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When you wake up in the morning, you have a choice… you can have an average day, or a great one. Here’s what I do every morning (okay, most mornings) to set myself up for success.

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61 Replies to “Winning the Day, Every Day”

    • That’s a fantastic advice Jeff. How long do you spend meditating? I spend 40 minutes which leaves little time for journaling and stretching.

  1. Inspirational, as always! Thank you for these weekly little videos. They are great because practical and honest and you communicate with great charisma.

  2. Jeff .. I’ve been hit w loosing my son and my health. Julian went 3 yrs ago.
    I’ve since took a big depression session without my knowledge grieved myself sick ( so says doc anyway ).
    See I would start each day WAKING DOWN
    I was lead back to u this early morn at about 6 am. And I immiediatly found just a small way to try and help myself. WAKING UP. ! It’s right there in your words.
    Of course I’ll have my many many mornings of grief anger loss.
    But if I can start w my meditation ( which I know nothing about lol) and then stretch as much as the body allows that day. Water. I’m not big on. But even more the reason for it. And……
    Journal. Which I did all my life. It was what I wanted to be for a career choice. So it comes. Natural. Only now I must find beauty and gratitude I. Every morn which is still tough for me
    Point being. Last eve I almost called a hotline after the suicide of Anthony Bourdain whom I adore. And going back and forth over the years w those thoughts
    Now this morning I have a plan to help myself Heal. Start my day and set it up for a more positive direction. I’m a very emotional being and my emotions I wear out in the open. … I just want to ty for this. I’m sure you’ve gotten many letters of thanks. You have helped me begin to save today. I believe I can. Bless u Dawn L

    • Dawn
      I commend you on your sharing. Praying for your healing, health, and positive steps forward starting with winning our mornings which has changed my life!
      Yours In Health & Love
      Dr Howard Dennis

    • Dawn,
      May I recommend NickOrtner has written a number of books on tapping. it helps people deal with physical and emotional pain. They have a one hour documentary on tapping. Each time I watch it I pick up more and more info. It has helped me tremendously.CCHl

    • Hi Dawn.
      I’m so sorry to hear what you’ve lost but do glad to hear you don’t let it stop you from moving ahead with your life.
      If you’re open to a conversation, I’d like to ask you some questions and get to know more about you.
      Please connect with me if you’re so inclined. My email is

      Jeff, thank you so much for all the wisdom that you share….as well as your tribe. 🙂

    • @Dawn: I am so so sorry for your loss. I can’t begin to imagine how hard that must be.

      Please… the next time you think about calling the hotline, don’t hesitate… just do it immediately.

      I am not a counselor or therapist, I’m not trained in anything like that. But there are professionals that devote their life to helping people through the hard times that you’re going through. Please please please reach out to them and let them help you.

    • Gloria Hamilten


      Dawn, I was very sad to read your posting. You are a brave lady. I cannot imagine what you have gone through and are still going through. Bless you from the depths of my heart. You will succeed to get your life back and I pray that it comes quickly.

    • Hey Dawn
      I read your comments to Jeff….this seems like a powerful pivot point for you. You are doing an amazing job and I know these practices, as you do continue to do them, will gradually bring yourself back home to you. I wanted to let you know I am cheering you on here and you are supported. Breathe, stretch and be kind to yourself. Much love.

    • Dawn. I lost my uncle unexpectedly a few years ago. I lost my dad to cancer a few months ago. I have used Emotion Code to help me and my family to deal with these tragedies. I am certified in it and that helped too. I would encourage you to look into it.

    • Dear Dawn,
      Stay the course of taking even the smallest of steps forward. They all add up. You’ll still have difficult periods but it will get better. Try a variety of approaches from gratitude, exercise, diet, therapy, grief support groups, meditation, religion/spirituality, etc. And don’t forget to get out of the house!
      Different things will work at different times and not all things may work for you but you will find your way. Keep those that do close and always be on the lookout for others.
      Even if you don’t have the time, be of service to someone else individually or in a service organization. You’ll be surprised that you’ll probably get more out of it than you put in!
      Know that you still deserve to enjoy life.
      I’ll say a prayer for you. I speak from experience and tons of research.

