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If gratitude were a drug, it would be the most popular drug in the world. Here's what it can do for you (and an easy way to put it into your life)…

Here's the link to Ocean Robbins' blog post about gratitude.

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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64 Replies to “Grateful For More Than One Day”

  1. Thanks for that video. Funny because I’ve been studying Eben Pagan’s message about Habit Gravity and I’m having a hard time staying with it. Using your 3-Wins technique can be a catalyst. One win each day can be repeating the action I’m trying to habituate. I’ll DO it!

  2. Thanks Jeff. Focusing on Gratitude alone can change our lives so much and the 3 wins is a perfect way to help focusing on gratitude. Love it.

  3. Great video Jeff, glad to see you like to hols onto this day and bring gratitude into your daily life. Very inspirational.

    Many blessings,

  4. Thank you for a wonderful way to flip on the gratitude switch that keep the light burning for 24 hours. I use visualization during my morning walks to vividly see the people and things in my life I am grateful for. I think your implication that it’s easier to have wins when we have lubricated our minds and wills with gratitude is right on because for me I know I can see everything more clearly and I am just so much more receptive to the good things life is trying to send my way when I practice gratitude each day.

  5. Jeff,

    I am “grateful ” for the reminder, excellent message especially as we start this crazy time of year. I have started doing that before but never seem to make it a habit…’s a new day. Thank you.

  6. Jeff,

    in February of 2007, I had breakfast with a mentor who helped me develop a “gratitude plan” for our recently-started business. You see, I had a marketing/financial/executive/client plan. But, a GRATITUDE plan?

    I’m forever grateful to Jim for helping me with that. The past 9 years we have had year-over-year growth; and, iI believe in my heart that Gratitude is a significant reason why…

  7. Thank you for this beautiful post, Jeff. Gratitude is my drug of choice, too… perhaps we can get some more people hooked? 😉 Over here in Bali, a few years back a few of us got together and started Global Gratitude Day, which we now celebrate with friends from around the world. On that day we gather and express our gratitude in spoken word, in written word, in silence, in song, in dance and in play — and then, of course, we share a fabulous meal! Gratitude is balm for the human spirit, and is well and truly the gift that keeps on giving (as you clearly already know).

    Thank you for being your wonderful self. Keep shining. So grateful for you.

  8. John Nelson


    Great video, Jeff. I love the similarity between you and Eben with the life advice you offer. You’re both marketing gurus, but the subtext of it all is a more empowered, healthier life. So you mix and match life hacks, NLP basics, self improvements and marketing advice all in the same email list. (a bit like Tony Robbins, only where I don’t feel like this whirl wind just hit me. Ha)
    What makes your videos stand out is there’s a lot of sincere joy in how present your information. You are always smiling and you almost seem like you could laugh at any moment. Hearing a post about a gratitude practice from you comes across as sincere, and with the subtext of “if you only heed one piece of my advice, make sure it’s this one”

    This gratitude practice reminds me of James Altucher’s daily practice from “Choose your self”. I like yours because it’s a little easier going, and I think expressing and embracing gratitude before manifesting the next phase in life will have some significant results. I’ll do a win right here: I watched this video, and it confirmed that doing a daily practice of gratitude is indeed a fundamental step towards on going success

  9. Wonderful exercise, Jeff! Thanks. I remember about 15 years ago, when I was living in Los Angeles… I practised a gratitude exercise. I would be in traffic and looked around me seeing all the cars and roads and buildings and landscapes. I was so thankful for this amazing abundance all around me, Living in a country where the people were able to create and share such an infrastructure. I would feel in awe of this simple observation that is easily taken for granted. It’s nice to have the reminder and suggestion to make this a consistent daily habit!

  10. This is a nice way to start out a Sunday morning and a great idea to stretch out our Thanksgiving beyond this holiday weekend.

