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How do the world’s top performers always seem to peak when it counts? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the same strategy that’s going to help you perform at a super high level in your business, without burning out…

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26 Replies to “Winning When It Counts”

  1. Super good Jeff. As a former athlete I can attest to the truth in this concept.
    For most 9-5 or W-2 wage earners this is a difficult concept, but one worth looking at seriously.

  2. Jeff, that’s another meaningful video! Quite often people neglect taking good care of their mind, body and above all their soul esp when they decide to enter the business world and be active. However, i love the way you approach it. Purifing ourselves through proper diet AND meditation are TRULY essential.. Thank you so much for sharing these thoughts of yours with us!

  3. Great stuff, Jeff. As a former athlete (baseball) I can relate to your points. I’ve struggled lately with trying to be at peak state 100% of the time, and you’re right, it doesn’t work that way – just like it didn’t work that way in baseball. Thanks for sharing your perspective and wisdom on this. The timing is perfect for me. Best – Casey

  4. The same principle works in my teaching. I cannot operate at peak performance for long stretches of time in my classroom. The dynamic is too intense, the variables are too many. What I can do, however, is focus on one student or one lesson or one teachable moment and prepare for it like someone in monk mode. Along with a proper diet for the head and heart, I’m a big fan of visualization, imagining a pinch point and then allowing my inner awareness to ripen to see what promising development might occur. Thanks for your tip on how to show up with our best self when it really counts.

  5. Great message! My key take away is the word intention or intentional. I’ve got to be more intentional on how i spend my energy.

    Thank you.

  6. When I competed in track, my whole spring/summer season was devoted to peaking for national championship. Part of the success in peaking results from avoiding repetitive use injuries such as stress fractures. My coach repeatedly reiterated that active rest was as limportant as fast interval training because one injury could end my season immediately. I still believe that work and rest are the components of the best training.

  7. Sherri Graham


    Thanks Jeff. I needed that message today and every day. Happy Easter everyone.

  8. Ambrose Ambrose


    I’m still Thinking About it. Not mentioned but Consistency is Key. Endurance goes a long way. Thanks Jeff

  9. Great timing, Jeff. After returning from PLF Live and Launch Club, I immediately taight a 3-day workshop, followed by four 2-hr webinars, and a book deadline. No rest. Feeling super burnt out, I was all over the place emotionally, and made several dumb decisions. I need to learn to train and bring myself to peak performance and how to rest afterward. It seems strange, but I need to learn how to rest, relax and recuperate.

  10. This is SO true. Thank you. Can I borrow this concept (with credits of course) to share with others? Everything we do in our lives is really about mastering this concept.

  11. Hi Jeff, really like the idea of preparing and doing more at important times.
    I have a course to sell and I am preparing a webinar about it. Sure will need peak performance as I go live.
    Really love your product launch Formula audio book, it is intense. Cheers and All the best from France.

  12. Great content and principle, Jeff. Not sure who said this (I think I picked it up from Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People) but it applies, “You will break the bow if you keep it always bent…” Periodic training matters for peak performance. Thanks for sharing, Jeff.

  13. I feel this is very needed in an industry that is so “hustle-oriented”. It is important to hustle but it is also important to pull back and rest at times. It is easy to feel guilty if you are not hustling all of the time because we are told to by the guru’s but in reality it is not only counter-productive it is also unsustainable. Great video Jeff…thank you.

  14. Awesome information and even more so because you are congruent – you walk your talk.

    And yes as a person who has worked with elite athletes in the NBA, NHL, PGA and musicians, directors I did this work with them. It is the only way into the Zone of Excellence and it is how to re-enter at will. Logical levels of alignment are crucial if one wants to enter the Zone and maintain a state of Excellence. The last step in the alignment is transmission and when and only then if all else lines up … conscious direction and wowzers. Thanks for this video because it reaffirms to me that you are congruent and I highly value you, your guidance, PLF, your team and it also shows me that my product launch using the logical levels will work. Have the best week possible.
    Blessed be.
    In my love, you are

  15. Great points and perspective Jeff! We used periodization when preparing for marathons. We would train up to a certain distance and then dip back down and then back up again to the next peak. We never actually ran a full marathon in training. Instead we peaked at 25 miles 2–3 weeks before the marathon and then dipped down to 5 miles the week of the race

  16. Thanks Jeff! Man this is so great. What a great concept. Now I just have to pick which event I want to peak for! Hmmmm.

  17. Thanks Jeff for your definition about “monk mode”. As knowing, you can´t always be on your peak, it´s like ying and yang. Press and realease. breath in – breath out…..

    You must try to see what´s really important in the next task!
    Joe Thiel

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