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The Launch Masterclass is my best FREE online training to launch your business. 

It’s where I teach my heart out, LIVE, for 10+ hours. 

Why do I give this much away? Because I’m hoping you’ll love the Masterclass and join my Product Launch Formula (PLF) coaching program.

There’s no pressure, though. I just share as much as I can in a week, and show you that it really is possible to have a business and life you love.

Whether you want to sell an online course, membership, mastermind, or even a physical product (including books and art), you need to LAUNCH. And this Masterclass is where it all starts.

(P.S. If you’ve been in my world for a while, you know my masterclass is a big deal that we do once a year. We’re about a month out from it, and here’s some of my thinking as we prep for it.)

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21 Replies to “It’s Almost That Time of Year…”

  1. Charles Buckley


    What path should we not head down to make money? IE small towns low population.I mainly want to sell advertising post cards to advertise other companies. May do small house improvement handyman.

  2. Sanjay Shinde


    You really are an inspiration Jeff.
    Sincere thanks for sharing your knowledge with the world.

  3. Anthony Botsman


    Hey Jeff, I have a business planning process that is now well proven; it is of relevance to every single client you have or have ever helped but it has never been offered online so I hope you can help me with that.

    I have been a fan and a follower of yours for some time but now is the time to act.

    Really and truly one part or another of the RADAR process can and will help every single client you have ever had and yes the precedent case studies are real and substantial; one of my first clients grew profitable revenue from $4m to $40 million in just five years but all of my clients succeeded using RADAR.
    Every good wish for your continued success, Tony

  4. Geraldo Barbosa


    Many Thanks! I am revitalizing my life and this is a valuable opportunity. Cheers!

  5. Dino Dondiego


    I have on line training courses for B2C and B2B individuals of which i want to grow consistent and scale.
    I invented a revolutionary way of making hair fuller that uses their existing hair and keeps their existing hair is safe and healthy!

    I want to notify and teach end users about this advanced technology to help them.
    Plus, I have training courses for salons and all hair professionals internationally so they can offer this advanced technology and help end users with in their area and profession.

    Thanks for consistent marketing knowledge, growth and different ways at looking at marketing to help people advance their lives.

  6. Priyanka Sundrani


    I want to attend the class since I will be starting my business soon

  7. Robin Berkeley


    Love ya Jeff. Hopefully I can apply this time around. I’ve been following you for years and allowing distractions to keep me from moving forward. Your generosity is admirable.😁

  8. Hello Jeff,
    A launch that generated $450,000 with a list of 24 people? That is a case study I am very curious about.
    I have read – and studied! – your latest book ‘Launch’. It is very well written and the content and build up is fantastic! I recommended it to tons of people, and I am launching my latest product soon, but concurrently I am going to watch your live classes in November.
    Greetings from Singapore,

  9. Hi Jeff,

    I been launching almost 10 months now and I want to optimize mi results and conversions. Hope you can address that in the master class.

    Greetings for Mexico.


  10. Cindy Zaglinski


    Although I’ve written for years, My copywriting company was formed almost 6 months ago and I came across your online presence about the same time. I am really looking forward to the Launch Masterclass and know I’ll gain benefit as you are an awesome speaker. Thanks for the opportunity Jeff!
    Cindy Z

  11. Tigran GRIGORYAN


    I read your book and attempted my first launch for my personal training services.

    It was more of a seed launch with an email list just above 100.

    The launch gave me experience and feedback for my new launch coming soon in January 2022.

    Looking forward to the online training coming up in November to equip me with more tools for my next launch.

    Thank you Jeff

  12. Hi Jeff! Thanks for so much. I’m looking forward to this Masterclass. This is the year!!! See you soon!

  13. Bill Barberg


    We’re working on addressing things like reducing child abuse, domestic violence, divorce, addiction, homelessness and other forms of childhood trauma. The other key part of the program is helping many organizations and sectors in a community launch trauma-informed practices (as shown in these short documentary trailers: and ). These are very complex issues that require multi-faceted strategies over an extended period of time to achieve the desired changes. We’re getting a strong reputation as being key thought leaders in new ways to work to address these types of issues.

    Here is a 7-minute video overview of our approach.

    I’ve been studying your material for 4 years, but have not had the bandwidth to fully follow the process. Next launch is in March, and I hope to follow the PLF model more closely.

  14. andre tavares


    i have only became aware of your work recently and looking forward to your next launch

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