  11. Thanks for the reminder to look at everyday in a positive light. I will try this! Yesterday my wins were:
    –Met a small health/diet goal
    –Strolled through downtown Colorado Springs, enjoying the Small Business Saturday despite the horrific events of the day before
    –Worked with my husband to create a business that will change our lives!

    Thanks, Jeff. Happy Thanksgiving!

  12. Truth Paradise


    I so love this and you for being such a positive force in the world. Thank yoiu You are one of my heroes

  13. Thank you so much for your video on gratitude! Your enthusiasm is awesome and contagious! I started a gratitude practice a few years ago and it is truly life changing!

  14. Just wanted to say that I am most GRATEFUL for YOU !!! and studying and applying your wisdom to our business I know is going to be a HUGE win for Aventuras Sol y Luna !

  15. Wow thanks for this jeff. I’ve been going over Bob Proctor seminar and he talks about this. He goes over ‘Think and Grow Rich’ I listen to this many years ago, what a great book to go over again.

    Thanks again.

  16. Thank you for your spoken awareness .I start my practice every morning with gratitude. I really like your offering of writing down 3 wins each evening and 3 wins for the next day, also 3 gratitudes . I am definitely going to add this into my life . I am also going to share this with my students, friends and family. Thank you Jeff, for helping to create a better world. Namaste

  17. I tried the 3 wins thing, but a win to me felt like someone was losing, so I did not continue, but I like to have a stone that I hold and think of 10 things that I am grateful for each day.

    On thanksgiving, I went with my son to our favorite waterfall and picked a special stone and brought it back to use at Thanksgiving diner. We passed the stone around the table and everyone said something they were grateful for when they held the stone. It was pretty cool and my brother-in law who was not really into this kind of thing, wanted to keep the stone! I hope we make it a tradition.

  18. Thanks Jeff. I really look forward to your blog post every weekend. The simple power is absolutely amazing. I have a tendency to get the next new shiny thing and not focus. This will help me focus. Keep doing false starts on the PLF program. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Will be remembering the 30 days (as I’m writing it down now, after all, the dullest pencil remembers more than the sharpest mind.). Lost sight several years ago of my spiritual side and the concept of “find the good and praise it!” Ready to get back on track. Thanks again for your wonderful weekend blog posts.

    • Hey, Robert,

      Great response! I love your quote about the pencil–so true. I must say I love a sharp pencil, but a dull one does the trick.

      With gratitude,


  19. Great habit to achieve. So very true. This helps to change your mindset. Stop dwelling on defeats and disappointments, but center on the good.

  20. Thanks for the grateful post! I had forgotten about the 3 Wins Today/Tomorow plus 3 gratitudes. A nightstand note to do it.

    This past week I pondered about when I felt the most grateful. My answer actually surprised me.

    I found that my deepest gratitude is rooted in serving others.

    It can be as simple as holding the door for another person and the smile they have when they realize you’re thinking of them.

    It can be that extra hour in my day I spend simplifying a concept for a client, giving them clarity and happiness about “oh, so that’s how it works…that’s not so bad after all!”

    Or helping out in the PLF community.

    I feel grateful to be of service. To have something to contribute

  21. Thanks for the video Jeff. I give gratitude to God for giving me a chance to learn from great people like you.

  22. Dwayne Jones


    I have experienced the impact of 3 wins & 3 anticipated practice. I will add the 3 gratitudes, and I will focus on the daily practice. I like the idea of being easier on myself while I graduate my practice to a truly daily habit. Thank again Jeff for sharing your timely insights and of course PLF.

  23. Sidney Lander


    Awesome!! Just watched this before heading to sleep. Since I alway journal before bed I added this in. It’d felt like a pretty wasted day. But once I slowed down and went through my day for the three wins, I found them with ease and even more started showing up!
    Thank you, for always being the cheery and chill dude with great stuff to share showing up in my inbox 😀

  24. Habits, habits, habits! All goes down to habits, the habits that steadily and consistently change our lives…. and what you remind us of today, is one of the most important habits that will build the solid Entrepreneurial foundation that we need. thank you very much Jeff, your Sunday posts make an impact in our minds and help us change Humankind!

