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Powered By Internet Marketing?

by on May 25 2010

OK, I went and made a big deal about my tag line… even offering to give away an iPad to the person who came up with the winning tag line – and I ended up with “Powered by Internet Marketing” for my tag line…

So why is this blog “Powered by Internet Marketing?

Well… I could be wrong about this, but I think I've got a bigger vision for your business than you do.

You see… since I started my online business in 1996 I've been on a wild rollercoaster ride… and it's taken me places that I literally couldn't have dreamed of when it started.

Like so many of us, I started with nothing. I literally did not spend a single penny on my business in the first four months – primarily because I didn't have very many pennies back then.

When I started my business, my ultimate dream for the business was to make an extra $10,000 a year. I actually wrote down that goal way back then.

Well… ummmm, I hit my goal. And then some.

The numbers have gotten bigger and bigger, and it's been one long exercise in learning to constantly think bigger and bigger.

(How big? Well, let's see… I've actually had a $10,000 second and a million dollar hour. And more importantly, my students and clients have done well over $200 million in sales.)

Along the way I've gotten a chance to meet a crazy cast of characters – some of the most amazing entrepreneurs you could ever meet (and sadly, some who are no longer with us – RIP Gary Halbert, Corey Rudl, and Ken Giddens)… and pretty much all of my past mentors and teachers have become either friends or students/clients.

And along the way I've seen “Internet Marketing” go from being mostly an “underground” type of community, to one that's doing hundreds of millions (or maybe billions?) in sales every year.

And this might sound a bit corny, but this all goes way beyond the money… I really believe in what we're doing. I think we're changing the world's economy, and that means we're changing the world.

We're building businesses and creating entrepreneurs… and I personally think that entrepreneurs are the agents of change in this world – they're the people that are creating jobs and will be the salvation of this world.

I know that's a big, crazy thing to say…

But we're the ones who are rocking and rolling right now, and it's not going to slow down any time soon.

Like I said – I've been constantly forced to think bigger and bigger… to re-imagine where my business can go, how big an impact I can make.

And a big part of my job is to have a bigger vision of your business than you do… and to continually poke, prod, and teach you to build your business so it fits your ultimate dream (money, toys… or I think more important for most of us – freedom.)

And that's what this blog is about. And that's why it's Powered by Internet Marketing.

– Jeff

P.S. About that iPad contest…

In the end, after looking at all of the 18,000+ suggestions for my “tag line contest”, I ended up picking NONE of them… I came up with the tag line myself, right in the middle of going through all the suggestions.

But I'm still going to give away an iPad… and since I feel pretty bad about not picking a tag line out of any of the ones suggested, I'm going to ALSO give away a Flip Ultra HD video camera. This is how it's going to work… for the iPad we had 2,032 different people enter the contest – so I decided to pick a random entry. I used the “randbetween” function in Excel to pick the winner at random., and let's have a drumroll please…

The winner is Ricky Buchanan

(BTW, Ricky's suggested tag line was “Building and Profiting from Products, Lists, and JVs since 1996”)

OK, now onto the next contest – the Flip video camera will go to the person who puts in the coolest comment below — and I'm the sole judge of coolness in this matter  🙂 … go ahead and tell me what Internet marketing means to you…

I'm not looking for someone to suck up to me… just an insightful, intelligent comment that tells all of us how Internet marketing has impacted you (or will impact you if you're just starting out.) You can give me something from your gut, or something really cool, or even something heartfelt.

The bottom line is that I'm uber-passionate about what being an online entrepreneur has done for me and thousands of my colleagues, clients, and friends… and I would like to hear about what it's done (or will do) for you.