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The coaching industry had been on the fringes of the business world for decades… 

Until it finally exploded into the mainstream about a decade ago. 

Nowadays, coaching is a common part of our culture. And if you’re looking for a proven path to help accelerate your online success, becoming a coach is one of the best ways to do it.  

Here’s why – and how to get started (even if you’re brand new).

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17 Replies to “A Well-Trodden Path to Online Success”

  1. Linda Hennings


    Awesome post thank you Jeff! Just what I needed today to remind me that baby steps is still the right way to go! 🙏🙏🙏. Hope you get that snow soon!

    • Maureen Moran


      I love these informal talks… They are like little cool breezes on a hot summer’s day.

      I was getting bogged down, burnt out before I had even begun. Between the unopened Module 3 staring accusingly at me from my inbox… my discovery of the very useful ‘The Launch Path’ program in the bonus section… and the absolute necessity of getting through all of the modules on list building in the next hour… there was smoke coming out of my ears. Phew!
      Thank you for reminding me about those baby steps.



      Jeff, I appreciate your compassion towards helping others towards their success.
      Thank you for your sincerity.

  2. Chrystal de Freitas


    I’m inspired – thank you – and wish you all the best for snow!
    Chrystal is beautiful sunny San Diego!

    • Hi, Jeff!

      I liked the interview, congratulations!

      I worked in the area of Television and that reminded me about this wonderful work!

      Watching the interview, I realized that I can be a good Coach because people liked my TV programs.

      It was about knowing the guest invited at the show and asking the right questions!

      I choose to buy PLF Program but I didn’t start!

      I have the conversation that I don’t know how to use it!

      My intention is to start and apply it! If it was working for you and other people ot will work for me, for sure!

      Thank you, Jeff, for the amazing job you are doing!
      I am so greatful!

      At the end, I wish you a wonderful winter, with much snow, and a magic Christmas time with your family and friends, including your lovely black cat (I have also a black cat)!

      Happy New Year 2022!

  3. John Kremer


    Coaching is incredibly important, not just for newbies but also for those of us who have been in a business for 35 years or more.

  4. Dear Jeff,
    Thank you very much for your videos, very inspiring, it helps me so much to keep working on what you’ve taught me in your great 3 day class. I am very grateful for what I’ve received from you. Whenever I watch your videos, I feel , I am sitting with an old dear friend…
    The snow you can make easily yourself. Years back I read Masaru Emoto’s book about memory of the water. And he says there,” Look on the sky where is small cloud , and imagine empty sky, and silently repeat, The cloud has disappeared, Thank you for doing that.” and the cloud will disappear in few minutes.
    At that time I told myself, What if I will do it the other way and make the rain ?
    It works perfectly. I made rain whenever I, and the nature around need it. Takes just a little bit of practice.
    If you need more ‘coaching ‘, you can call me or skype, or call me and I will happily show you how to do it..

  5. Hi Jeff, I never wanted me to see as a coach but more and more my work with my clients shows me that it is actually coaching what I do and not just some relaxation courses.
    I really like the scenery in your video and I actually experienced exactly the same when I was skiing long time ago. I learned so much with a coach.
    Since I moved to the UK in 2008 I haven’t been skiing anymore at all 🙁
    Happy 2nd advent

  6. Thank you Jeff. I am currently in your business class, but I wanted to add coaching to my tools and was debating on signing up for a class now… Thank you for confirming my decision just on time. Thank you

  7. Jose M Baltazar


    Thanks for your video Jeff. I’m principally an author and teacher. Retired from Higher Ed after 42 years.
    I enjoy coaching and it’s been my experience that if I teach one to many, and continue writing and publishing my books, I have never lacked clients for individual coaching as a result. It gives me lots of joy being able to contribute individually to someone’s life and make more friends that way too.

  8. Billy Henry


    Great videos… as usual.
    Regarding snow. I will visit with one or two of our local Shamans in Ecuador and see if they can order up the snow that far away.

  9. Just what I needed.! I was questioning whether to offer coaching as part of my wealth building course. I’ve got the calendar set up and ready, but was going to opt out. So glad you reminded me that coaching is an integral part of the transformation I am seeking to offer to my owners.

  10. My background as a nutritionist lead me down the path to study Exercise Science to satisfy my desire to have more time with helping people heal and feel their best. I had one client i coached on an online fitness site who had a positive outcome. Thanks for the encouragement to keep coaching others in the business your currently doing.

  11. Edmund Wigram


    Hi Jeff, tough for you about the snow, we don’t get to ski here in south west Scotland, there is very rarely enough snow, we are more a rain zone. I hope for you that the snow comes soon, and plenty of it, as of course it is the source of water for vast areas of your country. No snow means less water and a dire future for your people, farmers and businesses downstream.

    Thank you for the coaching viewpoint, I get that absolutely, and coaching is really where I started in 1997, and life flourished and grew for ten years, until a change of direction came with a need to write about it. So now I am back to square one, needing to get my words out there too. Back then it was a second lifetime, in ’97 I was fifty-five, boundless energy and lots of experiences, developing a new path of healing and teaching that. Now, nearly twenty-five years later, my circumstances are different, less strength and energy, and even more experiences to pass on. So PLF is helping me already, and where it will take me I don’t yet know, but all options are open, maybe this is my third lifetime starting….

    Snow… think snow… dream snowclouds… dream-time is where it happens

    With love and best wishes
    Edmund Wigram (usually called Bill)

  12. Colleen Purtill


    Hey Jeff,
    Wow, perfect message and perfect timing. I’ve spent my life being coached in the sports sense (gymnastics, volleyball, basketball, skiing). I realize that deep down I’ve been wanting to give back to all the wonderful people who supported me, helping me more than survive those junior and senior high school years. The answer? Pay it forward! I’m so grateful to have found so many mentors to learn from to do just that, including you! I just came out of a 3 day workshop with Claire Zammit and a clearer vision than ever around my purpose: to guide the transformation of women, my sisters in science, who are feeling invisible and under utilized. I want to empower these women, especially those with an Indigenous background, to step boldly into their futures and be the light this planet so desperately needs.
    I’m in Calgary, about an hour from Banff and the Rocky Mountains, and I echo your plea for snow. Cross country skiing in the Kananaskis is where I commune with nature in quiet hours.
    Love love love 🏔️❄️☀️


  13. Freddy Moreno


    I just watched a couple of videos about your COACHING ! Quite encouraging indeed. And that’s what I’m preparing to do, but I didn’t have the simple strategy you outline, now I feel better oriented and more confident. Thanks Jeff

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