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Sometimes you have to retreat before you can charge forward. And that's exactly why I'm in retreat this week. I just had an epic win last week, and I'm getting ready to charge into a crazy end of the year… so I'm recharging with a retreat.

Here's why you should think about doing the same thing…

Please leave a comment below and tell me what you think…

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98 Replies to “Success and Retreat”

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I agree 100 %.

    Adequate recovery is essential if we want to perform at the highest level of which we are capable, regardless of whether it’s a mental or physical endeavor.


  2. Thanks for this, Jeff. As a new PLF owner, I haven’t built in time for retreat in my schedule – thank you for the reminder to renew. The power of oscillation is great.

  3. Thanks Jeff, It was great looking at you talking in the desert.
    I recommend regular breathing relaxation and meditation to my friends. I had a time about 15 years ago when I crashed after a busy interior design project and ended up very sick for weeks.
    Thank you for telling people about taking time out through your videos.
    with love Anne

  4. Hi Jeff,
    I recognized that desert! Lived in Tucson. But I’m writing today because everything you talked about from introversion to needing to be in nature, to being highly creative, to needing to recharge struck me as many of the hallmarks of HSP-ness (highly sensitive person). Are you aware of this unique human neurology?
    It’s not woo-woo. Check it out, and it might be personally enlightening. Hope so!

    • Hey Joan,
      Thank you for sharing about HSP. I had never heard of it till now. I just read a few articles about it and now realize I am an HSP. Enlightening to say the least. Thank you so much.

  5. James Dixon


    As you would say Jeff, you are the real deal. I have the intravert style as well where I must retreat to recharge my batteries. Glad you could take the time to send us all this reminder.
    As a newbie PLF student I am currently writing about the balance required in the sports field to positively impact the mental game. So often we focus continually on techniques and strategies only and I am a big fan of the mental training which must include things like minfulness, meditation, retreats and just plain old “kid fun”.
    Enjoy your retreat.

  6. Jeff, this is great advice … I herd you say this a few years ago at one of you’re event. I retreated ever since and it works … take care and thanks for the reminder.


  7. Love it Jeff. Just one comment…Retreat is even more important if you have young kids.
    Taking time away on your own as a parent is a huge investment in the whole family. I love our work! Thank you for being you!

  8. Hey Jeff, I am very excited to start using your principles. Thanks for the book and videos

  9. I’ve highly appreciated your presentations and offers since this Sexy Food “babe” (& Sexy Cancer too) shared your services a month ago. So with this “Success and Retreat”.

    I wondered where you’re awesome glow came from, thanks for telling 🙂 [I had my suspicions 🙂 ] I’ve practiced for 20 years and can still be too hard on myself. So thanks for the “expert” shoot-down, much appreciated. As with your continued communications.

  10. Great advice, Jeff! I also run seminars and talks on the topic of relaxation and how we can find out our best potential. My recent seminar was very tiring for me and my team, it was coming together after a year of not working and not communicating face to face. It took me a week to recover from this tiredness.
    When you suggest to retreat, to step out of the normal routine and look inside,and not to be afraid of “loosing time”, it becomes a life saving and creativity reviving process. Thank you!

  11. Adri Mouton


    Thank you Jeff, it is definitely something to be reminded of.
    Enjoy the retreat!!!

    Adri Mouton

  12. Thanks, Jeff, for the reminder that we entrepreneurs must take time to recharge our batteries. As simple as that concept is, it’s often overlooked. My husband calls it “The Pez Dispenser Theory of Life.” (For those of you who know what Pez dispensers are, you know that If we keep taking our candy pieces out and never replenishing them, our dispenser soon becomes empty.) The same holds true for our energy, creativity, and productivity. If we don’t retreat at times, it’s very difficult for us to serve at the level we wish to serve. We must remember to take time to replenish ourselves so we can be better at what we do and so we can better serve our clients. Enjoy your personal retreat this week, Jeff. You’ve certainly earned it!

  13. Thank you for this video, Jeff. The core difference between extraverts and introverts is in how we get energized. Extraverts get energized by stimulation (including being with crowds of people), and introverts get energy from still and quiet. In my opinion, Jeff, it’s not that you’ve transformed yourself from an introvert into an extravert. You’ve learned to honor who you are, to focus your energy when you need to, and recharge when you need to. I can relate. Implementation and engaging with new people in my online community has been very energy-consuming. A week from today, I’m going on a 5-day yoga retreat / training in my area of yoga psychology. To replenish and deepen my well, so when I return, I have more to offer to my magnificent growing tribe. Enjoy the desert, Jeff! What a perfect place for recharging and VISIONing! PS I’m enjoying PLF!

