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Tony Robbins Archives - Jeff Walker

Hungry For Change

by on Mar 10 2012

How would you feel if you could get 1,000 opt-ins per hour? That's a pretty amazing number, but it's only part of the story…

Can you do a Product Launch Formula-style launch for an independent film? How about a feature-length documentary? What would happen if you had a FREE worldwide online premiere for the film?

And here's the question that the producers of the film are probably most concerned with… can you change the way the world looks at food with a totally self-funded documentary?

Well, it's still too early to tell since we're a couple of weeks from Launch Day… but the early signs are looking pretty amazing.

The launch is for the movie “Hungry For Change”… and it's a full-out classic PLF-style launch – with a bunch of twists. This is a full-out high level professional film, and it's definitely a “cause-based launch”… it's all about the state of our current food industry.

I've been following this launch because one of the principals behind it is in my PLF Platinum Mastermind group – so I've had a ring side seat.

The prelaunch is rocking… they're using “reverse squeeze” pages, and at one point early in the prelaunch they were generating 1,000 opt-ins PER HOUR. Here's some more stats – they were at 59,435 opt-ins in the first week of prelaunch, and the first prelaunch video already has over 124,000 views on YouTube.

And this launch is still picking up momentum… for instance, they've recently picked up endorsements from Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Gaiam TV.

The launch strategy has some unique twists. For instance, the first piece of prelaunch content is the movie trailer… it's very compelling and has very high level professional production. And you can watch the entire trailer without opting-in… it's a true reverse squeeze page.

The second piece of prelaunch will be clips from the cutting room floor – movie clips that didn't make the final movie, but are still very relevant to the launch.

All of this is leading up to a free premiere screening for the film – they're literally giving the movie away, with the hopes that it drives sales for the DVD of the film.

Will it work?

Well you can never say for sure, but their last film – “Food Matters” – has already sold over 240,000 copies.

You can go look at the launch page at this link…

And here's the movie trailer:

Tony Robbins: mentoring a mentor…

by on Jul 26 2010

One of the big reasons I'm where I'm at today is because about 15 years ago, after watching the infomercial over and over… I suspended my disbelief long enough to buy Tony Robbins “Personal Power 2” home-study course off that late-night commercial.

At the time my life was totally flat lining – I wasn't going anywhere, and I had no prospects. And I had almost no money whatsoever. Spending that $129 was a HUGE decision.

But, like I said… I suspended my disbelief, and I went ahead and picked up the phone and ordered the product.

As soon as the product came, I tore into it. I followed every single step, and I did EXACTLY what Tony told me to do. I was desperate to change my life…

And that was the start of everything… my life went from flat lining onto a trajectory that I still have a hard time believing. I can easily trace everything back to buying that course and going through it. Tony Robbins is the dude that turned everything around for me and taught me how to think/act.

Which is why it was REALLY cool to be invited to meet with Tony and tell him how to use the Internet to grow his business.

That was October 2008 when I got the call… and I flew out to San Diego to meet with Tony and his staff.

And I wasn't going in alone… my friends Frank Kern, Mike Filsaime, Mike Koenigs were there as well. I mean, if you're gonna meet with Tony Robbins, it's great to have some compadres with enough marketing brainpower to power a small city.

In any case, we met at Tony's offices in San Diego… where we proceeded to COMPLETELY rock Tony's world. I mean… I think we just about melted his brain when we shared some of our strategies, and explained exactly how he could drop them into his business.

(As a bit of an aside, it was amazing to have Tony – the guy I considered to be my success mentor – look at me and tell me that he knew I created the Product Launch Formula and the entire product launch phenomenon… and then tell me what his questions/concerns were about using the model in his biz.)

Tony was very interested in how we do stuff in the Internet Marketing world, and he asked tons of questions and basically just soaked everything up. We were able to work up a plan for him in no time… and they started putting it to work right away in that conference room – and they've gone on to generate some huge results with that plan.

For me – this was thrilling … Tony made such a *huge* impact on me (Frank and Mike and Mike felt the same way)… and to walk into his office as a gunslinger and completely rock his world – well, that was fun, amazing, and gratifying. And it was big-time validation that the greater world wants and needs the Internet Marketing knowledge that we live and breathe every day.

For those interested in Tony – one thing became VERY clear immediately in that meeting… the guy has a HUGE passion for helping people and making an impact. He's very genuine, and just a regular, cool dude. Running the business is something he does so he can continue to make the impact, but running the business is clearly secondary to his mission in life.

But there's a funny postscript from that meeting – it was 45 minutes after our meeting was scheduled to be over, and we were still going strong… but Tony had a call scheduled with Ben Silverman of NBC about a possible weekly prime-time show featuring Tony.

(At the time I didn't know who Ben Silverman was, but it turns out he was the Chairman of NBC)…

Well, Tony kept Ben waiting (!) for about five minutes while he wrapped with us. Then he jumped up and said “OK, we have to take some pictures!”… and then he ran off to get on the phone call – ten minutes late.

Of course, that wasn't enough… about five minutes later, Tony put Ben on hold and called back into our conference room because he had a few more questions he wanted his staff to ask us!

And now the final twist… almost two years later, that prime-time show on NBC has become a reality (I guess Ben Silverman didn't hold a grudge about Tony putting him on hold!)… and the first show – “Breakthrough with Tony Robbins” is airing tomorrow – Tuesday, July 27th at 8:00pm eastern.

The show is all about Tony doing what he does best… helping people make massive changes in their lives – fast.

You can see the trailer (and download some cool goodies) here:


Personally, I can't wait to see this show… because I feel like I've got this tiny little personal connection… but more importantly, because I'm an even bigger fan of Tony now than before I met him.

And that's saying something.

Because finding a mentor is a life-changing thing… and Tony changed my life in a big way.

I would love to hear about your mentors – and the impact they've made on your life…