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Using Surveys To Read Your Clients Minds

by Jeff Walker April 12, 2014 internet marketing

In my last video, we talked about how to find out what your prospects and clients want to buy – and I got some great questions on in the comments asking how to SPECIFICALLY do that. So, in this video I share my tips and tricks for using surveys (including the exact questions to ask in your surveys) – and I talk about a big mistake I see people making with their surveys…

And since we’re on the subject of asking your readers what they want to know… scroll down tell me what the #1 challenge in your business is? If you could sit down with me for coffee or a beer, what’s your #1 most burning question you’d want to ask me? Leave me …


How To Find Out What Your Prospects Want To Buy

by Jeff Walker April 6, 2014 internet marketing

A key secret to my success (and the big idea behind great offers) is to find out what your prospects want, and then give it to them.

At my recent Platinum Mastermind meeting, Plat member Will Hamilton shared one technique he’s using to find out what his market wants. I pulled Will aside at the break and recorded this video for you, because you can use this same technique to find out what people want to buy from you…

So how could you use this technique to find out what your prospects and clients want? What do you think you would learn? Please leave a comment below and let me know……


How To Crack the Time Code In Your Business

by Jeff Walker March 30, 2014 Mindset

Your business success comes down to one thing – how and where you focus your precious time. Do you even know where you’re spending your time in your business? And how much time you spend on those things?

Here’s how to figure how to figure out where that time is going – and how to get more out of that time.

I would love to hear what you think – where are you spending your time? And how can you use your time to do more of what you’re great at? Please leave a comment below……


Master Your Transitions to Master Everything Else

by Jeff Walker March 23, 2014 Mindset

This ones about those critical transitions in your life, your business, and your marketing. You’ve got to get these right if you’re going to have any real level of success and mastery in your life and business…

What are the transitions in your life that you want to improve? Please leave a comment below and tell me……


If You Want The RIGHT Customers, Ask This Question

by Jeff Walker March 13, 2014 Mindset

When you’re creating your business (or as you’re creating it), you need to make sure you’re attracting the RIGHT people to work with… it’s critical. Here’s a simple 9 word question you can ask yourself to know if you’re working with the RIGHT customers…

I would love to hear what you think – who do you want to be a hero to? Please tell me in a comment below… …


The Business Success Secret That I Couldn’t Avoid

by Jeff Walker January 14, 2014 internet marketing

When I started my online business back in 1996, there was one thing that I was literally forced to do – I had to create my own products and offers. There were no affiliate programs back then, there was no adsense, and there weren’t any other revenue streams. If I wanted to be in business, I needed to create my own products… so I was forced to create a product and an offer. And that one thing has made all the difference…

So what are your questions about creating great offers and great products… please leave a comment and let me know.…


The Security of Being An Entrepreneur

by Jeff Walker December 8, 2013 Mindset

So right after Thanksgiving I took off on a little planning retreat – I love doing that. I just sit down and “create” my next year and beyond… in any case, I couldn’t help but be grateful for the security that being an entrepreneur gives you…

I would love to hear your about your planning for next year and beyond… please leave a comment below (and please like my Facebook page here.)…


The Championship Round – Cast Your Vote

by Jeff Walker August 31, 2013 Mindset

OK, we’re into the Championship Round now… below are the top 8 entries into my PLF Video Contest (you can see the previous round of 17 entries at this link.)

Please help me pick the three winners by leaving a comment below to tell me which were your top 3 videos… :-)

1. Scott Ferguson: PLF saves his software business

2. Barry Friedman: teaching jugglers, clowns, and magicians how to build their businesses

3. Matthew King: a soldier launches from Iraq and Afghanistan

4. Greg Bishop: 924 new subscribers in a few days, and launching someone else’s product

5. Geraldine Barry: real estate investing

6. Jason Spenser: from food stamps to delivering pizza to leading tribes

7. Marco Frezza: teaching magic tricks

8. Dana Wilde:


Secret to Success #3: Attending Live Events

by Jeff Walker July 28, 2013 internet marketing

I’m about to head out to Eben Pagan’s Accelerate workshop – I’m honored that Eben invited me to speak at the event.

I’m excited to be at this event… getting out and attending live events is one of the most important secrets to my success online. In this video I share my tips on how to maximize your results when you go to seminars and workshops.

I would love to hear what you think… please leave a comment below (and please like my Facebook page here)…


My Biggest Mistake In My Business (So Far)

by Jeff Walker July 13, 2013 internet marketing

This is the single biggest mistake I made in my business… it’s hard to tell just how much it cost me, but I think it was several years of growth (at a minimum),,,

I would love to hear your experience (or your plans) on building a team… please leave a comment below (and please like my Facebook page here)

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