  14. Wise advise and I love how you put your advise into practice and share it with all of us. Enjoy every moment of it. In our life and business, the retreat-time is our daily time spent with our horses, walking the dogs, and maniging our energy rather than our time throughout the day. With running an online business, it’s certainly a challenge to create time to retreat but thinking about all the freedoms compared to other “regular” businesses we found it’s worth it actively designing a lifestyle that serves our life.
    After attending (the awesome!!!) PLF LIVE last weekend, we spent our Monday in Sedona for the same reasons, prior to flying home on Tuesday. And we arrived home fully recharged and ready to go.

    Thank you as always Jeff for your advice and reminders to keep us focused on what matters. I’d say: go get ‘m this week 😉


  15. Hi Jeff,

    As an “introverted extrovert” (barely on the extrovert side of the Myer’s Brigg’s), I completely agree and feel your pain. I do national workshops– 3 days in a row in different cities, I see up to 35 psychotherapy clients in other weeks, and spend other time in meetings, etc. Besides regular exercise and journal-writing, my alone time is priceless. Thanks for the reminder!

  16. Louisa Gluck


    Great advice. Thanks for encouraging others. Couldn’t agree more.

  17. Deepak Chopra was frequently speaking to audiences of one thousand plus when I interviewed him twenty years ago. I asked how he was able to do that. He said that his staff would plan a weeklong silent retreat in nature for him several times a year. He said that he did not use that time to write, and that if his wife Rita came along, they might take a walk holding hands while observing silence. They also each prepared their own food because in the Ayurvedic system, their constitutions have different needs.

  18. Hey Jeff,

    I’m always glad to hear when people who are crushing it like you are talking about how important the retreat times are for us. It doesn’t matter if we’re introverted or extroverted either. 99% of the time when I can’t find the drive to push through something it’s because I’ve been on it WAY too long.

    It’s probably the top reason I follow you even if I’m not a PLF student YET! I love the way you teach respect for ourselves and not just killing ourselves to make a difference or more money or whatever.

    Thanks again for all you do and are! Oh, great first name too-LOL!


  19. Dr Shannon Irvine


    Man this is a hard one for me. I can unplug but not for long. This is a practice I need to implement. Thanks for this Jeff

  20. Arthur Kitao


    You sound tired Jeff, you need the retreat to refresh and build new energy. Some huge advice that I will follow too. But thanks for the good work I have moved several miles ahead and can take the challenge.

  21. Thanks for sharing Jeff. This is so important no matter what level your business is at.

    I’m scheduling more retreats for myself as my business grows which sounds strange to a lot of people but the results have been amazing!

    As a introvert running two companies its been vital for me to schedule retreat time even when I might not know how it will all work out.

    Putting it in a calendar seems to make all the difference for me. Once it is in there its going to happen! I’ve got a December retreat I am taking with no particular place in mind, and a February retreat in Arizona. I love to relax out there too! Thanks for sharing again Jeff! Enjoy your retreat!

  22. Like you said Jeff, to build and retreat, and recharge your energy. This is one of the most important habits of every entrepreneur, in order to be more organized, more productive… It is not wasting of time, but investing in a better efficiency and greater results. Not only that, but this is also reflecting to your team members and customers.

  23. Wow! Thanks Jeff for the reminder of taking time off. I have recently become a full-time online information philanthropist…so trying to strike a balance is work in and of itself.
    I really appreciate the tip on leaving the phone in another room at night and not waking up checking it first thing in the morning. Man, I really appreciate your ‘virtual mentorship’ to me (of course you had no idea that’s what you are to me) 🙂
    I got your book when you first launched it; read about three-quarters of it and put it down…I obviously wasn’t ready to move into application at that time…a year later, l couldn’t put it down! I started from the beginning to the end in a couple of days and then got an email that you were doing the PLF launch –perfect timing.
    Although, l didn’t have the finances to invest in the actual PLF System, l am working from what’s in your book and your videos…doing a lot of introspective thinking (I’m an introvert too) –putting my ‘system’s’ in place–organizing my message and what I want to offer the world…a bit overwhelming, but I will get there–right where l want to be.
    Thank you for making this whole online business thingy look easy, although I know it’s not…you make it look that way. That’s how I wish one day to inspire and motivate others.
    Enjoy your retreat and hopefully sooner than later, l will be able to do the same.
    Rene’ Michelle Floyd

  24. Awesome stuff, Jeff! I know exactly what you mean. I’m on a retreat right now, in Hawaii, painting landscapes, enjoying the ocean and the incredible nature surrounding me. What a gift to myself this has been. I now see that I need to give myself permission to nurture myself like this more often.

    Crazy that it’s been a year since I was at PLF Live!

