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When I recently asked my tribe, “what’s holding you back?” I saw a couple of common themes. Fear of failure was one. Waiting to figure out the “best” lead magnet/offer/funnel/etc. was another. Both of these hinder your progress in your business if you let them… but fortunately, there’s a simple solution to both.

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32 Replies to “Two Problems, One Solution”

  1. I want to say thank you for the message!!! This is something I needed to hear.

  2. This is the best 2 minutes video I’ve seen in a while. I am very scared of something and not sure what.. I tried couple of businesses in the past and both failed miserably after much investment and since I’ve decided to stick to high paid job and short working hours.. but every time I keep going back to What if the business I launch is actually what I like doing which is coaching could that work or fail.. and am I willing to invest and take the risk again for the 3rd time.. I’ll be honest and say I’m not sure. There is nothing worst than broken dreams.. and I feel that if I don’t go for this now it will be a lifelong regret.. thank you for your words they made me want to do this.. for 6 years I keep holding back for the best.. I shot probably 30+ videos and never shared any due to fear of judgement probably.. it’s time to push those live. Thank you Jeff! Amazing as always. I’m a product launch manager and my expertise comes from your course and training i took years ago. Thank you for all you do. You are an amazing soul.

  3. Shubam Guptha


    Just insightful information as always.
    As I heard Jeff pointing best lead magnet, thought I would point you something thats working for us from last 13 months, this tool called Optingun didn’t show magical results but this is adding more qualified leads to our followup lists.

    Thanks Jeff and stay safe people!

  4. Thank You for your words, I follow you but now I need to jump. Hahahahaha
    I just retired and moved from Long Island NY which was very successful for me. Now I have to
    re-invent myself. *** GRRRRR **** So I’m in an area which is not financially affluent. So what do I do?

  5. You´re always so inspiring that I enjoy all your videos and emails.
    Thanks, Jeff.
    Time to move on 🙂
    Warm regards from Greece!

  6. Dan Calabrese


    You hit a home run with this video Jeff! So obvious yet so many never see it.

  7. Hi Jeff, the cajun guitar teacher here. I always enjoy your info videos. You really hit it on the head today. I’ve been holding back releasing a new guitar lesson course simply because I’m wondering if it would be successful. I won’t know until I try will I. Thanks Jeff.

  8. Hi Jeff,
    I’m an ordinary guy.
    Looking at my long history I will admit that generally, I am a failure, but I know that because I am, and know where I’m going, I will soon be the success I know, who lives inside my skin.

    My book is almost ready to launch and it will help failures just like me and others, to do exactly what you so thoughtfully explain in your videos. Then we will move forward with confidence.

    Yes, I have procrastinated in the process and am into my third final edit. This should be the one that will issue the last approval so that I will finally send the manuscript to the printer.

    Fear? Yes, but I’ll never be the success I know is inside until I do as you have rightly explained.

    Thank you, Jeff, for your encouragement.
    Doug S..

  9. Carol O'Connor


    If you’re not acting because of fear of failure, you’re failing already. Listen up, me!
    Thanks Jeff!

  10. Hi Jeff I got the impression that you are reading my thoughts, or listening to the phone. Because everything that you told in this video, I’m all experiencing it at the moment. I hone the text of the series endlessly. But the problem is, I can’t reduce the video time to at least 20 minutes. I have a very long video. Thank you for your support.

  11. Jeff you hit it right on target. Place the fear in the Flame!. That is the flame of God. The same flame that Moses witnessed in the burning bush. Let the flame of God dissolve, consume, and annihilate the fear. God’s flame is eternal and everlasting Step up in the Light and walk with confidence, wisdom, power and love
    F. Clemente Student of the Saint Germain Foundation, Phoenix, AZ

  12. Right on the money, Jeff. A simple, powerful solution for two problems. Great reminder! Thanks

  13. “Fear” is recorded in the Amygdala, which is the lowest part of the Limbic and it “touches’ the brain stem when electrical stimulus comes up the spinal cord. It purpose is for RECORDING stimulus that would ‘harm’ the body. But in humans we learned other emotional events that interrupted as ‘HARMFUL’….like insults, demeaning words….that what usually is the REASON for ‘FEAR OF FAILURE’. People have USUALLY IN PAST actually PERFORM and then was DEGRADED, DEMEANED regarding their performances by parents or teachers……Did not hit the baseball, strike out, received an ‘F” on test etc. Logic has nothing to do with it, since logic is in the Prefontal lobe of the brain….Jeff is correct, I did come to the conclusion, if you DO NOTHING from the position you are at…then it BIG FAT ZERO, but in limbic, ‘Fear of failure” is the 50% that learned as the “F’ grade…..Swing at ball 3 times and struck out, Took the exam, and you got 24 answers wrong out of 50……….At least for me, that how I figured out I learned ‘FEAR OF FAILURE’,….but those are other peoples JUDGMENT. LIFE IS ABOUT LIVING………so there no failure……….just living…so if you can think, write, speak, walk etc… should be grateful and you are a “success” at being alive. Jeff Bezo said his FIRST CONVENTION….NOBODY SHOWED UP.!!!

  14. Thanks Jeff for this. This month of April has proven to be the best month for my business because I decided to dive in and stop procrastinating.
    For over 4years after I made my first earnings online and failed since then. I gave up because I have room for the fear of failure to grow.
    But I made up my mind to start off my business one more time this year and I have made – not much but something that has left a huge smile on my face and has also given me the encouragement to keep on keeping on.
    Reminds me of the story of the lepers in the Bible who decided to go into the camp of the enemy because either way they’ll die.
    To kill procastination and the fear of failure. Action is imperative.

  15. “There is NO best”!

    Jeff, that is perhaps the most salient thing I’ve heard from you since you began making videos.

    The market is always changing, people’s needs are always changing. As marketers, we are trying to hit moving targets.

    The only way to achieve success is to dive in and learn to swim.

    Thanks for your weekly brilliance.

  16. Massi Learn


    As always, Jeff is on fire. The shear level of enthusiasm gushes out of every word
    Lessons learnt today, was perfect does not exist so you are really looking for a way out while telling yourself that it’s got to be perfect. Connect with your audience and pass on the enthusiasm.
    Launch, learn from the feed back that you get and relaunch again.

  17. Hey Jeff,
    this has been a struggle that I keep slipping into. The ‘gotta be right’ and ‘what if I fail’ (something that has been weighing me down for many years).
    So this was great and perfect reminder that as I am launch my Masterclass that its not about perfect, its about getting it out there, pivoting as I go, improve as I go, tweak as I go to keep improving along the excellence journey. Get in action, stay in action, keep moving! Perfect!
    Right on the money! and great format!

  18. I appreciate the video. In transitioning from employment to entrepreneurship, I have engaged in a lot of 2nd guessing, and then 2nd guessing leads to 3rd guessing and so on. Then I figured out that I just have to do, to take my lumps and my lessons and move forward. I can’t know the future, but the best way to influence the future is to act now. Thank you again.

  19. Hey Jeff, great video and really useful advice. If one is prone to procrastination, and / or analysis paralysis looking for the perfect product / service offering to launch with, It seems like it’s worth totally changing the aim from (a) launch a killer product to (b) just launch (almost) anything and work you tail off to become a listening (to the market) iteration machine with the shortest cycle time possible. To be successful, (assuming you’ll probably start in the wrong place like almost everyone else), you want or get through the inevitable failures between you and success, as quick as you can, so it seems you want to listen (intently and intentionally) and cycle fast. BR Phil

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