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Who’s Hanging Out at the Top?

Have you ever wondered what makes an “A player”? It’s not about how hard they work (though there’s a lot of hard work involved). It’s not about luck (though there’s…

Two Problems, One Solution

When I recently asked my tribe, “what’s holding you back?” I saw a couple of common themes. Fear of failure was one. Waiting to figure out the “best” lead magnet/offer/funnel/etc.…

When the World Stays Home

What happens when the world stays home? Well for one, grocery stores are doing pretty well. Which makes sense - the restaurants are closed, and people still need to eat.…

Stop Hiding

What would happen if you stopped worrying about all of the little, unimportant things in your business and just focused on what actually matters?

Winning When It Counts

How do the world’s top performers always seem to peak when it counts? I’ll give you a hint: it’s the same strategy that’s going to help you perform at a…

My Talk with Tony Robbins

I had an opportunity to sit down with Tony Robbins and talk about what it really takes to achieve success in business and in life. Here’s some of what we…

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