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An Apology For My Last Video

by on Jul 30 2016

This week I need to offer an apology for my last video. I figured the best way to handle this was to address the situation as quickly and directly as possible… and the best way to do it was with this video.

A Cure For Social (Media) Angst

by on Jul 23 2016

When you build your platform on social media, you’re playing by someone else’s rules… and make no mistake, they can change the rules at anytime.

Instead of stressing out, take control with these two words:

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Social media ultimately only serves your business if you use it to do this… (Click to tweet.)

Don’t put your business at the mercy of social media algorithms. (Click to tweet.)

Use social media to build your platform; don’t let it BE your platform. (Click to tweet.)

What My $350 Bike Pedals Say About Your Business

by on Jul 16 2016

What kind of a crazy person would pay $350.00 for some pedals for their mountain bike? Who does something like that? Well… I guess I’m that crazy person. Here’s why I did it, and what it means to your business…

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What $350 bike pedals have to do with your business success… (Click to tweet.)

In any market there are people who will pay a lot more for something. (Click to tweet.)

What frogs can teach you about market niches… (Click to tweet.)

2,500 Raving Fans in Brazil (Craziness!)

by on Jul 09 2016

This week’s video comes to you from the stage of “PLF Live Brazil” – in front of 2,500 raving fans (which was crazy – if only my 34-year-old self could have seen this when I started my business!)…

In any case, when I was on stage, I shot this video for you. It’s all about learning to think bigger:

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When you keep moving forward, there’s no limit to what you can create in the world. (Click to tweet.)

No matter how big your thinking, you’re probably not thinking big enough. (Click to tweet.)

When you make your first sale, you realize you can do it again. (Click to tweet.)

20 years of baby steps and look where you end up… (Click to tweet.)

Knowing The Rules (and Breaking Them)

by on Jul 02 2016

This is probably the most chaotic video I’ve published – trains whistling, buses driving through, and a party gettin’ started… it gets a bit crazy. But the real gem in here is knowing the rules… and knowing when to break them…

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When it comes to marketing, know the rules… and know when to break them. (Click to tweet.)

In your marketing, rules were made to be broken… but you have to know them first. (Click to tweet.)

Why it’s important to follow a proven formula in your marketing before you follow your instincts. (Click to tweet.)

Even the best marketers can lose their way. Stay on track by following a proven formula. (Click to tweet.)

Why It’s Generally A Bad Idea to Wait…

by on Jun 18 2016

If you’ve been slowly working on a knowledge product for years, but still haven’t launched a thing, it’s time to stop. Stop perfecting. Stop procrastinating. And most of all, stop waiting. This is what you need to do…

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No product survives contact with the customer… so get it in front of them sooner than later. (Click to tweet.)

Make your first sale and get a proof of concept. (Click to tweet.)

Waiting to put your product out is actually counterproductive. Here’s what you should do instead. (Click to tweet.)

Movement inspires movement. When you get moving, you’ll see your next step. (Click to tweet.)

How To Turn Your Expertise Into An Online Product

by on Jun 11 2016

Got this question from one of my viewers — how can someone take all of their expert knowledge and design an online program out of it?

Creating an online product isn’t easy, but the rewards can be huge. Here are the three steps I follow that can make it a lot easier for you too…

Why Are You Selling?

by on Jun 04 2016

You’re in business… you want to sell stuff… but WHY are you trying to make the sale? My answer may surprise you, and it might change your thinking…

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