  25. Awsome video. I connect with that side of your personality. You were awsome on stage last week on your video. How did you transform yourself to be able to perform like that? I would have liked to learn more about that aspect in PLF. Anyhow great video and message. Thank you.

  26. Suzanne Reilley


    This video came at such a perfect time (well, it would probably be a good idea if I watched this every week but..) I just came off several big ‘efforts,’ running on all cylinders. Similar idea to your event. And was wondering why it’s been tough for me to get back into the swing of things the last two days.

    I’m an introvert too, and either way… of course, recharging, retreating is in order. I think I might be able to go hike on my favorite trail before work tomorrow and maybe the next day too.

    Tx so much for the reminder, and the permission!

  27. Lynette Van Hise


    Thank you for sharing your life with us. From your meditation and gratitude practices to the principles of retreat, you are providing an example in mindfulness that is life preserving. Disconnecting from the online noise to the offline retreat is such a great way to recharge. I love watching your videos because they are inspirational to helping me focus. Even though I have not gotten very far in building my business due to the fact that I am in grad school working on my craft of writing, I am working toward that goal. I take two online classes so my time is pretty much spoken for until I complete my second master’s degree. This emphasis on craft supports my products which I intend to launch at first opportunity.

    I also happen to be disabled and that challenge has given me opportunity to achieve small victories. Every day, I am getting stronger and more focused on my ultimate goal, to make a difference in people’s lives. You don’t have to be tip top to do that, you just have to be willing to let yourself be used in whatever way you can best contribute. So, thank you for the impact you are on my life!

  28. So glad to hear you talk about this VERY important aspect of running a business. Retreat not only allows us to replenish and regain our creativity, it allows us to come back to what is most important. I’ve noticed that when I have a clear vision and start acting on it, at first things are very focused but eventually the activity can take over. It can become more about just accomplishing — activity for activity’s sake — which loses it’s original vision. So I totally agree, it is important to constantly come back to that original source and vision inside. (I’m an introvert who needs to be selectively introverted too!)

  29. Thank you, Jeff! Great reminder to build in time to pause. I think it really does help for us to reflect…

  30. Such good advice. Just did a workshop yesterday on self-care and I emphasized the self care time. Included a 3 minute egg timer int heir goody bags. But of course as I prepped for the workshop i was reminded, again, of how I don’t follow my own advice. So today did that and had a creativity day for fun and will be ready for new challenges tomorrow

  31. So so true!! I have lived a long long life of always being ‘on’ for everything and everyone but me (no regrets), and cancer came knocking to remind me that ‘hey, slow down, breathe and realize there is more to all this than meets the eye…’ – so I have, and now I am ‘on’ when I need to be, and ‘off’ for a recharge.

    So thank you for this video reminding everyone, including me, that it is critical to nourish every aspect of our life –

    You are an amazing ‘introvert’ – don’t you ever change!! LOL

  32. Thanks Jeff. I never saw taking 10 minutes away from the computer as a retreat, but that is what I will do and I will call it a retreat. Great advice.

  33. I think exercise is the key. Something about getting the blood flow cranking I guess. The other thing for me is to stop procrastinating on something I have been avoiding, no matter how small. Could be organizing a messy desk. Really works for me

  34. Jeannie Long


    Sitting still in meditation is tough for me, but doing Jazzercise feedings my soul through dancing and gives me happy endorphins. I also enjoy walking in nature, and just sitting on the bluff watching the ocean waves.

  35. Great advice Jeff. I don’t retreat and recharge enough, and then i get burn out. Thank you for the reminder.

  36. Jeff thank you SO MUCH for your perfectly timed message. I recently took on even more responsibility than usual, and easily found myself overwhelmed and taking a hit to my spiritual practice, which had been exactly what kept me calm through all the storms of being a wife & mom, homemaker, business owner, coach and student. Needless to say my positive juju took a nosedive and I’ve been super frustrated inside all weekend, even while we were up in the beautiful mountains where normally I’m relaxed and loving it! (I seriously can’t believe I’m saying that out loud.) If you knew me and my love for nature and its restorative qualities, you’d know why it’s almost impossible for me to be stressed out when I’m surrounded by it. But my load is big right now and it decided to come with me in my mind. So you can imagine how badly I needed to relax… but had almost lost any notion as to HOW. Your advice to “retreat every hour” and to make retreat a part of every endeavor, was like water to my parched soul. 🙂 Thank you again very much and sending you blessings. Let Eden’s (and yours as well!) peace be restored! 🙂 Namaste Jeff!

  37. We believe retreat is so important in this day and age, we decided to make it our business to create one for people! We all need to rest and repair so we can do our vibrant potential! Thanks Jeff!

