Keeping Your Eye on the Prize?

by on May 05 2018

As entrepreneurs, we gotta get SUPER-INTENSE white-hot-focused on our goals. But sometimes those goals are just an illusion. Here’s something that can be a lot more important…


  • Steve Etherington says:

    Hi, this is Steve from France in the french Alps, i was at the PLF live 2018 and one of the big lesson i ve learned, it exactly that you say in this video. It’s important to have goals, targets, specific destination but enjoy the journey and be totally aware at every moment is super important.



  • sharon morgan says:

    hi Jeff thankyou for sharing your hike with us such beautiful landscapes and back grounds listening to your uplifting messages I thankyou dearly have a great week guys

  • Judy Schramm says:

    Enjoy Sedona, Jeff! PLF Live was amazing, and you’re right, it’s harder to stay on track back in rim world than in that room with all the energy and great people. The Facebook group has been a big help, and thanks for the reminder about the journey and second chances. I’m working on my launch today!

  • Liz says:

    Hey Jeff, I’ve loved your inspiring videos for many years! Truly appreciate the out and back! As a mindfulness coach I appreciate the journey being what it’s all about.

  • Jeff
    I APPRECIATE that, sometimes I forget that. It’s all about the JOURNEY. LOVE IT,gotta get FOCUSED.

  • Francesco Zangarini says:

    Ciao Jeff…..!
    Thank you very much for the event, it was certainly a moment of reflection along my journey, for me personally was important to validate my idea with other people as this is the power of the TEAM….so, i have resume my work again guided to the prize at the end…!
    I had no chance to thank you in person, so I decided to do it here….!
    Francesco Zangarini

  • Dave says:

    There is your here and now,
    keep doing what you do ,
    you’ll get there.

    Thanks Jeff!

    Maybe I will meet you on a PLF meet,
    my journey is on the go!

  • Graham says:

    Hi Jeff, very insightful and timely for me. I realise after watching your video it’s time for me to re-commit to my business, enjoy the journey and do the work. Thank you

  • Marie says:

    Hi Jeff,

    love your stories! Thanks for doing these videos. It always feels good t connect with you!

  • Tara says:

    Hi Jeff,

    As I begin my launch journey, it’s nice to have this reminder. I am very capable of doing the work, and remembering its the journey is key. Thank you, as this is one of my second chances.

  • Hi Jeff, great reminder that you have to enjoy the journey and be present in the moment because you never really get “there.” You’re always in the moment and that’s all you really have. Reminds me of the old line, “Make it a point to be in the present, because every day is a present.” Thanks as always for the inspiration.

  • @Jeff PLF Live was an incredible experience!! And just one part of an amazing journey. I remember someone telling me it’s not about the destination but about who you become. When you get down or feel like it’s not happening how you thought, not only time for second chances, but also look at your level of investment. Are you playing full out.

    Thank you for an amazing peak experience at PLF Live. The journey continues!!

  • Hi Jeff,
    Thanks for the video. Being an outdoorsy person, I love your stories!

    I’m working my way through the videos, having just bought PLF at the live event. Thanks for being inspirational in your professional and personal life! I was crying buckets when you re proposed!

    Time to hit the trail myself!

    PS. My husband’s excited that I’m finally going to let him loose to do my photos and video and I can hardly wait for school to be out so that I canputmy 15 year old daughter to work on my instagram!

  • The magic of Sedona is a perfect place to recharge! It’s all about the journey…because without that, what do we have? Thanks Jeff! Enjoy Sedona.

  • Anna Sabino says:

    Great video on so many levels. It’s so important to recharge and not feel guilty about it.

    PLF live event was beyond words, life changing. Thank you for leading this amazing community of givers, which I’m now a part of.

  • Jeff, I was there at PLF LIVE. it’s been a tough morning. This video is what I needed today. Thank you very much for taking the time to do this each week.

  • Lory Strickland says:

    I have heard “enjoy the journey” so much on this journey that I am on. I don’t watch all of your videos, but felt led to watch this one. I was laughing to myself when I heard your message. Okay. Okay. I will enjoy the journey 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  • GREAT reminders. Thank you Jeff. Enjoy the journey AND take time to recharge.

  • David Zaenglein says:

    Really enjoyed your ‘re-charge’ walk in the forest. Keep up the encouraging videos.

  • Jeff, I get so many emails about entrepreneurial ventures and I’m starting to cut back on the ones I want to receive. You are so honest and energetic, and I really appreciate yours and especially your videos!
    I’ve had several careers, One in Higher Education, another for 30+ years in the jewelry business (bricks and mortar) -Quality store with my husband/partner, who is gone, and now as a widow, senior citizen (feeling 35!) in new wisdom studies and personal growth! Would like to invite you to join my international gratitude quest, “Artists for Angels”! (As an Artist) please let me know if you would like more info? (Of course you are already an Angel 😇! Namasté,

  • Jorge Antelo says:

    Hi Jeff, thanks for the reminders. Enjoy your recharging. You deserve it. PLF Live 2018 was amazing!

  • Laura B says:

    I was at PLF also and it was amazing. I got great ideas and met wonderful people. You’re right, Jeff, it’s about the journey and how we take what we learned and continue to put it in action. Thank you!

  • Thank you Jeff for the reminder that as introverts we can design our businesses to suit our wiring … we can be selectively extroverted. Watching your video it REALLY HIT ME … I never want to let my introversion keep me from my purpose. I can design my business in the way that works for me and still serve on a grand scale. Thank you!

  • Sherry Earp says:

    I missed PLF Live, but hope to make it next year. YES, it ‘s about the journey………good encourgement!

  • Fran Keogh says:

    Thank you Jeff. It was great to see you in Phoenix. I came as a guest of Walt and Ann and am at the beginning of this PLF journey. As you say, it’s about the journey and it’s a lot of work!

  • KG says:

    Thanks, Jeff! Yes, I’ve missed opportunities because I was so focused on the goal.

  • Nicoleta says:

    Wow! What a beautiful landscape!

  • Virginia Jablonsky says:

    I always enjoy your videos, and take the time to listen to your advice. Keep inspiring people to make a better world for all.

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