      All the best,

    • Dawn, my 17-year old daughter, Malori, was killed several years ago and I do remember what it was like three years in. I remember how much it upset me off that everyone got to go on with their lives as if nothing happened and yet my life was dramatically impacted. Things would never be the same.

      All I wanted was redemption–to find purpose through the pain. And we did.

      I would be happy to talk with you about Julian if you feel up to it.
      –Mark Smith
      mark @

  3. Modum operandi !

    Excellent info Jeff.

    Gotta love Monday’s.

    Get your Monday up and running,
    Tuesday gets better,
    Friday is awesome!
    Then the weekend is a blitz!!!!

    Chill your head in the morn’ for sure.
    Not too much water mind.

  4. Great advice, Jeff. You subtly made reference to a number of productivity hacks such as theming your day (e.g. focus days), pre-planning your tasks, and pomodoro breaks.

  5. Patty Harter


    This is now my favorite Jeff Walker video. I needed to hear this to help me get my day back on track. Like many, there are days that my morning starts out a little stressful and I don’t follow through on my morning rituals and later on in those days I fail to fulfilled the moving forward on tasks that I so much need to accomplish. Now, I have made a little sign next to my bed; JW says… That’s all that is written on it but it’s like a coach telling me to do what’s good for me first. Thanks Jeff for this. Would love to hear more.

  6. Jeff, I’m having a hard time establishing the morning routine. This video inspired my to have the Downdog app open on my phone (yoga app) for when I wake up. Let’s see.

  7. thanks Jeff, always need these reminders- struggling to re-establish my routine – have shared this on my feed too – i always have a post called #selfcaresunday and this seemed ideal

  8. Robert Duval


    Jeff – I love your weekly morale booster shots. Without going into detail I am just starting to see how I sabotage my days by not planning and not having a morning ritual. I have an evening ritual that works for me, but by that time it is too late to wake up productive. I am starting right now to build my morning ritual to implement immediately.

  9. I have exactly the same habits as you in the morning – I get up, meditate, do yoga (like you, I’m no expert). Then I shower and dress and take the dogs for a walk so I get some sunlight and time to think, journal and start writing my current book for 2 x 50 minutes. Eerie, eh?
    I’m not a multi-millionaire though… yet.

  10. Hey Jeff,

    Thanks for the habit creating reminder. I’m about halfway there in that I meditate first thing and I gratitude journal before anything. This journal includes what I intend to do today as well.

    What I’ll need to try is the 50 minute focused sessions because I know they would really help. Thank you for that.

    I’m curious. Do you schedule your week in time blocks on like Google Calendar or do your focused sessions pretty much take care of what you need to get done?


  11. Yes! Thank you for the reminder. When I do a morning ritual (very similar) life is amazing!
    I’m going to meditate now!

  12. Hi, Jeff. I also have a gratitude journal which I write in as part of my morning ritual. I was curious what type of journal you use to capture your other daily thoughts on. Thanks, and have a great week.

  13. Hey Jeff…

    Simplicity with devotion is key!

    After moonlighting for over a year to build my own marketing agency while still maintaining a full time sales & marketing manager job, I recently separated from my job, and I am now happily operating in self employment again.

    I have worked to develop some habits very similar to yours. I try to incorporate reading into every morning (listening to audio books is more standard). I will then shoot some video for my company vlog based on thoughts I woke up with and/or events of the day. Although I usually incorporate my exercise into the evening hours, these two morning rituals have really worked well at engaging my mind in a creative way.

    Your other point is fantastic as well, meditation. I’m a novice at meditating at best, but when I can’t get my mind to break away from negative thoughts or unimportant minutia, I will go into my mindful breathing exercise. It is extraordinarily beneficial, hard to put into words really.

