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Creating raving fans for your business doesn’t happen by accident…

by on Aug 11 2018

Creating raving fans for your business doesn’t happen by accident…

Lessons from YouTube Critics

by on Aug 04 2018

Someone left a negative comment on the video I filmed with Tony Robbins. And as crazy as it sounds, I thought they brought up a very good point about what it takes to achieve success in life…

From Success to 73x Success

by on Jul 28 2018

There’s business growth… and then there’s 73x business growth. In this week’s video, my friend Erico Rocha shares the 4 tips (and they might surprise you) that helped him achieve such massive success.

The big takeaways…

  • The skill that separates “the best from the rest” (hint: it’s not mastering the latest shiny tactic)
  • Who you’re really competing against (and why it’s important to really get this one right)
  • How to turn every setback into a big opportunity for you and your business

The One-Day Workweek

by on Jul 21 2018

One of my clients has been able to grow his business 8x while transitioning to a one-day workweek. In this video, I asked him to share the story of how he was able to make that happen…

How To Never Run Out Of Content Ideas

by on Jul 07 2018

When I started publishing my weekly videos five years ago, I worried that I would run out of stuff to talk about. But it hasn’t happened yet. Here’s some thoughts on how to never run out of content ideas…

“It Sounds Awesome, But…”

by on Jun 30 2018

There’s a question I get pretty regularly, even after 22 years in business. And no matter how many times I get asked, I’m going to keep answering it. Here’s why…

Growing Your Business by 17x (and It’s Not All About the Numbers)

by on Jun 23 2018

Here’s how Susan Garrett took her dog training business online, and then turned it into a seven-figure business that’s grown 17x over the years… (and yes, you really can teach dog training online)

Winning the Day, Every Day

by on Jun 09 2018

When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice… you can have an average day, or a great one. Here’s what I do every morning (okay, most mornings) to set myself up for success.