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Our PLF Video contest was just awesome. We had a ton of great submissions, and with your help, we’ve selected our winners… and I love these four PLF success stories.

Here they are…

You can see all four of the winners videos at this link.

Launch Quickstart

Launch Quickstart: A FREE four-part training

If you want to start or grow an online business, you need to Launch. Learn how to turn your marketing into a buzz-generating event, attracting people who can’t wait to buy from you – and KEEP buying from you.

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13 Replies to “Drum Roll: here’s the winners of the PLF video contest….”

  1. Congrats to the winners!! I’ll be there soon ❤️ Building up the residual so I can buy the program or link arms in partnership with your team 💃🏽🎤🎶 So inspiring!

  2. Wonderful results for all concerned , congratulations Patricia, Sage, Pat, Carolina onwards and upwards for all of you…


  3. Yes- congrats!!

    Jeff- were there any entires that showed PLF with a B2B digital product (not informational / educational) ? PLF seems great for teaching…I don’t see examples of digital products.

    I 100% agree about your content on your podcast where the point is “you don’t have to wait- if it works for guitar lessons it will work for piano!” …and, would love a product offering from you where your team would review/assess/make recommendations for people who need a fit assessment.

    Thank you for your content and all you share and give this community!

  4. Congratulations! I loved all of the videos because they are so real. Good for you for doing the work submitting a video.

  5. Beverley Hanna


    Congratulations to all the winners. Way to go, guys, you inspire me! Thank you.

  6. Monte Stewart


    Great presentation, Jeff, as usual, but I could truly sense your joy in hearing these stories. Congratulations Ladies. I guess the men have some work to do.

    Monte Stewart
    Pagosa Springs
    Remember… Music Self-Played is Happiness Self-Made.

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