  25. Great post Jeff, thank you! This is a perfect way to keep the gratitude flame burning all year round.

  26. Luiz Henrique R Siqueira


    Thanks for the video, I’m starting to spread greatful here in Brazil. Have a great week.

  27. Hello Jeff,
    your “gratitude talk” is a great reminder that no matter what our day was like, there are always things for which we can be grateful. Reminding ourselves of these small “wins” puts us in a positive mind-frame, so it’s a great technique to do whether at bedtime or in the morning. Thanks for your video.

  28. Thanks for sharing! I used to have a gratitude journal similar to the 3 wins you described…but mine was 5 and at least 1 thing had to be about moving my business forward. I stopped. It’s time to begin again. Thanks again.

  29. Dania Ellis


    grATTITUDE….my attitude.
    I start my day, in bed, before I start my day, EVERYDAY, where I say my “grattitude”s in life. It starts my day off in the right direction, makes me think about everything I am grateful for. Typically, the first thing is thank you for another day. 🙂
    I want to work on the 3 WINS. I will try it out and will ask my clients to try after I se how it works for me. I KNOW it is going to be a game changer. And thank you.

  30. Thanks, Jeff!

    In his classic 1960s book Psycho-Cybernetics (itself a big influence on Dan Kennedy), Dr Maxwell Maltz recommended saying the following aloud every morning:

    1. I will be as cheerful as possible.
    2. I will try to feel and act a little more friendly toward other people.
    3. I am going to be a little less critical and a little more tolerant of other people, their faults, failings and mistakes. I will place the best possible interpretation upon their actions.
    4. Insofar as possible, I am going to act as if success were inevitable, and I already am the sort of personality I want to be. I will practice “acting like” and “feeling like” this new personality.
    5. I will not let my own opinion color facts in a pessimistic or negative way.
    6. I will practice smiling at least three times during the day.
    7. Regardless of what happens, I will act as calmly and intelligently as possible.
    8. I will ignore completely and close my mind to all those negative and pessimistic “facts” which I can do nothing to change.

    Best, Tim

  31. Steve Utley


    Such a great reminder- thank you Jeff!
    I like the comment on breathing, we definitely all have this in common, and it’s up to us how we view it. The power of perspective is pretty incredible.
    We all aspire to have joy in our lives…
    Maximum joy is, joined at the hip of gratitude. There is no plan – B. “Well, not a good one anyway”.
    Once it became crystal clear to me, that living is fatal, I have become serious about living my life in Plan – A
    I look forward to meeting you, not sure when or how, but soon.
    Love the simple truths, thanks again Jeff!

  32. Thanks for this posting Jeff. I have always had an ‘Attitude of Gratitude’. This was instilled in myself and my siblings as children and is a quality we have carried with us all the way through to adulthood. It was borne out of the prayer we would say at the dinner table and the prayers we would say for others before bed. Mother taught us ‘Thank the Lord for what he has provided, Amen’. We knew we did not have much, but we were grateful for what we did have. A friend close to the family was quick to point out to me once ‘ I noticed that your family was quite poor’ then went on to mention some things that we, as children, had thought were the norm ! Somewhat bold of her eh what ? !! ! yet despite our circumstance that , in the absence of expensive material possessions we instead , fully recognised that the love experienced could be and has been shared with others in an altruistic way and added to that Giving a hug, a hand-hold and showing someone they are not alone in the world…now that is priceless ! So at this time, although not an American celebrating Thanksgiving, I give God thanks for a Community of like-minded people and right-
    minded people and for you , Jeff who created a community of giving people who by their contributions have gone on to make a difference in other people’s lives (as we saw in PLF live). I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and much success !