  38. Hello Jeff

    Thank you for PLF Live 2015, I was there and saw you and your team the first time. You did an awesome job.

    You look exhausted… and of course you must be after all that effort. Enjoy your retreat 🙂

    Best regards from Greece

  39. Smart tips…agree Jeff. It’s a bit of a paradox, I’ve found the same thing, the larger we get in sales $, the more necessary it is for mini-retreats, time off. Used to work constantly, liked it, but recharging is great. Your points are sensible, the more sales, the more the time off is needed to re-energize & focus; framing it to put it in perspective. Life of an entrepreneur.


  40. Replenish, Restore, Refuel, Renew, Reflect and Refocus…

    You continue to model a life worth living in a holistic way!

    This is my favorite time of year as we begin reflecting on this past year and contemplate the year ahead. Retreats are an amazing time to do this especially when we schedule time away on a quarterly basis to dive deep.

    Weekly review and reflection time is equally as important so that we stay the course set before us in our annual and quarterly retreats.

    Thanks for sharing and being a great example of a leader who leads from a position of strength!

  41. Thank you very much Jeff for being so inspirational.

    Hearing you I think of being present, of being here and now, of being able to fully devote my I into the endeavour or task that I am doing now. Learning to do that is an art that has to be practiced over and over and over again.

    And seeing you surrounded by nature you remind me of the beautiful creation that we have around us that makes this search of our true selves and the being present so much easier.

    thank you Jeff for helping me to change Humankind.


  42. So true, thanks for the great reminder of taking retreat time. Often we feel guilty for take retreat time, but having retreat time and allowing yourself time away from your business is often when you can be most creative as it allows time to think. Take care and hugs, karen

  43. I can hear the exhaustion in your voice. I lost my voice the first day of PLF and did 1% of the talking you did!

    It’s nice to see the human side… the post rah rah, rebalancing that needs to happen. I’ve been thinking about you all week, hoping you get that balance and recenteredness after such an epic, emotional, supercharged week!

    You do have an amazing team. And I got to talk to your wife a bit, and see Daniel again and Paul and meet Marc who gave me a big hug. I opened cart the DAY after PLF started and it was another epic one! You really are a transformational person and hero in my life.


  44. I can so understand and relate to the introvert extravert concept. Being an introvert I recharge by being alone in the quiet. So much different from work where phones and people needing something all day long are the norm. Great reminder how important it is to rest and recharge, it’s critical to creativity and new idea’s. Thanks Jeff!

  45. Darlene Osowiec


    Unplugging and Retreats are essential key practices for moving through our busy lives.

  46. Hi Jeff,
    I was at PLFLive last week and wow, what an event! Your message her reminding us to retreat is so key. It is a challenge as I build my business to take time away for myself, but I have learned that it is a necessity: whether it’s five minutes to go for a walk with the dog outside, or a day away from the office.The investment in myself is key to making myself the best at the rest at what I do. Thanks for the reminder!

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    Much thanks for the sharing! COOL..

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  50. Thank you for sharing about HSP. I had never heard of it till now. I just read a few articles about it and now realize I am an HSP. Enlightening to say the least. Thank you so much.

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  54. It is so important to take time to connect with our inner wisdom, and that requires time and space. My favorite place for retreat is the mountains, hearing the rushing water in the stream, the birds calling, and seeing and feeling the beauty of nature.

  55. Nice post Yoga retreats are a great way to refresh your life. If you lead a stressful and hectic life, then making your health a priority will help you find your balance and center once again. It’s the perfect place to calm you and nurture your health.

  56. Thanks for sharing the information. Very insightful for me. Noted the points you mentioned in this article.
    Keep up the good work.

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  58. Hi buddy! Awesome sharing with full of information I was searching for. Your complete guidance gave me a wonderful end up. Great going.

  59. Wow! This article is really interesting, thank you! Your blog posts are more interesting and informative. I think there are many people like and visit it regularly, including me.

  60. I’ve highly appreciated your presentations and offers since this Sexy Food “babe” (& Sexy Cancer too) shared your services a month ago. So with this “Success and Retreat”.
    This so amazing.

  61. Great advice, Jeff! I also run seminars and talks on the topic of relaxation and how we can find out our best potential. My recent seminar was very tiring for me and my team, it was coming together after a year of not working and not communicating face to face. It took me a week to recover from this tiredness.
    When you suggest to retreat, to step out of the normal routine and look inside,and not to be afraid of “loosing time”, it becomes a life saving and creativity reviving process. Thank you!

  62. bipasha roy


    Brother thanks for sharing your knowledge bipasharoy from Kolkata.

  63. Shikha Sharma


    I totally agree with you.
    I also walk around of 3 to 4 kilometers daily.

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