    P.S. Your book was so inspiring to me when I first read it back in 2015, that’s when I became a fan of your work. I appreciate and enjoy your vlogs, and recommend them to friends and people in my organization.



  14. Pete Leckemby


    The morning ritual is such an important part of my life. I’ve had to adapt when and how I do things depending on if I’m traveling, driving to the office or at home, but the key elements are the same.
    I love the power of the focus blocks. I’ve extended mine to 75 minutes, then break for 15, but concept is the same.
    I also try to get outside and get some sun and fresh air every morning for 10-15 minutes too. That’s often where I meditate. Nothing like hearing the birds and breeze for creating some headspace.
    Thanks for sharing your ritual Jeff!!

  15. I started a morning ritual in January and since then my business has exploded! I’ve never been happier either, so now this is something I help my clients do as well. I LOVE your focus sessions and setting the timer idea! Going to give this a shot this week.
    Thanks again Jeff for another inspiring video!

  16. Thanks Jeff! Just the reminder I need, as I have fallen away from good morning ritual habits. Thanks for always uplifting us!

  17. It’s inspiring to hear how effective this ritual is for you. I’ve tried over the years to get myself into similar habits, and have not managed to get beyond 3 weeks. Now I shall try again with renewed inspiration. Thanks Jeff!!

    • @Paula: Something I didn’t mention in the video, I’ve been practicing intermittent fasting… so I usually don’t eat until sometime between 11:00am and noon.

  18. Love it Jeff! I find meditation is actually a little more effective to do after yoga, just as something to try!

  19. Thank you Jeff! I will create a morning ritual too after from exercise.

  20. Hey Jeff – great info as always. Thank you for being here and communicating. Do you have a resource for meditating that you like? (I’ve never done it.)

  21. Gloria Hamilten


    Always good to be reminded, Jeff. I particularly liked your comment about “being intentional”. So often we do things compulsively, without thinking when they have become a routine or habit and we have to ask ourselves, “Did I do X?” And we might have done it 5 minutes ago.

    I can vouch for the accuracy of what you’ve shared. I’ve had rituals for a long time and they are the foundation of a great day.

    Your productivity , focus times are also a valuable addition. Many, many thanks.

  22. Hi Jeff,
    Very inspiring message. I break my time up in 50 minute segments and if I get 3 done per day, I consider it a very productive day.
    I do a similar morning routine, however, on Wednesdays, I have a 7am breakfast so I do a mini version of my morning routine. Normally I meditate for 15, read from an inspirational book for 15 and write in my gratitude journal for 10- this is on weekdays. On the weekend, I only do Saturdays, Sundays are optional. I, too do yoga and stretches. I got this method called the “Miracle Morning” from Hal Elrod.
    thanks for all you do

  23. Thanks for sharing your ritual. I got some my morning ritual from Tim Ferriss in Tools of the Titans.
    1. Breakfast.
    2. Meditate.
    3. Journaling.
    4. Gratitude list.
    5. WWMTG? (What would make today great?) Thats my to-do list.

    It’s interesting how similar our days start. I agree with you that NOT journaling and not making my WWMTG? list is setting myself up to having a nothing day. As for meditating, not meditating is completely out of the question as I’ve been using Headspace for 514 days straight.

    Have a great day!

  24. Great, Jeff, that you’re doing Yoga and Meditation.
    I’m; happy to hear that. I have done Yoga and even gave classes for some years. Meditation was always at the end of it, to accept what came up with the Asanas. Now at the last third or quarter of my life, I have changed that too, Because I need the energy for the day, the Asanas crate for me.
    I’ m so happy to hear that you do that.

  25. Hi Jeff,
    I have two kids so it doesn’t always work but I find that if I can prepare as much as possible the night before (pack lunches, lay out clothes, plan breakfast etc.), I have a much better chance of being able to stick to the morning routine.

