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Day 26: My “Accidental” Vlog (Huge Win)

This is the story of my "accidental" vlog... and why it's been such a huge win for my business (and the biggest "lessons learned" after three years and more than…

Day 25: Selling $1 Million in 53 Minutes

This one's about the re-launch of Product Launch Formula... and making $1 million in sales in just 53 minutes (one of the most epic launches in online marketing history)...

Day 24: My Biggest Mistake In Business?

This is a quick one: it's about what I think was probably my biggest mistake in business - the thing that held me back more than anything else.

Day 23: The Live Workshop Gamechanger

When I started leading live workshops, it was a complete gamechanger for my business - it took my profits, impact, and positioning to a completely new level. Here's how I…

Day 22: Postcards From My Family

Postcards from my family - here's how I shared a huge business win with my kids:

Day 21: Launching My New Business ($600k in One Week!)

When I rolled out the very first version of my Product Launch Formula course... I really needed a great launch. If there was ever going to be a time where…

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