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The Online Entrepreneurs “OCD Loop” (And 3 Tips For Increasing Your Productivity)

Does this loop look familiar? Check email. Check stats. Check social. Then start over by checking email AGAIN. The online entrepreneur's "OCD Loop" is a soul-sucking productivity killer... and this…

Is This “Disease “Holding You Back From Success?

Once you know what to look for, it's easy to see this "disease" that holds people back in their business and their lives... but it can be a lot harder…

How We Raised $123,000 for charity!

Last week at my "PLF Live" event we had an AMAZING time... and we raised more than $123,000 for World Teacher Aid... that's enough to build an entire eight-classroom school…

Lessons From 3 Weeks Without Technology

What would your ideal work life look like? Mine includes the ability to be completely offline for long stretches of time. I just spent three weeks on a raft trip,…

Email vs. Social Media (Not An Epic Rap Battle)

Sometimes when you're in a big launch, you get to see where the marketing power really lies. This time we're talking about email vs. Facebook advertising... The product I mentioned…

Do The Techniques In My Book “Launch” REALLY Work?

Here's the "trick" I used to launch my book and hit #1 on the NY Times bestseller list... I'd love to hear what you think... please leave a comment below!

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