. I’m grateful for Donna, and my family. For my health. And for the opportunity we have to build a business that makes a difference in people’s lives. Here’s an early Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends.

  • Marvin Towler says:

    Jeff, I am grateful that I have joined the PLF community. A lot of people claim to be “heart-based” entrepreneurs, you are the real deal. I am excited to be on this journey with you.


  • I am grateful for good hearts like yours! Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Gregory says:

    Great video, Jeff!

  • Joanna says:

    Video is sooo scary for me – a real growing edge I’m intent to grow into. The fact that you, too, once struggled with awkwardness on camera, made this commitment, did so publicly, and showed up for it the way you did – it’s a wonderful inspiration, for me and I expect, for many others who love and follow your work. So thank you, Jeff, and congratulations on your work anniversary, too! You’ve shared that luckiness with all of us, and we’re all luckier and richer for it.

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