  33. Hi Jeff, Nice video. Thanks. A friend and I exchange nightly gratitudes and we’ve been doing it for almost 2 years (consecutive days). It’s a great anchor and stabilizer. I’m a past participant and fan of Strategic Coach and like Dan’s “3 Win’s” spin. I also, enjoyed completing your recent launch of Product Launch Formula. I’m grateful for that as well! Sorry for your recent family loss.

  34. Lt Col L Shri Harsha, Retd


    Hi Jeff, It is always a great feeling to remind ourselves that we are guests on this planet and we should be grateful for every day that passes by. We should be grateful for the people around us, with whom we interact because of whom we have our ups, which makes us feel happy and light hearted, and also grateful to those who give us pain, because they push us to become stronger, balanced in our thinking and help us mature in our behaviour towards others.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  35. Hi Jeff. Thank you very much for your great inspiration. I hope some day our paths cross. I live in Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo, Guerrero, Mexico. If you are ever near, I woukld be honored to meet you personally! Until then, let´s go get them this week!!!

  36. I am very grateful for having lived over 80 years, and hopefully more. Always be thankful not only for big things but even for the least significant ones. Gratefulness is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced daily in your life.

  37. Jeff, as always, an inspiring video. The three wins exercise is going into my daily practice. I’m sure I’ll see a difference in 30 days.

  38. Dear jeff if you do any thing good it come bavk to you.I am in India and not fully conversant with the English langusge but I have learn a lot from you. To day i have seen the vedio and seen you . Gretuate is to come . I pray to God for your long life and hope you will continue to teach me

  39. Jeff, the three wins a day will work great for me. The program I was working said to write down ten grateful things for the day. That didn’t last long. Can’t wait to see want happens in 30 days. Thank you so much.

  40. Jeff, many thanks for this. I too suffered the loss of a family member recently (my dad, this past June). My condolescences on your loss. Will integrate Dan’s “three wins” and your three items of gratitude into my nightly journal writing. Also, will make it a part of my sons’ bedtime routine, when my wife and I do the goodnight prayers with them.

  41. LOVE THIS! I’m also with Strategic Coach and have been using this amazing WINS system! And I also do the 3 THINGS I’M GRATEFUL for every morning! Amazing at shifting your mindset to the positive and attracting more of it!!! THANK YOU JEFF! You ROCK!

  42. I am grateful for the PLF community and for your example Jeff, of living a life of gratitude.

    I like your idea of embracing gratitude for at least 30 days.

    My family has a tradition we practice every night at the dinner table. We go around the table and share our highs, lows, something we learned that day and something we are grateful for. This is my favorite part of the day.

    When friends join us for dinner, they can’t wait to participate and join in the conversation.

    Thanks for illuminating the path for those of us who have joined you on this journey!

  43. I love your attitude. Smiling when you speak.
    As a child I was taught to find things to be grateful for which has lifted me throughout my life, but I like the idea of thinking of three things that I’d be grateful for. Very good idea. This gives direction.
    Thank you

  44. Thank you for this Jeff – “three wins today, three gratitudes, three wins tomorrow” is such a simple practice, but profoundly effective from my experience of less than a week of it! The clarity and focus of this practice gives it real edge.

  45. Thank you Jeff for this reminder, and for the Habit Gravity info!
    In my practise one of the things I teach and remind people is “Children do better when they feel better”, but this is true for every individual.
    Finding the three wins, and gratitude makes us feel better, thus will help us do better. Whatever field we are in, whatever our goal, whatever our journey.
    I am grateful for your reminder, and for my intuition which led me to watch your video even if tired.
    Thank you.

  46. Hi Jeff, I enjoy listening to all your good stuff.
    Gratitude is so full of energy, we all should practice it a lot more.
    Thank you for sharing all your good stuff.

  47. Thank you for sharing what I call the three win philosophy. I have shared this with my students and it has been great. Setting big goals for most people is very difficult but three wins is easy and they really took to it. I am on day 25 and it is almost a habit.

    I am so grateful you took the time to share this idea with me. Anything else you would like to share would be most appreciated

    In Spirit,


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