  26. As always, simple, easy, direct and to the point. I do appreciate you and your guidance. Thanks again for the simplicity of your message. Truth

  27. Wayne Cotton


    Hi Jeff, Great advice as always. My ritual also includes meditation and stretching. Three additional things are on my list. I write in my daily diary/journal and have done so since since January 1978. Some mornings I write a love note to Brenda on a heart-shaped post it note and put it on the butcher block with a pot of fresh tea to start her day. My last ritual is to ride my motorcycle to the office. It seems to have has a steering problem. It goes North on a winding road up into the mountains and then goes South along two beautiful lakes before it gets to the office. Love my morning ritual!

    • @Wayne: good to hear from you! I was just thinking of you a few days ago… and your Sparta offers. 🙂

      That’s an interesting problem you have with the steering on your motorcycle… but sounds like you’ve been able to work with it. 🙂

  28. Getting to bed early and sleeping soundly really assist my morning routine. When I’m getting up around 5, I have the luxury of time for those morning devotions. Then by 8 or 9, I already feel great. Traveling a lot can skew things though, and I’ve actually decided to start traveling less in order to nurture my mornings at home—they’re that critical.

    Thanks for the nudge. And it’s kind of obvious that you’ve got some great habits!

  29. Wayne Cotton


    Thanks Jeff. I took my bike in to check on the problem and they say it is operator error. I can’t believe they could say such thing! I think about you too….every time time you send me another great video!

  30. Wayne Cotton


    Hi Dawn. We all live in separate realities. I can relate to some of yours. My 4-year old daughter came down with a sudden illness and was gone in a day and ½. It is such a horrific experience for parent. And it permeates your thinking every waking moment. I had to somehow find some positive perspectives or I knew it would destroy me. Here are a few: She was a gift and never mine in the first place. I decided it was better to have love and lost that to have never loved her in the first place. It is said that God sometimes chooses most beautiful flower in the garden. She made a really cool butterfly for me two days before she died. While her life was very short, that was her whole life. She left such an impact on this world. I have shared her Butterfly Story in 16 countries It is her story. I am honored to be her messenger boy. May this be helpful to you Dawn.You are not alone. .

  31. Loved hearing about your daily morning ritual. You have inspired me to get up a bit earlier (I am a night owl, but will try to get to sleep a bit earlier) and do some of my movement exercises, then will try to meditate (in spite of my monkey brain). Then writing down a major goal and just do it is inspiring.

    Thanks so much Jeff

  32. I didn’t read all of the comments in here, Jeff, but I imagine someone mentioned the book “The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod, and the community of people that are now doing the Miracle Morning on a consistent basis. I found it about three months ago, and it is changing my life! He focuses on what he calls “SAVERS” to do each morning – Silence, Affirmations, Visualization, Exercise, Reading, and Scribing (Journaling). It can be done in varying lengths of time, depending on how much time you have. It has given me focus and direction unlike anything else I have ever done. If you (or anyone else who reads this) haven’t heard of it, check it out. I think you will like it, as you are already doing some of the very things he talks about.

    • @Scott: I’ve got a signed copy that Hal Elrod gave me a couple of years ago… when he handed me the book, he thanked me for PLF and it’s help in launching his book. He’s a great guy.

      I’ve been working on and tweaking my morning ritual for nearly a decade – and it’s gone through many iterations and permutations… and I’m sure I’ll keep tweaking it.

  33. Jyrki Mäkelä


    Hi Jeff. First I want to say thank you for such a great content and help you’re giving lot of people. I’ve been entrepreneur since 1995 and finding you has already turned my and family’s life towards whole different direction. I have done my life career as an manual migraine specialist. Right now I’m soon lauching my very first online product. I’m still fighting with myself regarding pricing. Jeff, please help me out with this one. I have self-care method which I have created and through brick and mortar clinic environment migraine sufferers have been received coaching for that for over two decades. I really would love to hear your thought what sot of price tag would be good for 12 weeks course. Cheers.

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